Druggie Slices His Arm on Webcam Because of Relationship Problems

Druggie Slices His Arm on Webcam Because of Relationship Problems

Druggie Slices His Arm on Webcam Because of Relationship Problems

This random metal-head recently added Best Gore member @drawaphy on Facebook, and a couple of days later, he live streamed himself through awebcam slicing his arms whilst high on drugs because of relationship problems.

He looks pretty fucked up in that video. There’ve been times I’ve gotten myself down in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever got me this messed up. He needs to grow some balls, walk away from the woman and never look back. There’s over 6 Billion people in the world. There’s got to be a fit even for a fuck up like this one someplace. The other woman obviously wasn’t it. Or he just needs to go his own way and he’ll be immune to whatever a woman may try to fuck him up with.

Thanks a lot for the video, @drawaphy:

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162 thoughts on “Druggie Slices His Arm on Webcam Because of Relationship Problems”

    1. “he needs to grow some balls” and jump off a building instead. No torture
      And there are millions of young attention-seeking twats like him in America looking for an excuse to create drama. Expect more and more videos like these

          1. @drawaphy
            “….breed isopods for a living”
            Wow, im actually intrigued. I have never met anyone who does this.
            Which isopods – terrestrial or aquatic? what types? How do you profit from this job?- I mean, who buys the isopods that you breed….and what do they use them for?

            Sorry for all the questions here – but we got no PM on bestgore [to chat], and i am genuinely interested

          1. I breed three kinds of terrestrial Isopods all in different colour morphs: porcellio laevis, porcellionides pruinosus and armadillidium vulgare.They are used as clean up crew (they will eat any left over food and faeces) for people that own lizards and other animals that live in vivariums. Some people even use them for spider food.

          1. His name on facebook is Curtis Morgan. His full name is Curtis William Morgan. You can still find a few of his old accounts via that name.
            He changed the name of the account he frequently uses to Capo Monstar but it appears he has deleted his account, or maybe blocked me because I can no longer see his Facebook.
            He now has a big prison gang tattoo on his right cheek. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the gang but it is a irish gang. The tattoo is of a green star with either two initials or numbers in the middle.

            EDIT: remembered the name of the prison gang: Ghostface gangsters

      1. Gropella, I’m so tired of it, and I’m actually at the point where I’m tired of even mentioning it, but it’s a sick example of the society we live in where you can do something entirely retarded or be a President the media hates (or loves) and be on the front page everyday instead of a true hero that does something good for everyone like saves lives. Society doesn’t even appreciate true heroes anymore. In this country no one even knows their neighbors and no one cares about anyone else at all. There is no level of communities or common understanding. It’s all bad.

          1. I understand, I’ve dealt with the same thing my entire life. That is why I only look after myself. I was given that sage advice a long time ago. “Look after yourself, because no one else gives a shit about you.” And it’s rang true ever since.

        1. Perhaps it’s time to learn how other cultures keep their young sane.
          I never saw this from young people when I was in a local community in a so-called shithole country for over 3 months. Community spirit, everyone knew each other. One child was everyone’s child. One parent was everyone’s parent. They were not rich but everyone was content. They accepted me, a total stranger from another race as their own.

          They had no electricity, no TV, no internet, no industrial products, no cigarettes, no drugs, no brainwashing machine media. Just people, culture and morality. Women were happy to be women and accepted their role in society. Men played their own part in relation to their natural strength, energy and logic. They understood and appreciated their differences and they didn’t compete with each other. No gender wars, no fight for “equality”, no LGBTQ. I learned a very important lesson: All these things that make us think we’re better than others- All these “western values” that make us think we’re civilized (technology, feminism which is the bigger apple than the one from the garden of eden, money, power, privilege, etc) are just illusions which enslave us and shield us from what true humanity should be like: simple and free of worries.

