Blood on Feet

Blood on Feet

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member ToBleed. Here’s his story:

I am a 22 year old male. I have a foot fetish. When I’m with a girl, my foot fetish is usually very clean, pretty, romantic and honestly just really softcore. But when I’m masturbating alone and depressed I have to get a little more horrid and depraved to get off.

I enjoy pain. I like to bleed. I cut, stab, slash and burn myself once or twice every month or so. But my favorite form of self-harm is simple self-neglect. I live off drugs and alcohol. I eat and sleep just enough to keep myself alive. In general I like to be as uncomfortable and unhappy as possible.

I am a supporter of Charles Manson. I only mention this because I was listening to The Family Jams – in that video, the song is called No Wrong-Come Along.

This incident in particular was pretty spontaneous in that nothing really upset me or set me off to do it. I was drinking absinthe and whiskey and listening to music naked, when I suddenly picked up one of my many knives and sliced my forearm open with one quick slash… I watched the blood drip onto my toes and slid around in the puddle. I looked at the bloody footprints all over my house and became aroused. So I filmed some of it so I would have something to jack off to later. And all the better if creepy strangers are watching me haha.

Thanks a lot for sharing a little bit of your personal life with us. For everyone else – as has always been the case, providers of exclusive content are a protected species on Best Gore. Anyone disrespecting a member who shared their personal stuff with us will be silenced for all eternity.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Blood on Feet”

      1. If you stop doing drugs and drinking it will most definitely make you uncomfortable I know when I stopped shooting heroin, I was extremely sick and uncomfortable for a month! Try it!

  1. Hey bleed, I kinda feel ya, I cut my self cause I love to feel the blood run down my arms, not cause of depression or anything, just cause it feels (and tastes) good! I was gonna give a message here but goddamn it, if I did, I’d be a hypocrite!! Happy cuttin’ brother!!

    1. I think that’s kind of cute actually. The only time I actually am bothered by gore is when it’s outward violence. Self harm doesn’t bother me because I’ve been doing it for 8 years. I’m trying to get desensitized though. Gotta watch more happy tree friends!!

  2. WOW! Thankyou @tobleed I love to cut myself and have people watch it turns me on. But tonight watching this … Let’s just say it’s been a years since I had a orgasm this strong so watching you bleed, watching yourself bleed ,while jacking off turned me on so ii cut myself and masturbated to your video… Thankyou ! Finally found someone who does the oh so kinky things I love. I’m saving this video for later masturbating…. Luv it Thankyou @tobleed

  3. “I eat and sleep just enough to keep myself alive. In general I like to be as uncomfortable and unhappy as possible.”

    I get this. I find my exsistance more bearable if i am in a state of exhaustion and substance-induced stupor. Unhappiness is my enjoyment, hence the reason i am here, plenty here to make many people sick, but this place fills me with the giddy excitement of a child with a new toy…

  4. I have a fetish for small girls. I know this would offend a lot of people, but I’ve always wanted to torture a little girl and eat her flesh and lick her feet clean. Cooking the sweet pussy and add some strawberries.. mmhhmm delicious. Sorry if I offended anyone, I’m not the straighest person on earth.

  5. Thank you so, so much for this vid. I’d been searching the web all night for vids of hematolagnia porn, coming up empty handed. I finally came across this website and searched “blood fetish,” and up popped your wonderful video. It turned me on so much I squirted. Thank you for being horrid and depraved, and letting me be that creepy stranger that watched you do something so private.
    I just wish you weren’t depressed and neglect yourself, and live off drugs and alcohol (this is coming from someone that just got out of a rehab/psych hospital) because you must be a kind person to share something like this with the world. I know that sounds kind of weird to say, but I’m 21 and I never thought anyone else liked that kind of stuff, much less would post a vid of it. So thanks @ToBleed . I’m going to try and go sleep now and process the website I was perusing tonight when I orgasmed lol.

    1. This is ToBleed, the subject in the video. I couldn?t get into my original account and had to make a new one because I?ve been meaning to clarify some things about this video for quite some time now. I believe I sent Mark a request to edit the description but it never happened. Anyway, this video is not the video that was originally posted. This video contains much more footage than the original. Most who commented here only saw the part where I bleed on my feet; it ends before the good parts start. Furthermore the original video contained unedited audio. In the original video posted you could hear me and my neighbors and the music I was listening to during the act; No Wrong-Come Along from The Manson Family Jams, on repeat. In this version of the video the sound is edited to play Damnation Chant by Carpathian Forest and Still Reaching for Hell by Nattefrost. Now the reason for uploading a new video is simply that I built up the courage (or apathy rather) to show more and I got bored and edited it and the finished product was more interesting. It?s probably too late now, but I hope some of the people who watched the original will come back and watch this version. Thanks and you?re welcome to all who enjoyed my video.

      1. Apologies, but the second song in this version is actually The Good Old Enema Treatment, also by Carpathian Forest. It?s been so long since I?ve watched these, and I do have a version of this video that uses Still Reaching for Hell.

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