DIY Skin-Peel Scarification

Hip Scarified as Body Mod

DIY Skin-Peel Scarification

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @palantiriswatchingyou, who shared pictures of her self made skin-peel scarification:

Hi, I saw a post indicating you will no longer be posting self harm pictures which I understand, but I hope you will consider this as a body-mod.

This is a DIY skin-peel scarification I performed in the summer. This cutting was done to produce body art, not as any form of self harm. I had been deeply researching scarification in the months prior but decided to perform this cutting on an impulse (sober). This heart mark holds personal meaning for me. The first two pics are immediately post cut and +4 hours, the pic of the healed scar is taken at 5+ months after sun induced hyperpigmentation. Pain level 2.5/10. The physical pain was surprisingly low while my anticipation of the pain and apprehension was much more significant.

The process of skin-peel aka cut and peel simply involves two parallel and shallow cuts through the dermis, then peeling and in needed areas flaying the upper layer of skin from the epidermis. The skin’s blood supply is not super intuitive and this can be dangerous and easy to botch so I seriously do not recommend anyone attempting to DIY.

I really enjoyed the experience of this scarification. Someone once described scarification as intimate, and although it was only me I would say it was a special experience, calm but intense. My scar is definitely not perfect, but I love knowing its truly mine.

I hope to do more scarifications and hopefully build my skills enough to become certified and give others pieces too.

Many thanks for sharing the pics and your story with us, @palantiriswatchingyou. I appreciate most body mods, except tattoos which tend to be an overcompensating cry for attention by a conformist desperate to fit in, but like men with mutilated (circumcised) dicks, they will fight tooth and nail to defend it because they can’t undo it:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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            I guess the bigger question would be…

            What is socially acceptable, and what is not?

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          2. I will be happy to be on the sidelines watching with a cold Yuengling …time to let the inner voyeur out loose

    1. You’ve got a nice shape, I just wanted to like that little heart!
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        1. Your comment makes no sense!
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          1. So you didn’t type that poem out for the girl who posted this stupid emo picture…? If not, then I certainly apologize… For the most part. 🙂 Bizarre…? In the eyes of sheeple, I very much am and proud of it.

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  1. Well. I guess it will not looked fucked up as a tattoo would 50 years down the road. Yet, I’d still question my sanity if I was fuckin’ raping my body with earrings, tattoos, permanent scars and marks? Yeah, got to fit in somehow like rest of the Emo’s who hang Love-quote decorations around their fuckin’ house pretending to be God’s angel YET always turns out to be the most miserable yet typical fuckin’ loser in the rest of the world. Like I carve this message into my skin, “Hoes Bleed. Hoes Lead.” Like yeah, can’t wait for Jesus himself to fuckin’ pick me first when I die. What a waste of fuckin’ time.

    1. @Hard work – if I were you and decided to display my anger at the world and wanted to make ONE word stand out in my rant to help prove my point, I personally would have put the emphasis on the word “always” rather than on “yet”………Just a suggestion, you’re welcome……

    2. The emos that advertise themselves are just entitled brats seeking attention… The real emotionals are the ones living in poverty, third world countries, and so forth… Seems China has a lot of them with all the suicides they have there. Come to the reservations here in South Dakota too, and you’ll meet some real emos… A good portion of them are dead though (suicide), and they don’t dress edgy as fuck either.

          1. @PortugueseGuy

            I’m not your friend. Lol. I don’t even know you, and even if I did and even if I somewhat liked you (which judging by your personality so far, I highly doubt I would) I still wouldn’t call you a friend… In this dog eat dog universe, there is no such thing. You’re fooling yourself. Simp. 🙂

    1. @janiel – Looking at your avatar photo, you are way too young to be thinking about anything so permanent as a scarification (come to think of it, your porn obsession worries me now too). When you turn 6, perhaps ask mum and dad if you can get your ears pierced and then just leave it alone for at least another 12-14 yrs, just so you’re really sure about it…….