          I do hope others will open their eyes someday. We can really learn from those “shithole” places

          1. @gropella – mate the only people on this Earth that call other countries “shitholes” are you fucking Americans ! You’s are a pack of wankers, you know that? You think Murica is the centre of the fucking universe – well I’ve got news for you dick swabs – it isn’t. The rest of us that live on this beautiful Earth are pretty content because we don’t give a FUCK about celebrities (Kim K – what a fucking joke!) and stupid pointless crap like lining up for 2 days to be the first to get the new iPhone ! Wow ! How ridiculous. your ‘shithole’ country is just urban decay full of guns, poverty, psychos, gangs killing each other over ‘being disrespected (oh please !) ghettos, car parks, redneck racists and knobs like this cuck in the video talking to the camera like he is in a 50cent video ! You know what you Muricans problem is ? You are all trying to be something youre not. Pppfftt…..

          2. Seriously, I know just how stupid and ignorant we are .
            I have given up on us already. I traveled over 80 countries and lived in 15. I have done my researched and seen where we’re placed in terms of intelligence and other factors rarely considered. It’s not good. Nothing like our media deceives us about and I cannot even begin to tell you how ashamed I am. @firstinline

            An average African from Africa speaks at least 3 languages. They’re able to reason in different ways and see things through different perspectives. Most of the artificial languages used in the world today were created by Africans (though their brand of intelligence is highly underrated). Not to mention the thoughtfulness and scientific inclination of an average Asian. That’s a far fetched fantasy for the supposedly smarter “Murican” more like ‘moronican’ for this context.

            But when you see redneck crackas go blatantly “nigger-freaky” , “Spic-freaky”, “Bharati-freaky” here you can’t help but wonder what it is that makes them think they’re better than anyone else.

            We’re the biggest shithole country on earth and I’ll endorse this truth even in front of Donald Duck Trump himself. Fuck the United States of America

          3. Dutchy , indeed and this Yank here is annoying as they get, “bigger better harder faster” and he frequently lectures everyone on women, third world shitholes, relationships, and just about everything else , what a tedious little cunt, why is it people that suffer from guilt and shame like this soyboy love to lecture everyone. His posts are like fucking sermons.

          4. Gropella, maybe the mud tribe that embraced you will go to the moon next. Or invent something useful. Maybe you were raised by wolfs, or other animals. Maybe the drugs are talking. They all do the same things you describe.

        2. That’s why I moved to a small town in the mountains. I can make $$$ anywhere. So I choose to live in a quiet town where I can practice medicine on fatasses with heart disease. They are polite and kiss my ass every chance they get.
          And the weed is cheap and good quality. These hicks know how to grow some green.

          1. @doubleattriplex

            Almost to a T, but that where I live is the poorest, more square miles than any other county in the state, very low average income. So lots of people turn to drugs to try to forget the state of their lives.

          2. @killpop666
            So glad you you’re here to let me know if my buds are quality or not.
            And what would I be sheltered from? Good weed? I’ve had shiz from Colorado dispensaries that was stronger. But, this stuff is better than the mid grade with great prices.
            I know the growers. I know how it stacks against the top shelf shit.

    1. Yeah, I’d love, just once, to see one of these cutters hit their ulnar or radial artery. Or, if they really don’t give a fuck, they could go for the femoral artery.
      I’ll even give some expert advice… the femoral artery is between the femoral vein and a large nerve… and you can feel it pulsate with your heartbeat.
      Go on now… DO IT!!!

          1. Well then that moron shouldn’t have stuck around her. Killing yourself over that dumb shit? Holy fucking shit.

            They seemed both to be about on the same page if that is what was going on.

  1. Faggot wanna be gangsta throughing gang signs,and nigger movements with his arms. In my time he would have his ass beat for being such a pussy. If your going to kill yourself do it right. Don’t slice your arms like some bulimic bitch.

  2. Stay at home… watch television… listen to music… masturbate and do whatever else you enjoy doing. Just don’t subject any women to your psychotic disorders. Living life alone isn’t always such a bad thing.

  3. She had the right idea. This guy doesn’t deserve to be in the gene pool anymore.

    I won’t date any druggie women either. Nobody here should cry for this loser and how “horrible” some woman is treating him that doesn’t want his cock for being the obvious degenerate he is. I bet this fuckhead has never even had a job interview. Except maybe at a fast food restaurant. And he didn’t get hired, imagine that.

