Best Gore Inspired Self Inflicted Wounds by Munster

Best Gore Inspired Self Inflicted Wounds by Munster

Best Gore has grown from being a hang out spot for people who can’t stand the stooping down-lows of the sheep society into a source of inspiration for the masses. You got wings, so spread them wide and fly. Don’t let the sheep be a tie that holds you down. You are free, so feel inspired and choose how you want to express yourself without being called out for it.

Best Gore member Munster whose fansign has been gracing the pages of Best Gore for a while was, in a similar way as Projectzero, inspired by self expression of other Best Gore members who submitted their photos of self inflicted injuries and decided to give cutting a closer look himself. His greatest inspiration was Best Gore’s top cutting girl Katie Matie, whose radiance and charisma feels close to many of us.

I’ll let Munster explain how Best Gore and Katie Matie inspired him to try self expression with cutting in his own words:

I’m your typical odd child: depressed, alone and occasionally self-loathing. At what’s supposedly the prime of my youth I have no real close friend, no girlfriend and no motivation to do anything and often fantasise of death.

There’s something about self-harming that’s very appealing, although I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly; whether it be the calmness afterwards, the joy of seeing myself in pain whilst cutting or the scars left behind that I feel show the real me.

No one knows I cut, hence why I cut only on my thigh where it can be very easily concealed. Cutting is something I’ve only just started doing at the beginning of this year and I’m yet to cut deep enough to make a torn opening (I’ve got to say KatieMatie is my inspiration.. the girl’s got guts to cut that deep!)

Just to explain some of the pictures… the glass shard was the first proper sharp tool I used to cut and was what I used to make my smiley fansign, I then moved on to the blade from a pencil sharpener and then to the blade from a shaving razor.

The “BG” was for a fansign that I never uploaded, the triangle was me trying to cut a hole into my skin and I did manage to peel the triangle off… eventually! And the most recent of pictures is the one including the love heart which I actually begun the other night and have been opening up daily (the one girl who might have actually liked me completely dropped me and that was my way of dealing with it).

BTW – you know what my take on “I’m your typical odd child” is. You are not odd, you are merely odd in the eyes of the sheep. They perceive you as odd because you don’t act like a sheep. Sheep can’t see past the tip of their noses so if you try to talk about the world that’s beyond that point, it’s all odd and freaky to them. And because there are tens of thousands of sheep to the one of you, the wide and colorful world you talk about scares the shit out of them and that makes you a target. As a result, they will label you, drug you up and otherwise oppress you to dumb you down into their own level. In a world dominated by the sheep, an enlightened individual will always be an outcast, a recluse, a misanthrope.

Here on Best Gore, you can breathe the free air. Here on Best Gore, you can be yourself. Be free, be inspired… Be!

Best Gore Exclusive photos of Munster’s self inflicted wounds from the “Best Gore Members Rock” collection are in the gallery below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

105 thoughts on “Best Gore Inspired Self Inflicted Wounds by Munster”

        1. @razor, Its funny how people think if your single you can’t get laid, even though most people do, I think the term dating really means getting laid, its a way of saying your not the only one so don’t get attached, And if somebody just want to be alone for a while, then they should be, good for them, nobody has the right to judge them for it, nobody here really knows what somebody has been through, we can just relate with them, And in some cases tease them, for me relationships have been nightmares, its hard for most woman to understand someone like me, and most of us on this site, good to know I’m not the only one, thanks.

          1. Do it somewhere else. It’s getting old. Add her on fb our something. Jesus you rape every post with this shit. every once in a while is ok but every post? Cmon man

  1. @munster, you are not alone, I am 45 yrs old and still cut once and a while, but not out of depression or anything like that, at least not now, in my teens I did it out anger and frustration, now I do it for the pleasure and to watch and feel the warm blood run out of me, (and it tastes good too!) One day you will not be ashamed to let people know you cut and you will show your scars as proud badge of honor and not give a fuck what other people think, fuck ’em. It just shows we are better than them, because we are not afraid to be ourselves! Like I told projectzero, just be careful around veins and arteries and keep ’em clean to stay away from infection. And if you never heard the song welcome to my life by simple plan, then find it online, you’ll like it, you’ll relate to it like i do. Now, enjoy yourself!!!

