Chunks of Flesh, Self Harm and Mutilation

Chunks of Flesh, Self Harm and Mutilation

Chunks of Flesh, Self Harm and Mutilation

Early Morning edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @sook13, who shares her pictures of self harm/mutilation wounds with chunks of flesh:

This post is specially deadicated to @ruthie and to all the other members who don’t contribute to site, yet feel the sensation to hate – lead by example and Bleed-Out.

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62 thoughts on “Chunks of Flesh, Self Harm and Mutilation”

      1. Actually, about 3 years ago I had cuts all up and down my arms that were deep and severe, not unlike the ones shown in these photos, I actually tried to get them put on here, but was turned down and was actually kind of chewed out for it.

        1. I’m sorry you were turned down for trying to share your story. After two years of being intrigued by all of the content, I finally made an account and submitted my pics of my suicidide attempt. A lot of comments on the post regarding my dumb giant wrist slit were all about making me feel guilty for what I do to myself. I just want you to know that I feel ya and I hope we both mange to find peace within ourselves. It’s a stupid struggle that people don’t get, but I feel ya. There’s something oddly comforting in knowing somebody else out there is struggling with the same thing you are.

          If you don’t have the same fucked up mentality of a ‘cutter’ (I detest that word), then you’ll never understand.

          1. You know with age, I really don’t give a shit anymore oh, yeah I went through a lot of bad crap but I’m not going to piss and whine about some stupid ass pictures and honestly I feel like a gay retard now that it’s all said and done because I look at my wrists and where is that going to take me professionally? Where is that going to take me when people look at me and think I’m fucking insane when I’m in a job interview? Yeah it’s a problem and I understand that yadda yadda but I just really don’t give a shit anymore that they didn’t take my pictures or whatever and I know that Mark had it in my honest interest to not post them on the site. I’m really sick of this self-harm bullshit too, I think it’s getting old.. it’s not what the BG I know and have come to love is about, we need better content than this bologna.

          2. And plus if you go down the comment section on this post, there’s this person that from my own interpretation is either a big troll or extremely mentally ill and needs to be institutionalized, that has some kind of weird blood fetish and I don’t want anybody getting off on any weird pics of people cutting themselves because the world is already a cesspool anyway.

        2. I engage in self harm too, its just like a drug to me. I have been admitted to hospital many times, had elector-convulsive therapy (left, right, bilateral) and i still want to die every waking hour of my fucking life. Ive been in therapy since i was a child and have 90% of treatments available for my mental health issues so its not from lack of trying to become better The reason i am not dead is because i have children, if something was to happen to them id be gone in a flash, self harm eases my suicidal ideation and allows me to stay here for my children. I fucking hear ya hun. xx

    1. I agree the self harm is really lame and kinda ruining what this site is based on. The only self harm I want to see is if these folks will do a live stream with a gun in their mouth and blow their brains out. Otherwise it is just annoying having to see this lame stuff.

        1. I agree as well. This site is lowkey making me wanting to cut just so I can post the pics on the site. I dont know why it is making me feel this way. I dont like it. Of course I would never go through with it though.

    2. Literally created an account just to say this but you beat me to it, can’t agree with you more. It’s a tad fucking gay and ngl pretty sure it encourages people to do it as they can promote their themselves here.

          1. It must be broiling where you are today (Cleveland?)….it’s even hot here on the coast of Maine. Ugh…..we are not acclimated to this. It’s 85° here…I know that doesn’t seem hot to you, but it is for us. It’s probably over 90° inland.

            @carnage-2? How hot is it in Disgusta?

      1. I would gladly accept your gift. Although that doesn’t satisfy my psychotic urges. And neither is just harming myself anymore. The blood fascination is like a addiction. I’d gladly bleed out but I have a few people I truly care about that need me and my number one reason of my dog.
        Plus I am too fucked up for most facilities. One of the main where I am at used the nice word or needing more “structure” or basically they can’t treat my schizoeffective and psychosis etc.

        Would you like to volunteer for me to get satisfaction of watching, feeling, hearing of blood being released out of the body until there is no more?

  1. Ok, time for serious stuff, I wonder why most of these people self harming themselves are women and if they are doing such shit is kinda SOS or something like that. I guess they don’t have kids and no actual friends, cause if I knew someone doing so I’ll gladly assist him, I mean mental support.

    1. I have serious mental issues and love blood. I’d bleed out if it wasn’t for the few people and my dog who rely on me. Or honestly attacking another person and feeling and seeing their blood. It a fascination of sorts. An addiction. Idk why others do it. But that is a small piece of the main snippet of my reasoning

      1. If we were together or knew each other, I’m pretty sure I could make you discover some other cool stuff and share with you another things that could make you forget to harm yourself. I’m not an exceptional or a special superhuman being but for sure I can not let you destroy yourself, I’ve seen so much lives destroyed and losses during my life. I survived to two civil wars and I really can’t tell you how life is so precious, I’m ready to die for my kids and make them happy, I enjoy life every second and try to have fun as much as I can, maybe you need more time to discover how useless is what you’re doing and I’m not judging you or think you’re stupid, but seriously Amanda, when you’ll have to decide about your existence, these things will just appear so silly that you’d probably question yourself a thousand times. I wish you had a better life, I mean without your weird addictions 😉

          1. We had then, our local BG newspaper edition every day, what I remember the most is when I walk in the town or go to school with that permanent and endless fear if the car parked next to you will explode at your face or if that fuckin muslim fagot neighbor you had will come to your house at night with all his dick suckers and behead your whole family, well it also sucks right now but it’s ok, and just… fuck it and long live to BG!!

  2. this post makes me wanna slit my penis head off! but I’m afraid I might bleed out like a stuck piggy..if I do I promise to post it..or should I just do my hanging nuts cause there always getting in the dam way!! always gotta fix them while I’m trying to sleep.

  3. The category is called Extreme body mods for a reason. Lol It doesn’t matter WHY they did it, they did it, and they feel like sharing. Because they can. And look- comments. Negative or positive, cutters WILL get attention. Don’t come to this category and rip on people for cutting. At least they’re posting it on the right website. And they’re giving you pretty blood to look at, so. It’s their bodies, their choices. Props to those who take it to the extreme; I wouldn’t have the guts.

    1. That’s cute. It’s wrong to criticize these morons for cutting but yet you got these fake ass racist on here yelling nigger this nigger that and everyone just laughs about it.

  4. God, this site makes me wanna cut again. I’ve been clean and sober for over a year now but I just feel like I need to bleed. Honestly, I kind of doubt this addiction ever goes away, I could cut alcohol and opiates but cutting always comes back.
    Anyways, if I do anything good I’ll post it here.
    And OP, I’m sure you know this, but remember to get stitched up and keep ‘em clean! Don’t wanna get necrotizing fasciitis after all.

  5. Totally wish I could cut deep enough to post pictures–(or at least try to)–but i know lots and lots of people would just insult me and tell me to kill myself. I don’t even do self-harm for attention. I just love seeing blood and the feeling of scars makes me extremely turned-on. I eventually want to cut up my boyfriend (yeah, i’m gay lol) but there’s not many places you can post that where you won’t get “attacked” and get reported. Sorry for the long comment…!

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