Bath Tub Emo Cutting Autoaggression Pictures

Bath Tub Emo Cutting Autoaggression Pictures

Have I got an eye candy for you today. In continuation of our ongoing “Best Gore Members Rock” series, here’s a set of bath tub emo cutting pictures exclusive to Best Gore. What could possibly beat good old German goth-type autoaggression with smears of blood in a bathtub?

Props for the pictures go to the Best Gore member WeirdStray. I’ll let her explain the story behind the pics:

After getting pissed drunk two weeks ago, I got a bit emo about some dick that played me for a sucker some days before, so I decided it would be a nice thing to chill in my tub and cut my arms. After not returning from the bathroom for twenty or more minutes, my best friend came checking on me, found me lying there like this and before fetching my cigarettes for me as demanded he got out his Nikon first and took some pictures of me because he thought my black clad body was such a nice contrast to the white ceramic and the red blood. I have such awesome friends.

According to the therapist I used to see I have a BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), but I don’t fully agree, because there are a few things that just won’t match that diagnosis, but still I have the urge to hurt myself whenever I feel emotionally shaken. Most times I resist that urge, sometimes I give in and then this is what happens.

The pics of my arms and legs were taken in February, two weeks after I broke up with my boyfriend of two years and three days after losing my job… -.-

2011 was an extremely fucked up year for me, let’s hope 2012 turns out better!

Now enjoy the pictures, if Silvester (that’s New Year’s Eve in Europe – editor’s note) turns out as fucked up as I expect there might be fresh footage then.

Thanks a lot Jessie for the photos. Got to say I like the word “Autoaggression”. I don’t think I’ve used it before. There’s always a first time for everything. The eye candy gallery is below. As always – do not try this at home. Stunts in these photos were performed by a professional. Attempted to copycat these actions could result in serious harm, even death. You have been warned:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Bath Tub Emo Cutting Autoaggression Pictures”

          1. She is definitely pretty, she would be worth dating if she hasn’t turned herself into a mass of ugly scar tissue, shame… I must ask though, why not cut other people? If I get upset I tend to hurt the perpetrator, not myself!

  1. Idk why your boyfriend left you but im sure him seeing his girlfriend scar and ruin her beautiful body was a good enough reason, take care of yourself, be happy a and happiness will soon find you.

  2. its great to see how deticated members are on this site!

    so i have been thinking of taking donations for to perform a live suicide. i will need $2,000,000 first.. give me 6 months to enjoy the cash then i will go live on webcam to behead myself by eating a barrel of a 12 gauge.. anyone be interested?

    nice pics in the bath

  3. Ahh i rember these days of cuttin myself everyon just thought I was after attention but i just liked watching it in the mirror by myself at home.
    sorry for the spelling im pissed watch a 23 year old die in front of me on new years eve in a car accident, the imageis still in my head (pale white, gurglrd breathing foaming at the mouth, eyes wide open all the good shit. im a volunteer fireman and i love it

  4. Thanks for commenting, guys 😉

    FYI: I do have some scars of deeper cuts that had to be stitched back together, but, alas, I do not have pictures of them bleeding everywhere.
    Yes, those are tame, and shallow, but I’m afraid that’s the best you can get… by now 😉

  5.,and a jar of pickles.

    No but seriously…………….
    Cutting isnt the way,it’s slowly ripping pages from a book in front of your local librarian while wearing a tiger striped speedo,playing arch enemy..then violently slapping the nearest fat price of shit with raw strips of bacon.yeah I got problems,who walks around with bacon?

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