  2. The gore is great. Wonderful images. But, I lose ALL respect for people who fuck up their own bodies because they can’t handle whatever bad non life threatening situation they’re in. Especially when it’s a “she/he dosen’t love me” problem. Quit being a pussy. Just forget that bitch and go get yourself another woman!

    1. I think cutting is a stupid way of dealing with shit, that’s why I’ll never do it. But for others it obviously helps, so I keep my mouth shut. Its impossible to try to figure out why others do what they do. You only know your own mind and thats it.

      1. Fresh Bagels’s post reflects my own opinion on this matter.

        Some people would go out and kick/ stab the shit out of random kid when they feel down… Some go out for a run (like myself)… Some cut…

        I always say, as long as you ain’t hurting anyone else… Do what you want.

    2. Behold, a sheep is here to preach! An old, fat prick who seeks attention with an avatar of a young woman wants to tell other people what they should or should not do. Die you piece of fat shit and record it on webcam so we can whack of to it.

    3. I don’t understand how you can lose all respect for what someone does to their own bodies. Do you also lose all respect for people with tattoos, piercings, scars, or anything of that nature?

      This is something personal that someone shared with us, gore lovers. It’s not like they go out in public specifically revealing their cuts, letting them show, telling people “Oh hey I cut myself last night dude!”. It’s done in the privacy of their own home, in an area that’s easily concealable as stated. If you met munster on the street you probably wouldn’t even know they have self inflicted wounds!

      I’m rambling now. 😀

  3. I get annoyed looking at this little “slicing and dicing only”fiasco. They’re not even deep. It’s the same thing with every “suicidal cutter” post on here.
    I have scars from when I would swing the razor at my arm like a sword so it was quick and painless; huge, gaping wounds with my fat hanging out of the skin. I began cutting when I was 11, but because of my fascination with it. I loved to watch the blood fill into the huge gash. Never used a blade until I was about 13. I only used flint. Yes, literally flint. I would find it in a random stranger’s yard in my apartment complex.
    Never did I get stitches – I have the scars to prove their gape.
    I still feel pain in them on occasion. Like a pulsation. Hah.
    I quit that shit, like, what… a year ago?
    19 now.

    Like, seriously, it’s the gayest thing a guy could do aside from being gay.

    1. I’m sure you kicked everyones ass in highschool. Before you dropped out to sell drugs. Now you’re a street hardened badass right? And appearentely you’re gay since cutting is gay and you did it for seven years. And in my opinion, seven years of gayness is irreversible.. Dug your own have there sweetheart. Best be hitting the 18 year old clubs and ordering virgin appletinis. Loving this random hate fest. You grublets are making this too easy.

    2. @RATHYAS!!!!!!!!
      Not all self harmers/cutters
      are “suicidal”,you can be as
      annoyed as you like,would
      be more productive to keep
      unqualified opinions to
      yourself,especially when
      someone has the courage
      to reach out and bare their
      scars & soul to us….

  4. You got some guts dude. Oh and thanks confirming my suspicion, that cutting is just another way of dealing with something. Now I think I understand you guys but I still don’t think I will ever have the guts the use this method lol..

    Anyway Good Luck mate and thanks for sharing!

    1. Am sure alcohol and weed
      will balance out higher
      Brain functions ,and manage
      seratonin and chloroestanase
      levels,it may not work for
      everyone,to chill is good,but
      it may agitate and do an
      on some people.

      But thanks for the suggestion.

  5. If that is the only thing which relieves your tension mate… Who am I to tell you to stop? I have never cut myself, and never will. But I have people close to me who do.

