3 Year Old Boy Being Forced to Get a Tattoo by his Mother

3 Year Old Boy Being Forced to Get a Tattoo by his Mother

What melodramatic kid…

A video was posted on t3h interweb which shows what appears to be a mother restraining a screaming toddler who’s getting a tattoo. Interweb community, including single mothers determined that the kid was 3 year old. There is also a general consensus that the video was filmed in Havana, Cuba.

Needless to say, the interweb community, including single mothers got all feisty over the video. Nothing like having master hypocrites whine while they themselves don’t practise what they preach. I wonder how many of the whiners had their infant sons painfully circumcised against his will in the name of some stupid religion, leaving him mutilated for life without having any say in it himself. Or parents who put earrings in their little daughters ears, making them look like mini chavs without asking if the girl wanted her ears pierced in the first place. It was a cruel joke to put me on the same planet with the hypocrites.

Props to Best Gore member BeautifulxDisaster for the video:

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136 thoughts on “3 Year Old Boy Being Forced to Get a Tattoo by his Mother”

  1. This was actually covered on a body mod site I follow. The family is part of a fringe religion led by Jos? Luis de Jes?s called Growing in Grace. They frequently tattoo “SSS” or “666” on their arms and wrists, as was the case with this kid. Sad to see him in pain once again because of his parents’ beliefs.

    1. More religious fanatacism and indoctrination of the young. The parents didn’t seem to think this out too well. By the time the little three year old’s arm has grown and the skin streched he’ll probably just end up with a mess. Hope he sedates them all when he’s older and tatoos ‘punch me’, on thier foreheads.

    1. I was about to post that certain members of my family took my tattoos none-to-kindly, frankly I’d say they were insulted!

      Whilst I don’t condone giving a three-year old a tattoo, a bit of their welcoming of tattoos wouldn’t go amiss.

  2. I believe once you’re old enough to make a decision like getting a tattoo, you should be able to once you are 18. I didn’t get any piercings until I was 12, so I was able to say if I wanted them or not. But to tattoo a little baby, that’s just fucked.

  3. I’m with ya in the earring thing. Every one wanted me to Geer Mt daughters ears pierced when she was a few months old so people would know she’s a girl. Aduh that’s why I put her in pink! I didn’t want to put her through unnecessary pain so i’m waiting until she tells me she wants them pierced she’s 3 now. As for tatoos ill let her when she’s 18 that’s when I got my first.

    1. The tattoo artist is the biggest asshole of all for doing the tattoo, as a tattoo artist there are unspoken rules that you go by and things that you just don’t do and this is probably the worst of all tattoo someone who 1 doesn’t wanna be tattooed and 2 tattooing a child who isn’t even flow to the age for consent.

    1. Yeah it’s best gore, but we know when a line has been crossed. Piercings, ok, those can heal up later in life. But a tattoo? I was 20 when I got my first two done. No little kid should get one. Plus that boy screaming is just awful.

  4. How is this something that specifically single mothers are outraged by?

    On another note I just don’t believe in piercing, branding, circumcising children. It should be their choice if they want to.

    And yes, that tattoo artist is a jerk.

    Don’t even get me started on the scummy, selfish, abusive parents.

    1. By the way there’s 3 people missing from my town. They went on a trip to visit mexico, bout 2 or 3hr drive south of here. But they never made it to the border and all their cell phones are off. The news is helping to investigate but not much has been done. I wonder if they’ll ever find them….. dun dun duuuun……..

  5. This tattoo artist is a scumbag. Know so many tattoo artists and none of them would do something like that, tattooing little kids or idiots who want fascistic symbols is definitely a no-go!
    It seems in other countries it is just a normal thing. Sick tattoo artist, sick parents, sick world…
    really hope this tattoo looks not like total crap… poor kid!

