Borderline Personality Disorder Cutting

Borderline Personality Disorder Cutting

This self cutting photo from the “Best Gore Members Rock” edition was sent in by Wicked Pegan from Holland. In her own words:

I have Borderline Personality Disorder and this happens to my arms when I feel shitty, sad, angry or any other bad emotion I have.

Sweet, brief and to the point.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Borderline Personality Disorder Cutting”

    1. Yup, my ex, too. She’s not a bad gal really but BPD is just too much to handle. Even doctors don’t want to touch it ’cause there’s no cure (like all mental illness) and they some times will attack or stalk care givers. I just couldn’t deal with it. No one wants to be shmucked up like in that accedent but be thankfull, boys n girls, you don’t have BPD!! It’s a fucker.

        1. Hi I have Bi Polar disorder as well. After receiving a combo of 5 drugs, and entering an assisted living facility, I am almost back to my old self. Getting off of crack probably helped as well, you think?

    2. I have BPD I was diagnosed a few years ago after fighting clinical depressiin, 2 suicide attempts, 1 of which I actually meant, weeks spent in hospitals, regular and specialist, hours spent in therapy only to find I have OCD I’m a perfectionist and may be Bi polar, I don’t sleep much, or sleep all day, I don’t eat much I smoke 40 a day or don’t smoke at all. My life is major fucked up and don’t get me started on what’s going on in my head.
      That said, I have a wonderful wife who loves me unconditionally, a daughter who thinks I’m the best dad ever, she’s only 8. And my dog who is my best friend. Without them I wouldn’t be here today. So don’t give up I know its shit and I’m still going though it but I’m lucky to have someone in my life. I hope you find peace in your mind somewhere. I know it can be hell. Oh and for those of you who don’t know Borderline Personality Disorder does not mean we are on the Borderline like we may have it or not. It’s just the name they call it. Imagine a graph where you have slight uos and downs throughout the day. Someone with BPD has highs and lows like a roller coaster and the smallest thing can set us off. It’s based a lot on the environment we live in and what we see and feel every day. Therapy has helped me a little but it well never cure me.

  1. “Borderline personality disorder”…They got a name for everything these days. Personally I think your just another sick fuck like the rest of us who like the feel of the blade when it cuts through our skin, and then watching and feeling that nice warm blood running down our skin as it leaves our body!!!!! Ohhh Yeaaaaahhhh!!!!

    1. I’m not a big fan of any kind of pain not to mention self inflicted. Im actually a big baby about it. I guess im a sick fuck sans self harm fetish. You do look like you’re going through some things that I hope clear up for you soon. I don’t understand the cutting thing but i understand emotional torment….I hate my ex boyfriends.

  2. well at least your not going deep enough to kill yourself,as far as all your bad feelings go,just look at things in a different perspective and think “hey i`m still alive and not a blood splatter on bestgore like other people”life can be good…

      1. My thought exactly; i suffer from a clinical depression and make wounds to the fat tissue regularly, not quite as epically-tendon-exposing and miss Katie but certainly more.. damaging than these pathetic excuses for “self inflicted injury”..
        What did she use..? a rusty spoon..?!

        1. I have depression too, I go for my legs, I used scissors for a long time, I am trying to change because my parents were going to force me into a mental hospital if I didn’t. That was after a 60 cut session. That was a BITCH to clean up too…I am trying to change. I get tired of a bunch of brats giving paper cuts and saying Look I cuuuuut. Fuckin cut til you see bone. THEN say you cut.

  3. We come equiped with no instructions.
    Other’s want to think they know how to handle us, when the fact is, WE have grown up being us, and WE don’t even know to handle being OURSELVES most the time.
    Nice how 3-4 letter acronyims (word murderer!) excuse our shortcomings and lump them into others for a cleaner, clinical asumption of who we really are.
    Keep slicing if it helps.

          1. Who said he has to use a casket? What if he just striped your bones of skin threw it in a blender and poured it in the ground? ew….nvm…thats just nasty…

          1. I usually get the “Damn, you look like that guy from ‘American History X'”, you know, Edward Norton. I can assure you I don’t worship Satan, unless it does turn Tiger on…in that case, HAIL SATAN!!

    1. That’s a half-assed cut.
      Go big or go home. Lets see some ACTUAL TISSUE damage or GTFO.
      That shit won’t even scar and likely did little more than sting.
      If you’re gonna hurt yourself, fucking actually hurt yourself, otherwise, put the knife down and STFU. Gosh.

    1. A person diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder has instability in relationships,mood and self image.Eg.attitudes towards people will vary considerably and inexplicably over short periods of time. Emotions are erratic and can shift abruptly. They are argumentative,irritable, sarcastic,quick to take offence. and all together hard to live with.

      Their unpredictable and impulsive
      behaviour may include gambling,spending, eating sprees and self mutilating.

      Have chronic feelings of depression and emptiness.

      Is a therapist’s nightmare.

      Hope that helped.

      1. Excellent description there Whitechapel…Ive had my share of dealing with borderlines and they are relentless at trying to sabotage anything that they can put their hands on..That’s no exaggeration..Its embedded into their hard drives so they will NEVER stop being that way…They are true “martyrs”.. They don’t care about what kind of hell they inflict on themselves in the process of trying to ruin everything for everyone else (whoever their target is).

        1. I know it. Used to be friends with a kid and he destroyed our friendship, it backfired though. He was trying to make me dependent on him and I ended up telling him to fuck off. Afte a few days of being freaked out and him making me feel like shit and making me cry, I realized I didn’t need him anymore, and he poofed. Dont know, don’t care, I am free and that is that.

  4. Well, i’m not doing it for fun or to kill myself. I try to snap out the psychical pain I have at that moment. Other people do drugs, alcohol, fight.. This is the only thing I do. I have help, for almost 10 years now. But recovering goes very slow. But I do my best!

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