    2. You def should! It was a blast. Aftercare is very important, dont put seran wrap over it or do any irritation like some dumbasses will tell you. If you make the wound wide enough to leave a prominent scar irritation isnt needed.

  2. so… what is this heart for ?

    the love of someone ?
    the love of self injury ?
    the love of best gore ?
    the “why the fuck not” ?
    the “i dont know wtf i m doing with my life” ?
    a combinaison of them all ?

    who even care anyway lol.

    1. I loved someone who was falling out of love for me. I knew they were no longer interested enough in me or my body to notice the scar. The heart is symbolism for my affections as its somewhere hidden, only to be shown to the select few I choose. I have a bad habit of falling in love with those who dont deserve it.

      1. can tell ya, there is.
        i remember seen a young boy going to a professional for doing a big large scar style on his face.
        if i remember good, he wanted that because his favorite singer (or whatever) was doing similar style thing).
        that “professional” was a tatoo parlor guy who also make piercing and weird stuff.

  3. Fuuuuuuuuuck, I love scars! Don’t know if I’d want a “clip-art” scar myself… but whatever blows up your skirt is cool with me – you’ll wear it well.
    Whenever I have a cut (which is all the time as I work outdoors and with a lot of really big rocks and thorny plants) and I think it will make a cool scar – I’ll just pick at that scab and open it back up daily until I acquire the desired effect 😀
    My favourite one is a deep gash on my ankle that I got from a reef while fcking around in a rock pool in December.

    1. I love scars too, they tell a story. If you want super prominent scars use superglue, but dont use it to close the wound just put it in the valley of the cut and it will heal with the shape of the wound instead of pulling itself totally closed. Only safe for superficial cuts, nothing down to fat or lower obvi

    1. thing with this and the “classic” scars thoses kind of peoples make. is that later on, this will simply look like some kind of tatoo or something. while the “classic” scars will always look like someone rubbing a knife on their legs and such.
      its … sadly, tho…. also a better way to do this kind of kinks/shit without any suspicions about it. most of peoples who will see this will simply think that its some kind of body art, not auto flagelation stuff.

      i say its sad because this is some kind of depression stuff in some way. and it not always end well, because people tend to always want more, start with small cut, end with full open artery.

      1. Years ago, I got drunk and went skinny dipping with a gal, who had multiple piercings everywhere. We ended up having wonderful sex by the lake afterwards…

        With 14 blue gill, 2 large mouth bass and 7 perch hanging off each of her breasts.

        The video was on the Jerri String Her show, a few weeks later.

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    1. What the fck are you talking about?? First of all – nothing like this has happened recently. Maybe during elections, but no fcking way right now.
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      1. Do you think maybe it’s because those of us that live in 1st world countries actually do live in 1st world countries because our civilisation would never allow atrocities like those in Africa to happen in the first place (because yes, they are offensive) or if they do happen, for those responsible to go unpunished?
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        PS. I’m not an idiot and know no country is perfect but Jesus, you gotta at least try to have a go and stop blaming everyone else. It really fucking old and boring.

        1. I hear you, but believe you me, it’s not for lack of trying. I for one think the biggest mistake in South African history was gaining independence from British rule. That’s apart from Apartheid, obviously, but then I could also argue that, had we not gained independence, Apartheid would never have been, and we would not still be dealing with the ripple effect of repercussions of the shitshow that it was.

    1. What about tattoos? It’s relatively similar in concept, especially considering that you’re consenting to having someone put needles directly into your skin. I absolutely see your point.

  5. I cannot know what it’s like to have a foreskin, however, I don’t know what I’m missing and I can only guess it would be an enhancement.
    I have been told by my victims… I mean girlfriends/whores/message the rapists, that my junk is just fine and I am qualified to drive it.
    If I had a son – or if I had any that I knew about – I would not have the infant circumcised. It would be up to him at a later date. Also, I’ve read of several botched procedures and no fucking way would I want to risk that.

