/b/-Tard Cuts an Inch Deep Gash in Stomach for Attention

/b/-Tard Cuts an Inch Deep Gash in Stomach for Attention

These photos were posted on 4chan but were time stamped so they are real. One confusing element is the mugshot of the OP which makes the OP look like a slender, attractive girl. But pictures of the gut with the gash revealing underlying fatty tissues look like they are of a fat guy, rather than a slender girl. Chicks are all kinds of weird these days…

So this /b/-tard decides to cut an inch deep gash in her stomach and posts pictures of it on the board so she can have her 5 minutes of attention. She also fingered the gash for good measure and painted around it so it looked cool. It worked. Now the 5 minutes are up and weeks of healing are due.

I understand cutters, but she’s not one. Just an attention whore:

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  1. The fat reminded me of that it is the funniest thing to see attention whores doing this shit just for… well… attention, who the fuck would go that far? I mean I sometimes do a lot of weird stuff do for shit and giggles but not cut for attention by random fapping /b/-tards or anyone else.

  2. The modern art movement would think that the smiley face element was an interesting adaptation of the body art concept and that the self cutter was a contemporary artist of the most sublime, myself personally, I think she was a deranged bitch.

  3. I’ve been using the internet for years, but the culture surrounding 4chan still confuses me.

    It’s a nice smiley face, though. Whoever made it should have made a video of it talking like a puppet. About food, and other gut-related topics. That would’ve been Boss.

      1. Isn’t it odd that new people come on the site with female pics and their first comments are “nice penis” or “wow big cock” or “nice picture lol” not saying this person is him complementing himself, just saying that’s exactly what it is.

        1. Cheers Baked, good to be back.

          However, I am noticing more and more that the ‘old crew’ have all but dissapeared, I thought Trooper was joking when he said he was leaving but nope, he’s gone.

          I guess like myself, we all go through ‘phases’.

  4. That smiling face she drew on there is going to turn into a frown when she finds out no one is talking about her the day after she did this, should’ve just cut deeper so that intestines were showing, now that would be interesting to watch. Is it just me or does that fat look like corn?

    1. Onya PALE RIDER, nice touch there (pun intended) ………… I do love The Divinyls and saw them in concert many times in their heyday.

      Here in Australia I once saw her at a packed concert in the Tamworth Workers Club……….. in a very short girls school uniform……….. with no nickers on and YEP, my camera was working overtime………… right up untill her road crew surrounded me and took me out the back and demanded the camera…….. I said hey, let me talk to the club manager and as I got near the front door did a runner……….. Took me 2 years to develop the film due to paranoia ( yes, I did say film ) :mrgreen:

      Rant over.

        1. No can do Luna, this was 20 years ago and not only did the pics go missing, so did the negatives aaarrgh.

          In saying that, I still have 4 rolls of undeveloped film in their original sealed containers from around that time but not sure what is on them and after 20 years who knows how they’d turn out.

          If I have them done and there’s some juicy bits I will post them on my photobucket account for your viewing pleasure.

          She (Chrissy Amphlett) now has MS and fighting Breast Cancer……. very sad indeed.

    1. Lol, cutting for some is an outlet, or so it starts. But then it turns into a rush, near orgasmic, even. And just like any rush, BAM! Addiction. Now we try to go deeper, leave more scars, lose more blood, not to be efficient, but simply put, because it just feels right. Hope that helps, lol.

  5. I’m pretty small myself, a bit below average for my height, and yup we all have that fat under there! I’ve never cut my tummy, so maybe there’s more around there, but from my arms and legs, you get deep enough then you get through the skin, down to the fat, and through the fat to the muscle and tendons. So she’s gotten pretty deep thereee. The fats all misleading too. It pretends to not have many blood vessels or nerve endings in there, but then you catch one and holy fuck does that shit burn.

  6. Katie is right. Adipose tissue doesn’t just store energy for later use, it also serves to pad internal organs, feed epidermal layers, and act as scaffolding for internal body systems. There is an increasing incidence in partial abdominal cavity collapse due to excessive liposuction. Additionally, fat is fuel for low intensity/long duration physical activity and basic body functions–>2/3rds of human energy expenditure comes from BMR functions, so, fat is not only present in leaner people, it is universally vital to all healthy human physiques. “Skinny-fat” is also a rapidly increasing form of body composition; in which fat distribution can be uneven and misleading, especially in females, who are predisposed to allocate energy intake to fat stores more often than lean body mass maintenance/synthesis. Body types like the subject here are, though initially counter-intuitive, quite common. Some measure of inflammation by injured body tissues adds to the perceived girth. I’ve had surface wounds–albeit not self-inflicted–swell beyond comprehension. Anyone ever have a fracture/broken bone/road rash/”goose egg” (blunt trauma)? Lacerations can cause just as much swelling.

  7. I saw these photos a while ago on Reddit. What i read there was that she had lost weight and was rather self conscious about her saggy, bumpy tummy.
    In a desperate act (note where she tried to scrub off her markings as to where to cut) she attempted to do a self tummy tuck.
    Came to her senses a few inches in then tried to make light of it.
    I guess somewhere in there she needed some attention and posted the pictures online.

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