    And heeey, my first comment 🙂

    1. Let me be the first to welcome you into our sick and twisted little world @FemShep.
      Just a heads up, some of us on here are becoming leery of Drccoco (he comes up with some of the most gory of pics and we don’t know how he’s acquiring such content (it’s been said in quiet whispers that he might be a serial or cereal killer). So keep your Lucky Charms under lock & key.

      **just a FYI**

      Also you don’t know me , you have no idea who I am and we never talked!!!

    2. welcome, femshep 😀 i’m curious, is your name a reference to the mass effect series?

      on-topic: i wouldn’t object if a child of mine wanted a piercing or tattoo, but i wouldn’t force it upon them :/ i had my ears pierced when i was 6, but i vaguely remember telling my mum that i wanted to wear earrings (but wasn’t aware that ears had to be pierced in order to wear them xD).

      1. @Sagemoon: Thank you very much!! xD
        Now I will always remember you! Ah wait.. I don’t know you, I have no idea who you are and we have never talked 😉

        @ReiKoko: Yesss! 😀 I love the Mass Effect series! Garrus and me <3
        So, got my ears pierced when I was 2! I never asked for it, but I remeber I loved my new sparkling studs, so it didn't hurt anymore 🙂 Yeah, little girls love bling bling!

        1. nice, i only started playing the trilogy recently and love it so far 😀 for me, it’s kaidan 😛 although i am interested in trying out the garrus, thane, tali, liara and miranda romances, too…..i’m so greedy >.>

          1. good choice to take kaidan 🙂 All romances are so awesome, they did a great job creating the ME universum. Enjoy it, I wish u much fun! 😉

  6. Yeah i actually wish my parents would have pierced my ears when I was a baby. The anticipation when I got them pierced in 5th grade was pure torture. Walking through the mall to the piercing stand… sitting in the chair watching the lady set up the gun where I knew a needle was going to be shooting through me. Many many piercings later it’s all nothing now, but still would have liked them done as a baby.

  7. I don’t remember what I was forced to do when I was 3-years-old. Walk around in a shitty diaper for a bit too long while my mom gabbed on the phone? I don’t know, but I’m glad that I wasn’t forced to get a tattoo. Knowing my dad, he would have picked out something like a playing card design, because he had a joker on his arm before he got it covered up. That would’ve sucked. I hate gambling.

  8. This is pretty much the opposite of my upbringing – I started piercing my body at 15, got my first tattoo at 17, and received beatings from hell as a result of it. But parents actually permitting such body modifications on kids at this age? That’s a bit difficult to wrap my head around. This kid is gonna grow up with some serious rage, at least as far as my experience leads me to believe.

  9. Not right , simply not right. Love tatoos but I chose what and when to get. I also don?t think it?s the same as circumcision and earrings cause one helps keep your dick cleaner and the other one is so they don?t keep asking you if it?s a boy or a girl. Them is some fucked up parents. Great site Mark , kinda new to it. Keep up the gory work.

  10. 20 yrs ago only sailors and the yakuza had tattoos but now you see tattooed people everywhere, how original. Not.
    The new generation follow their tatooed ”leaders” like the sheep they are and think they emphasize how ”cool” they are with ink under their skin. Sheep aren’t cool.

    1. Personally, I don’t have any tattoos, but I think it’s a matter of personal preference whether you choose to be inked or not.I have seen some tats that are very beautiful and unique, but for every beautiful one I’ve seen I’ve seen hundreds of ugly redundant ones (eg. roses & skulls).

  11. Maybe this is just an expiration date for when he gets out of prison and they throw him in a row boat heading to Florida.

    ” Mr. Juan Carlos Ruiz Lopez Gonzalez Gonzalez prisoner # uno quatro salsa beaner cinco…..You are expired. Take last door on left and pick up your kilo and rowboat oar and start paddling to florida…………..NEXT

  12. WTF, my hubby is a tattoo artist nd i was a piercer, i am also pregnant with our first and we WILL NOT tattoo our child till a proper age of 18. worrying about racialist andporud whites having kids when idiots like these are the real idiots

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