    I would suggest to people to exhaust all other methods of relieving tension (smoking, running, boxing, making love… ) before they take a knife to themselves.

    But, boil it all down. The person who knows you the best and the best for you; is you.

    Each to their own.

  6. Thanks for uploading these. To be honest your the first male cutter ive every noticed…..strange now that i think about it. Well at least now i understand my girlfriends chosen escape better. Though honestly i prefer mine where i get online and blow the virtual heads off my friends and anons all day. Whatever floats your boat. as long as you want to do it ill be here checking out the after math.

    Need More Gore off to hunt for more later!

  7. What the f*** is going on in this place? If I cut my f***ing c*** off would I be starting a new trend for others to follow? If you were a cutter would you want others to join you like it was some kind of f***ing passtime?
    To each their own but I just f’n hope that this self mutilation thing does not become the new way for teenagers to rebel. In my day we just smoked pot and f***ed like rabbits.

    1. Feel free by all means to
      cut your f***ing c*** off
      in order to start what you
      term “a new trend”, don’t
      forget to use a blunt
      serrated knife,and film it
      for our
      dont get why people do it
      anyway,and with no dick
      you wont infect any more
      ignorance on the world.

      People have been self-
      harming for centuaries,
      its only recently that physco-
      psuedo babble has unsuccess-
      fully tried to analyse it.It works
      for people,thats why those who
      feel the need…..partake of this
      cure,and they feel better for it.

      1. I am going to make good on my promise not to swear until midnight tonight. It is killing me because I am so f***ing p***ed off at this f***ing world. Maybe I’ll go cut my f***ing tongue out and shove it up my f***ing a** .
        Sorry, I have’nt been myself today.

        1. You! *points finger* I’m getting a little sick of your shit. Senseless whining about trannies, posting 15 times in a row, random outbursts of idiocy. oh, there’s more but it’s eight in morning and I am going back to bed. Get your shit together cause you’re starting to annoy me.

          1. I agree with you, that’s why I said “tru dat” to your statement. Brokeback needs to take his stupidity back on facebook.

        2. @brokeback i truly wish i could cheer you up but apparently its not my words you want to hear….so i shall let you be unhappy…feel free to talk stuff to me if you feel you need to unload. 🙂 Now no more babble from me! Sorry guys for rambling like i do!

          1. Sorry about leaving you hanging here Ali, truth is you may be the only one here who appreciates me. You always seem to enjoy my posts and you seem to truly understand me and for that I thank you. Too bad you’re so far away or I’d invite you over for dinner.

    2. Hahaha…seems safe enough if its an experimental phase and/or people haven’t figured out other ways of relieving the tension. Even though I have like 10 scars on me from f’in around up until high school I’d still worry about people who are lifelong cutters, unless they’re totally just f’ing around here and there too.

  8. I used to make small cuts like those on my arm with some friends, we did it for fun. But one day i used a knife that was way too sharp and made one hell of a deep wound on my right arm, i’ve never done it since xD

    1. Me too…first one that actually needed medical attention made me stop. I thought ‘I’m going to make the biggest one yet(!)’ pressed a knife to the outside of my left forearm and just ripped… 11 *staples*…I was amazed but immediately horrified and knew I crossed a line — could have fit an entire finger or two inside of my arm from the gape.

  9. Deep cuts feel better, the deeper you cut, the more pain, the more endorphin being released.
    If you really want a rush, grab a paperclip, bend it into anything you want, burn the tip, and brand yourself.
    I use to do this when my sister passed away, but the opiates healed me faster
    oxy’s <3

        1. I tried kratom, maeng da strain, it felt just like the real deal, but its last like 40 mins, and you still gain tolerance.
          and yes, heroin is a dirty dirty creature. especially that mexican tar shit.
          I.V dilaudid ftw

          1. Yeah maeng da is ridiculous for people without tolerance, I’d guess bali is more like subs (never tried subs I just know its usually weaker than codeine) and the stems are even weaker. Just thought I’d spread the word for anyone (not necessarily you two) wanting cheaper and safer replacements.