      1. What a useless whore you are whose aspiration is to earn money by exploiting Men. If u are so desperate for money, they why not work in Porn. It’s sort of lucrative, fun and also has a future if you know how to upgrade. There are very successful pornstars who live in huge houses. Let me guess a name for you- TiffanyTitts.

          1. It was Opposer. I asked her to do one of her scarifications on me so she took me to the basement and strapped me down so I wouldn’t “move around from too much pain” as she put it but she just kept me there to use as a canvas. Said she wanted to perfect her art.

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  7. This is so so so pretty! I would love to do it myself but I’m waiting for the covid-19 situation to calm down in case I get an infection. It looks really nice and the placement is perfect.

        1. Didn’t they use the heart symbol inverted? They used it to symbolize the testicles. Ol’ girl here carved a nut sack on her hip, and everyone celebrating valentines day, are basically just exchanging ball pics.

  8. “You will no longer be posting self harm pictures”

    Wait you guys won’t post anymore self harm? What the fuck.
    I leave for a couple years and this happens? Dam times have changes since Mark was about.

    Oh also I have some scarification (Swastika on my arm I did 4 months ago) and a split tongue.
    Plus my old Bestgore fan sign ( is still showing to this day. Body mods and scarification is awesome. <3

    1. Um….You didn’t see who posted this feature did you? That’s ok, I didn’t know about self harm bans either but considering how often we see suicides etc I’m not sure it’s exactly correct so don’t get your panties in a pickle……..

      1. Nah you misread me.
        I just genuinely have no morals and despise censorship.
        (I hadn’t nor planned to post any more self harm pics since my fansign.)

        People get triggered over dead kids, babies, Abortion, woman being killed and I just assumed someone got triggered as well on Self Harm. I considered this a reality website without pussy censorship. Reality is morbid and fucked up but you can’t be hiding stuff just because you personally find sensitive and call yourself such a website. I mean I love BG and have been around for years but if something is on my mind I’ll speak it.

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  10. Im sorry, all I saw was that booty…you got a nice lil rump roast, i mean..road bump, i mean…..
    oh fuck it…it healed nicely…still wouldnt recommend it…AND you said it was important but never said why…

    1. (Abridged version).

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      /waits for applause

  11. I just returned to look at this.
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      1. If your mom is driving it then great.
        She can hit me, I’ll fly through the front window at high speed with my tongue sticking out as I land face first into her stinking, bloody pussy. Then I’ll grab her by the labia and stretch that shit out all over my face and make fart noises as I shit down her throat. All before I cut her head off with my pocket knife!

          1. … she’s calling you a retard. Personally I’m all for other people mutilating themselves. It’s amusing to me. Not judging btw. Cutting yourself may be an indication of mental instability but if that is so then so is coming to a site to look at dead people and gore. Dysfunction is a dance we all partake in. Don’t kid yourself.

          2. I did not call him a retard! Lol i come to this site for many reasons but none of them is the amusement.Accidents happens all the time and death is a part of life.Where’s the disfunction in it?And you’re the one who’s kidding himself coz we all judge one way or another.

          3. And I was being completely sincere. … do I need to write a sarcasm tag here so that you’re in the loop? Do try to keep up, m’dear.


      1. This is not an example of self harm the reason it disturbs you is that its firing your mirroring neurons

        It is a well drawn, well placed self styled symbol of love that will heal nicely

        I would rather see that than fucking tattoos drawn by some meth head biker all over her arse

        1. It’s not firing anything.I couldn’t care less.If this is not self harming then define what is.Also the heart symbol to me is the most cheesy and cliche of all.And there’s always risk of infection.I would rather see a nice,clean body without all this crap.

          1. I mean, I can just jump into this convo real quick and tell you what the difference between this and self-harm is. Self-harm is taking a dangerous object and using it on yourself to inflict physical pain to relieve mental pain. Scarification is basically a tattoo with a hell of a lot more meaning.

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