BME Pain Olympics – Anal Insertions and Saline Injections Edition

BME Pain Olympics - Anal Insertions and Saline Injections Edition

As promised in the first BME Pain Olympics video, here’s part 2 of the same series. As with all BMEzing Pain Olympics, it’s a compilation of homemade, self torture and mutilation videos submitted by people who enjoy putting their bodies, and especially their genitalia through a lot of pain. Traditionally, this Pain Olympics video is also all about men roughing up their cock and balls in the worst ways imaginable. There’s a whole variety of self cock torture clips in this video, but because many involve anal insertions and saline injections inflated penises, I titled this edition of BME Pain Olympics the “Anal Insertions and Saline Injections” video.

Some of the highlights from the video:

  • Shitting Out 10″ Inflated Ball Through Anus
  • Spreading Anus Open with Vaginal Speculum
  • Impalement of Penile Glans and/or Testicles with Syringes
  • Hammering the Testes Like They’re a Brass Bell in a Belfry
  • Meat Spin
  • Monster Black Didlo Up the Ass
  • Goatse and Anal Fisting
  • Gay Blowjob on Saline Inflated Penis
  • Masturbation Orgasm of Saline Inflated Penis
  • Oozing Bodily Fluids from Pierced Testicles
  • Setting Off a Firecracker Stuffed Inside Urethra
  • Severe Anal Prolapse
  • Insertion of Long Plastic Tube in the Urethra
  • Nipple and Areola Knifing
  • Ejaculation from Incised Penis
  • Cutting Penis Up with a Scalpel

More BME Pain Olympics videos still to come in the future:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

131 thoughts on “BME Pain Olympics – Anal Insertions and Saline Injections Edition”

        1. me muero
          este video lo e visto muchas veces ya nose por que pero eso de ver algo tan extra?o no me da asco ni nada pero me trae una sensaci?n de que falta mucho por ver en esta vida alguien que me deje otro video paresido porfa se lo mostre a varios amigos y ahora lo compartimos entre todos jajjaj algunos me disen que estoy enfermo por que? intente meterme un alfiler en los testiculos y me dolio mucho mejor lo dejo para los expertos atte aud : funcion_360 =)

          1. You’re not alone @phatman.
            After getting thrown off the site it is a major bitch getting back on.
            I just leave and come back later.

          2. Site has been under constant DDoS attack for weeks. It sucks up all the resources though we’re able to mitigate majority of it. It costs a lot of money because attacks are massive and switch tactics all the time yet we’re able to keep the site on line. Sometimes it overwhelms the resources. Sheep don’t like that fact that BG is still going strong and resort to blows under the waist.

          3. @Mark, kudos to you and the crew for keeping the site going. The fuckin sheep should be engaging in different kinds of “blows under the waist”, particularly on the gangrenous AIDS cocks of elderly bush weasels. And what’s the deal with the “posting comments too fast” shit? If you’ve already explained it then just ignore my ignorance

          4. Thanks for letting us know Mark.

            You’d think the sheep would have better things to do with their time, but us SOB’s know they don’t.

          5. Same here for me too. Also, I used to be able to open the webpage without a problem but about a week ago my internet security started asking me if I really wanted to visit this site and now it’s flagged every time as an unsafe site. Nothing on my I.S. has been altered so maybe it has something to do with Marks explanation – anybody else had anything similar?

    1. Guys…

      I watched it… And now have a whopping dose of PTSD.

      Why didn’t any of you warn me?

      Jackie… You are right. The music was hilarious! It really suited it.

      Mark… You are doing a cracking job boss. Keep it up!

      Now I am going to go obliterate my arsehole with a One-Two, Vindaloo/ Bran Wheat combo.

        1. Haha.

          Yesh you are right Uggy.

          It was bloody brilliant. Truly an art form.

          They have much more ‘Balls’ than me.

          You would never catch me beating my balls black and blue with a rubber mallet.

      1. Ha, ha, ha, Razor and myself tried to warn you. My squirrel used to be such a happy little critter and look at her now. I do like the music though, think I’ll play it again but turn the screen off.

  1. Yeah, I think this one goes on that short list of BG videos that I’m just gonna skip.

    On a slightly less disturbing note, there’s a good chance for auroras (northern lights) this weekend as a large solar cumshot (Coronal Mass Ejection) is set to arrive early Saturday morning and give old mother Earth a messy geomagnetic facial.

    1. Well it wouldn’t be so much fun to watch with black dudes doing it, we all know their male parts are much much bigger than the white dudes. Just look at a black woman’s ass and you have your answer.

  2. I stopped halfway through. I think I need to completely rewire my brain or reboot it after watching this. Some things should not be seen by human eyes. And here I thought that that the second stunt people did on Fear Factor was bad…excuse me while I go douse my eyes with some Clorox.

    1. I will let you do… Unspeakable… Acts of sexual violence upon my persons.

      Funny you should say that. Because I have only ever had a single Girlfriend who was even remotely adventurous.

      I. I think I am in luvvy!

          1. Damn Elle.

            As long as I can have a monosyllabic safe word… I am good.

            I am going to regret this… They will never find my body.

            Anyway… Luvvy isn’t about respect. It is all about hurting your partner in every single way imaginable… Then pissing on them for afters!

            By the way. Nice new DP!

            Sorry to hear that Uli buddy… Had several experiences like that myself. Too many women just think that all they should do during sex is ‘lie back and think of England’.

  3. I think ill just stick a nicely sharpened #2 lead pencil deeply into both of my eyes and then rub them vigorously with ajax and a steel wool pad. Im gonna have nightmares of people trying to jam things up my ass for years to come. I can never unsee that.

  4. Hammer to the testes?! There are much easier ways of getting black balled, I’m sure.

    After reading the highlights, my pansy ass will pass on this… Shitting a 10″ ball? Fuck sakes, that’s big enough for a baby! Whatever floats their boat, I suppose. :\

  5. By the beard of Zeus! You know what’s the worst part of it? The “Cutting penis with scalpel”, because I have both of them at hand.
    I think that Stinkfist by TOOL fits perfectly with this footage.

  6. “Extreme anal prolapse” still gets me cringing, and I’ve seen it so many times.

    And I understand it takes time to stretch the asshole out for that ridiculously huge black dildo, but I just do not understand how there is room inside the abdomen for that massive thing. Organs must be getting pushed aside. Plus, it’s not like our intestines just go straight, they twist & turn.

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