Blood Squirts from Self Inflicted Wound on Hand

Blood Squirts from Self Inflicted Wound on Hand

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @jezzie1201, whose a self harmer and filmed this video of blood squirting out of her hand:

I’m a cutter and have been for 20 years. Sometimes I make thin small cuts, sometimes those aren’t enough and I do a vein cutting and bleed into a bowl or container.

This time was a hand vein, I opened it up 2 times in 3 days. Measured out around 10 cups of blood total. Ended up going to the ER and needed a blood transfusion.

Even after that, I can’t stop and have opened it again. I love everything about blood. The smell, color, texture, fresh and coagulated, and even the taste. I feel in control while I bleed. I feel euphoric. This is my favorite
video because you can see if flowing out of my vein and it squirts.


Thank you for the video, @jezzie1201. As a reminder to sixmonthers, at Best Gore we respect members who share exclusive content with us. Any kind of disrespect, or “advice” will be met with an instaboot:

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76 thoughts on “Blood Squirts from Self Inflicted Wound on Hand”

    1. Probably because it’s easier to see and control, if she cut her neck then that could mean certain death and that wouldn’t be much fun now would it? On the other hand, at least a proper throat slit would produce all the blood you could taste and touch before you go.

    2. I’ve seen a couple guys drive nails through their penis shafts and penis heads. You get a lot more blood squirting from the penis. But if you’re female, you probably don’t have that option.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I have to agree… the color is stunningly beautiful. I am not a cutter, but I had a blood clot in my left, lower leg (inner calfin region). As a result of the clot, my leg is VERY sensitive, and I have numerous decent sized veins just under the surface of my skin. If one of these even gets knicked, it will squirt blood everywhere! I got a tiny hole (size of the tip of a pencil lead) in one of the veins one day, and before I knew it, blood had filled my sandal and began flowing onto the floor. I had to walk in the house to get a towel so I left a pattern of puddles and splashes of blood from the back door to the kitchen and back again. It took 30 minutes to get the bleeding stopped completely. Now, I have to be very careful not to o0en one up again.

    1. They don’t respond well, as other commented, they think it’s a waste of blood. Even if I do only have half the blood I’m supposed to. I’ve been turned away and sent home. I guess if I have a mental illness I’m not worthy of life saving blood.

  1. This has me thinking. Do people who do this study basic anatomy so as to know just where to cut? She said that sometimes the flow isn’t satisfactory so she goes for a vein to get more satisfaction. Or do they just play it by ear and experiment? And if you go for the vein or artery, are you ever fearful that you will pass out or something while you are busy studying your work and end up dying unable to get help? Also, is it always a private thing? Or do you do this with more than one individual? Are you afraid to let people know you do this? How do your families feel about it? Do you want to stop? Is there any treatment or therapy that gets you to quit? Is it a gradual thing where you just make small, tentative cuts and feel like you need to do more and more like with a drug addiction? Do you stitch yourself up or let it heal on it’s own? And do you get many infections?

    1. I’m a phlebotomist, there for good at finding veins, I use a tourniquet and purposefully cut a vein to bleed more. It is like an addiction, I find that small cuts don’t work and I get worse and worse till I bleed like this and need help from the hospital. I makes me feel euphoric, like I can do anything. I’m in control of a life I feel is out of control.

  2. even after reading & seeing dozens of self harmers on here, I still am unclear as to why. I freak out if I start to bleed, but, then I take blood thinners, so, it runs out of my control.

    1. No. It’s not. I have many videos and pictures t could show you, or lab test results showing a hemoglobin of 6.0. I need 2 transfusions in the last week. You think it’s fake, fine, I know it’s real, I live it everyday.

  3. No joy out of these videos, person self inflicting pain for joy just doesn’t get me going, I’m guessing the person shouldn’t expect it or enjoy it for me to actually watch and feel something. These videos are just lame, yeah, I see blood. . But if your doing it for your own fun, I feel like it’s not worth feeling or watching, why I didn’t. Get back to your roots bestgore, blood letting is YouTube shit. I want GORE

      1. All I have to say is fuck you. I did need blood and I did get it. It’s not wasted, it saved my life. So people with mental illness don’t deserve to get blood if they self harm? I’m not important enough, not human too?

        1. people that attack others over self-harm either have zero empathy, are trying to be edgy and internet cool, have never known anyone close to them that cuts or self-harms, or they don’t “believe in mental illness being real”.

          regardless of whichever above “reason”, they’re all still assholes as far as I’m concerned.

          edit: and yes, your life *does* matter. ignore these cunts.

        2. I’m not attacking you or giving you advice. I just wonder, why post videos and brag about your self harming behavior? I’m not judging, I’m a self harmer but its usually a very intimate act. Also, I’m not at all saying you shouldn’t receive blood, but in all seriousness, I truly do hope that you’re getting psychiatric help. It’s a fact that there is a nationwide blood shortage and has been for years. I fully understand the illness but i hope you’re at least trying to curb the behaviour bc As another said, ppl are actually dying for blood.