    1. LoL, good call. I wish that shit would just go away and never come back. Except to be examined by scientists who specialize in stupid bullshit from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, (such as the rap/rock bands) as well as psychologists and trained medical professionals who actually remember that time period.

    1. Who uses Facebook? Those friends are garbage just like you mentioned. Old people and morons who are too stupid to know everything they post under their name or common business emails may be seen by a hiring manager, or people who don’t like them or are competing with them for a job. Respect yourself, get a life and a career. And an email address that isn’t connected to social media bullshit. Or you will always hope to work at Burger King and for some reason never get the job.

      I think I might grab one of those Big Kings tomorrow with chicken.

      1. Lmao are you telling me to get a career or Facebook users in general? Cause I do have a career and I’ve graduated college. I also would like an original chicken sandwhich if you could send me one via Facebook live video, haha.

  4. well geez, OP. you don’t need to go slicing yourself up over a girl. i mean, we’ve all been there, but she isn’t worth it in the end. and if you are on drugs, kick that shit to the curb too. you’re a good looking guy, it’s a total waste to punish yourself like that. hope things get better for you. heartache is the worst. 🙁

    1. xunseenx, whatever teh fuck, she wasn’t likely worth it in the beginning. I’m in my late 30’s now and I realized a long time ago, in my late 20’s actually that heartache is never worth any girl. If you treat them like a lady they treat you like shit, if you talk to them dirty, sometimes smack them around a bit, grab their ass and tits and bend them over a table and fuck the shit out of them they can’t get enough of you. But they really just want to know who you are most of all, so you have to “introduce” yourself. And then they want the dick.

        1. Yea, sometimes I get a little carried away. I don’t know how young you are, but actually you’ll find that the biggest struggle to getting chicks is not girls themselves, but the cock blockers you have to deal with. Girls are for the taking otherwise. The cock blockers will always try and destroy you in any way they can. You always have to watch out for them and what they are up to. I used to call them shitbirds, but now I call them shithawks.

          1. @coffindodger, i’m not that young anymore. how are cockblockers the problem? are the male cockblockers like the female blockers? women will be underhanded about it… if they like a man they will do nothing but talk shit about him to you. like, oh he’s so terrible you shouldn’t be with him, he ain’t shit… and then they go and hop that so-called worthless dick! shady, i tell you. shithawks, damn them all!

    1. Yup…and niggers gonna nig! Niggers nig far more than crackers crack!! Crackers hurt demseffs usually, of course except for mass shootings, but niggers nig other niggers day in, day out, 365 days a year and cause much more carnage and suffering!

  5. I think I understand why junkies do what they do much more than why these deranged morons cut the shit out of themselves. Yeah, yeah, I know, they hate themselves, but so do junkies. This is some serious mental damage going on here. We all are down on ourselves at one time or another and I get that with people like this their shit runs deep but cutting??? Fucking retarded!

    1. Nice work. I actually was curious because I couldn’t place who it was. I thought it was funny as hell when the dude in the featured video (not the Carnifex video) tried to look all evil and tough while failing to lip synch the corresponding words.

  6. Likes: long walks on the beach below the high tide line, fine wines that cover that “bitter almonds” taste, women who enjoy cuddling in a running car parked in a closed garage

    Dislikes: efficiently responsive EMTs, electric razors, anyone who isn’t a fan of Nickleback

    Please:no fatties

  7. What a little fuckin’ pussy ass bitch. Im 32 years old, and I’ve struggled with compulsive urges to cut myself as far back as I can remember, but not for a fucking audience. No one knows about it, because Ive never broadcasted it. It’s a dark and shameful secret of mine. These little fuckin’ bitches like this make me sick. Does this pussy feel like he’s hurting someone else? LMAO! Reminds me of when I was a child, and threatening my Mom with something like “I’m not going to eat dinner then!”, as if that was supposed to hurt HER feelings.

  8. Neurotic+Neurotic=Catastropic
    Relationship advice 101.
    I did something stupid like this once when I was young. Cut myself in the bathtub just so I could bathe in my blood. It was like some spiritual thing that I was releasing the negativity and hatred I built up from the relationship, and also I admired Queen Bathory. “I wanna be just like her when I grow up” XD

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