Asian Man Chops Two Fingers Off

Asian Man Chops Two Fingers Off

Asian Man Chops Two Fingers Off

A man, maybe Thai, talks to the camera for a minute, with a giant meat cleaver in the foreground, telling us why he is about to cut off his own fingers. He then stands up and very quickly, before he can chicken out, removes his right pinky and ring finger with a super sharp knife in one chop.

The finger stumps start squirting blood everywhere and the asian sits back into his seat trying to remain calm. You can tell he is in shock by the look on his face. I think there is sum ting wong with this guy..

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong, @carnage-2 and @rippchenmitkraut for the video:

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      1. 我可以100%的回复你这是中国人,他的语言中说的是,希望妻子回来一起生活,因为以前伤害过妻子两次,所以砍掉自己两根手指,希望妻子原谅她。我就是中国人。

    1. 我可以100%的回复你这是中国人,他的语言中说的是,希望妻子回来一起生活,因为以前伤害过妻子两次,所以砍掉自己两根手指,希望妻子原谅她。

  1. Thai food is my absolute favorite. I have a serious problem… Cashew chicken, beef jerky and sticky rice.. seafood panang, shrimp tempura rolls… And it all goes straight to my ass.. all those carbs, ugh. I wonder what he will put his fingers in.

        1. Hehe maybe…….. It depends on how confident I’m feeling on any given day 😀 I don’t know you guys.. its not THAT great, it’s just a big butt lol. I think what’s really attractive is my personality!! Jk I sucks hahaha. Yes I will probably post a picture of my body one day.

        1. Fuck soy sauce. It’s like putting A1 or ketchup on meat. If it’s good, you don’t need it. Some people put soy sauce on sushi. I only put wasabi on it. in my opinion,the soy masks the flavor.

          1. Woah calm down!! I only put soy sauce on sushi.. but I mix the wasabi with it so it’s like spicy soy sauce and I barely dip it in there.. I also like the ginger with it too.. it adds to the flavor lol.. and I get beef jerky and sticky rice with the tomato sauce and fish sauce but then I also mix half soy sauce and half sweet sauce and it makes a whole new amazing salty sweet dipping sauce for the sticky rice. Now I REALLY want something food, they are open till 4am so I can go whenever!! Haha it says those close at 2 but them bitches have illegal slot machines and they are still open at 4am I swear to God lolm

    1. I am Chinese, I understand. This is a Chinese, his self-portrait video should be left to his wife, he said: “I have nothing to say to you, I only have a dream to return as soon as possible, children to parents, you said I let you down twice? I’ll compensate you with my two fingers.”

      1. @zw34218, oh, wow. that’s pretty intense. thank you for the translation! huh, i’m kinda digging this. i wish my ex husband would man up and give me a two finger compensation for my pain. that’s a true man making this sacrifice! love this! <3

  2. Chinese?
    he said: sorry for broken your heart I hope u could go back etc.( wife? I guess)
    he cut his fingers for apologize LOL, maybe a guy who always gumbling or domestic violence and his wife leaves him for this (very common)

  3. I Am willing to do the same, (Videotape Myself) Chopping-Off My Pinkie Finger On My Right Hand, if we could raise $3000.00 Grand (Dollars) for Mark, And Best-Gore As A Type Of Parting Gift, or Donation for all that he has done for us over the years. And for $ 5000.00 Grand i will eat my finger after chopping it off. 🙂

    So if @Seraphim Serenata could set something up, I will chop her off (my right hand Pinkie Finger) FOR ALL TO SEE. 🙂

      1. @HonkeyKong
        Does he really have a screwed-up Computer/Laptop ??? Cause if so i might be able to help-out as my father in-law works for I.B.M. As *The Absolute Top* Problem Solver This Huge Corporation, and he put my Computer/Laptop set-up.

        I Have my laptop in the center, and 2 screens/Monitors on either side of it. So i can be looking at 3 things at the same time. It is just super cool. He probably 95% has a similar set-up available if you want something of sorts. So, if he wants i can ask him to supply & have ready to go a similar set-up as mine, and i can then ship-it to him wherever he resides.

        And of course because it’s coming from myself,,, your Brother Dre,,, it will be no charge . 🙂

  4. That man cuts off 2 fingers because he did twice wrong his wife and children and he admit it on camera.He did it to ask forgiveness and wish that her family will be reunited again. He is a chinese-muslim.

  5. Nope, Not Thai. This one probably Vietnamnese or Chinese. Juding from his action, this is probably a punishment from some crime syndicate. Between having someone do it for you and might got carried away or You do it yourself…. I would choose the latter too if I were him.

  6. I don’t think the guy who posted this understands Asians. This man did not do this “quickly, before he could chicken out.” He was determined to do it from the beginning. He wasn’t rushing himself. He just wasn’t wasting time. He wasn’t being melodramatic. He had something to say, and then something to do. Then he did it. Note the complete lack of change of expression before, during, and after the act. He knew he was going to do it, why he was going to do it. How could he do it? Asians stand on millenia of cultural development of willpower. That’s their cultural genius. Will. See the simple determined experssion? He had made his decision. He was going to do it. Period. They’re like this.

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