      1. I was getting 160 40’s a month for my pain the past several years but not they have changed the pill so that the slow release can’t be f***ed with. Totally ruined what was once a great pain releaver.

  10. “The cutters” have to face a personal war started by various things, from the smallest to biggest; it doesn’t matter.
    These cuts will heal, others will appear… they are the signs of the battle.
    I don’t judge, I just admire his courage to show his personal struggle.

  11. Its weird how this site is for people who dont feel like they belong elsewhere, to come and be accepted. But when someone reveals a truth about themselves they are criticised because they aren’t fucked up enough or they are pussies cos they dont cut deep enuff or have as many problems as another. or just looking for attention. I find this attitude really messed up. I guess the sheep are everywhere…I dont understand humans…i never will. I may not agree with or follow along with anothers actions or beliefs but i accept them for the courage they have in revealing these ‘different’ sides of themselves. I think its really shitty one cant be truthful and open without being bullied. I trully hate the people in the world and apparently i don’t belong anywhere…i guess im too soft-hearted but i really hate hypocritic bullies…they do more damage than they realise. Sorry for the long post and the rambling..

    1. it was a good post with minimal rambling.
      It’s exactly why I started calling us ALL “Fleshy Virus” because, as long as you are human, you basically deserve to die.

      Case in point, HUMANS are the ONLY THING that apear on this site, and, even “GOOD” people, breed monsters.

      I have noticed my own tollorences for F.V. everywhere i go these days is nill.
      Grocery stores, Gas stations, Craigslist business, when ever dealing or even just AROUND them (more of me…my veiws are not the same, but I am JUST AS MUCH a worthless Fleshy Virus that shoud be fucking EXTERMINATED as any other) my face goes into “stay away from me” mode and my mouth talks alot of shit to people, and they all tend to think I’m crazy, becaouse it works.
      Rarely do people bother me these days.

  12. I am also a cutter, and I did it when I was in an extremely depressed state and was dissociating. I used to carry around a jagged piece of broken mirror when I was in school, until I stole scalpel blades from my art classroom.
    I got into the habit of slicing up my fingertips on my left hand. My fingerprints now have the ridged lines across them all, very unique. Although I have lot a lot of feeling in the tips. I used to try cut slow, as I thought that would inflict more pain to punish myself with. Then I leant that quick slicing produced far deeper cuts and the blood flows faster.
    I don’t do it so often anymore, only in times of great stress. For some sick reason, seeing the warm, sticky blood appear in globs almost magically from such thin little lines calms me down. It’s such a beautiful thing, blood.

  13. Haha, just came back to look at this old post and realised I did sound a bit stupid saying things like, “my inspiration” and “I?m your typical odd child”. Inspiration was probably the wrong word to use, it just sounds wrong.. It was more like I saw other people on BG cutting, as a way of dealing with their issues and it interested me. I had tried everything, I tried exercise, talking to people, drinking, anything I could to take my mind off shit but it didn’t work. That’s why I turned to cutting, yeah I know they aren’t the most amazing or goriest images here on BG but they were mine and I just wanted to share them with you guys and see what you thought. Although I almost never comment I’ve been on BG daily for over a year now and see you guys as the best family one could ask for, and thanks for all the supportive comments 🙂
    Fuck that was a long post… ha.

  14. “I’m your typical odd child” is. You are not odd, you are merely odd in the eyes of the sheep. They perceive you as odd because you don’t act like a sheep. Sheep can’t see past the tip of their noses so if you try to talk about the world that’s beyond that point, it’s all odd and freaky to them. And because there are tens of thousands of sheep to the one of you, the wide and colorful world you talk about scares the shit out of them and that makes you a target. As a result, they will label you, drug you up and otherwise oppress you to dumb you down into their own level. In a world dominated by the sheep, an enlightened individual will always be an outcast, a recluse, a misanthrope”…

    I really like that thought.
    I will read it every day

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