American Writer Gene Gregorits Cuts Off and Eats Own Earlobe

American Writer Gene Gregorits Cuts Off and Eats Own Earlobe

American Writer Gene Gregorits Cuts Off and Eats Own Earlobe

This video is from back in 2013. It shows an American writer of sorts, named Gene Gregorits, cutting off his own earlobe and swallowing it.

I’ve heard he was high on bath salts when he did that, but there are also some who say he ate his earlobe in order to promote his books by drawing attention to himself. The truth could be the combination of both.

Props to Best Gore member @uncuckyourself for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “American Writer Gene Gregorits Cuts Off and Eats Own Earlobe”

    1. Americans usually are. It’s hard living here sometimes because you are at a constant struggle trying not to kill everyone around you. People here suck. Schools suck. Artists suck. But as you know, the guns are the only thing keeping this country unique.

      1. Well done polluted! It’s about five am here on a workday so i’m a little slow! I catnap. I fucked up one of @illegalsmile55 songs too!! Haha!

        Jokes aside . A lot of these people have a real psychiatric disease where they hate or do not recognize their own body parts. Many guys that cut off their dicks have it. They are so far mental they do not accept it is their own dick even when presented with it or told. Fascinating and sad !


          1. @hopingfornemesis Yes that’s her, i always felt bad for her because we gave her a bit of a hard time but only to tell her to be more careful in bars. There’s a new vomit girl around soemwhere, i thought it might be the same person reincarnated lol

          2. I think it was vomit queen or something, i just noticed her and it caught my attention because i thought of virgin vomit. I’ll have to look out for her Nem @hopingfornemesis

      1. Of course I do, I grew up in admiration of crocodile dundee, the wild west and war movies.

        Every man should have a big blade and keep it sharp to groom themselves with great masculine sophistication

  1. Walking around promoting your book/mag signing autographs with no earlobes. Subtle is thy middle name. People will remember this semi snuff film and say that’s the guy that got high or did this for publicity so who would want to read this self mutilator’s books/mags. Remember kids say no to dope. The one’s that have your best interest at heart you should listen. If this is the only way you can gain attention just stick to an honorable mention.

  2. He’s misinformed: For a real taste treat, he should have cut off his penis head – human penis heads are said by cannibals to be the best eating off the entire human. They’re so tender and juicy they can even be enjoyed raw. Unlike earlobes – yuk!

    1. Lucky for us, we missed the FIRST part of the video. They had gotten all sweaty and salty so they decided to take a bath together. His friend was gnawing on the head of his dick for like forty-five minutes. Yuk!

    1. Well first you gotta work up a real good sweat. Eight hours mowing lawns in the mid summer heat should do it. Next, fill the bathtub up about halfway with hot water. Add a half cup of vinegar, and get in. Soak for about forty-five minutes. Once out of the tub, let it sit for an additional forty-five minutes before draining. Let the tub dry for twenty-four hours. Use a razor blade to scrape the sides. And bottom of the tub.
      If you have done it right, you will have yourself about a gram of bath salts.

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