  4. Why film this shit I understand selfharmers I had a problem with it before. Deppresion PTSD a ex gang member criminal. vodca didn’t mix very well and I done it all. I had my own scalpel set for just for the special time. I only stopped when I was arrested Drunk being in handcuffs I decided to start biting a huge hole out my wrist until I hit my artery. These times where probably the worst in my life, I needed surgery after that one. My wife said she would leave me if I didn’t stop so I got help. And years later Ime a great father and husband but I still suffer from flashbacks and nightmares . But Ime alot better now and all together a better human this video does not impress me real selfharmers don’t film this shit he’s probably a attention seeker. But to other guys that have been through the same shit things can get better there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. I’m a girl and I film it so I can look back at it and not want to do it again. I’m not seeking attention, I like blood. I like to feel like start to leave my body, then I stop. I have to have multiply transfutions. Think what you will, but you don’t know me.

      1. I know how it feels it can give you a huge buzz and can release tension. Honestly I’ve been there I hope you get better and heal emotionally​ and physically​. Your worth more than this don’t hate yourself love yourself and love life you only get one. Ime sorry didn’t want to affend you .Best regards Richard Bartlett:)

  5. @jezzie1201, I understand how this is therapeutic to you must as drinking and doing drugs are for others. Just be safe and if you ever get the feeling to cut when youre depressed, please seek out someoneto talk to.
    Remember, there are people out there who care about you even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

    1. Thank you it’s always good to talk or write about the problems in your life. That’s just a tiny bit you could make a film about all the other shit. But the important​ thing is how you live your life now and being a better person.And each time someone cuts themselves it scares your body and you go around the rest of you life hiding these, it’s not good Ime a healed person but my arms look like they’ve been shot several hundred times it not worth it. Help is out there and life can be better

    1. I agree… Waste of time for the hospital. Especially since she’s been hospitalized more than once for it. Save the blood for someone who wasn’t intentionally wasting theirs

        1. It isn’t for a trill though! yes she says she likes how it feels but clearly she has something wrong with her…
          No one in their right mind hurts their self esp not to this extreme, cutting veins and losing a lot of blood to were they could die..
          Please don’t be so ignorant and just say “oh she cut herself, she is selfish, fuck her” She has to be in a bad place to want to to this, to need to do this and she is deserving of the blood in hospitals just like everyone else is.
          Next you will be saying medics shouldn’t help save drug addicts as they know the risks so fuck them or if a suicide victim makes it long enough to get to a hospital, should they be ignored and just let die because at that time that is what they wanted and in their mind that is messed up they know no better.
          Ever think she lets it get this bad when she is really down and in need of help so she will have to go the hospital and she hopes this time will be it that instead of fixing her up and sending her home as fast as they can with their faces full of judgement they might actually help her….
          Yes they fix up her cuts but she will forever cut until they fix what is wrong with her heart and head, she can’t do it alone and needs help that they should be getting her, she is risk to herself how do they let her home known this, it is the system where ever she lives failing her.

  6. Sorry to know that this is what you do to yourself @jezzie1201, I’d really hope you could get past this and find more pleasure in something else that keeps you away from all harm, afterall its a big world with plenty on offer. Up to us to make the most of it. Best wishes to you.

  7. God can mak you feel better but you must go to Him. I used to beat myself hard in the head. Demons suck the life outta you without God there is No freaking hope and I could care less about anyone arguing this with me.

  8. Real fucking smart.
    Spill so much of your blood that you need a transfusion that should be going to someone who needs it.

    Selfish and disrespectful to people who are truly in need of that transfusion, and their families.
    Not to mention, I donate blood, and NOT for people who CHOOSE to waste their own.

    1. Apparently you don’t know what fucking Mental Illness means, or you’re one of those dumb fucks that thinks depression/anxiety/other mental illnesses don’t exist and it’s just a “state of mind”.

      People don’t choose to make holes in their bodies because they’re mentally healthy and “feel like it”. It’s always a symptom of something that person is dealing with.

      Go and save a cow from a slaughterhouse or something. you seem the type to preach being a Vegan too.

      I bet you’re fun at parties.

  9. As an ex-cutter I was hesitant to watch this, as I was worried about how it might possibly make me feel. It’s interesting how much blood the body can lose before it is in danger- I myself have never lost that much blood over the few years I was cutting.
    As for *why*, the feeling of control and euphoria a person gets from self-harm is not uncommon- I see it being the most common reason people claim to do it.

    And if anyone was wondering, no, it didn’t make me want to cut again.

  10. People who cut or self harm, feel largely emotionally numb and are in great pain of a sort. A means to feel something again gather than an existence of being numb. People don’t set out to self harm, it’s a result of a previous trauma whether you want to accept that or not. It’s true.

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