Drunk Brazilian Guy Gets Chest Branded with Red Hot Iron

Drunk Brazilian Guy Gets Chest Branded with Red Hot Iron

Drunk Brazilian Guy Gets Chest Branded with Red Hot Iron

In Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, a drunk guy had his chest branded with a cross. He hardly winces, even though the vertical line went in quite deep.

The fellow branding him realized after the vertical line that since the rod is red hot, it doesn’t take a whole lot to burn its way deep into flesh, and went more gently on the horizontal line.

Best Gore member @zebool says the guy sent a hug to JackAss founder Johnny Knoxville in the video. I don’t understand Portuguese so I have no idea when that happens.

The guy must have been quite wasted, but I imagine once he sobered up, the pain really set in and he had more than just a terrible hangover to worry about.

Many thanks for the video, @zebool:

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74 thoughts on “Drunk Brazilian Guy Gets Chest Branded with Red Hot Iron”

      1. Alcohol is a superb pain killer. Dentists used to use it to oil a patient up in preparation for a tooth extraction, and it seems to have been effective. Drunks get shot, stabbed, hit by motor vehicles etcetera without an excessive amount of obvious suffering

    1. Lol, true, at least once in your life you should have a buddy like him. Then, after years of humdrum marriage and kids you look back and think if only i could go back to those days

  1. I’m a brazillian so I’ll translate the most important lines that dumbass drunk guy said. First of all, another guy outside of the camera asks if the drunk one want to put ice on his chest. He refuses. When the blacksmith finishes to heat up the iron rod the drunk guy says “I born ready, just do it”. Then, the blacksmith says to him to stay quiet and not move, then he do his job and melt his skin. When he’s done the drunk asks to the guy holding the camera “Did I complained? (x2)”, “Did I cry?” “I AM MALE (x2)” “I AM REAL MAN”

    I just wondering the pain he felt when he got sober in the morning

        1. It says video unavailable so i can’t see it. It says “I’m a man” is it The Spencer davies group?
          It’s not easy being a man you know, i always find it hard to gauge whether a woman wants me to slap her then shove my cock in her mouth or by her flowers and kiss her feet so i usually just go with instinct and slap her

          1. @illegalsmile55
            Childhood memories:
            My grandmother would walk barefoot. She always had dirty feet and when she fell asleep on the couch i’d smell them and lick them clean.
            The slaps i saved for my sister because it made her orgasm

  2. He would fit in rather well over here in England. We are well known for our drunken escapades and high jinks after all. For example, a typical stag night over here(bachelor party for you yanks) usually involves nudity, fights and dwarfs and in no particular order.

    Fair play to the man then, he seems like a bundle of fun. I’d drink with him.

      1. What with the EU and libtards calling 40 year old Arab men with beards “child refugees” and demanding that my country takes them in. The fact that tens of thousands of Muslim men specifically target and rape white children each and every year over here and it gets ignored and covered up because of “dat racism” and we get branded racists for even mentioning it. The fact that every thug nigger who gets killed over here gets called an “aspiring architect” or an “aspiring footballer” by the media and the fact that my country no longer even resembles the country I grew up in all thanks to mass uncontrolled immigration.

        With all that and much, much more I need a fucking drink.

        1. If it was up to me ,all those forty year old men deemed to be children or teens ? well they would be forced to have children’s doses for cancer meds , antibiotics ,dentistry etc. Drivers licence? Nah ,you are fifteen ,remember ? Mobile phone or contract for purchase? Sorry ,you are a minor ,no contracts for you. Found having intercourse with adult women ? Well she gets charged for child rape and goes on the sex perverts register and all that entails . He gets mandatory psych rehab for rape. Wants to get married? Nah sorry, you are under age ;need to wait the full complement of your teen years.

          When they want to change their status? Oops! I’m sorry ,you committed fraud ; deportation to your shithole thank you very much. Oh and your shithole will be charged for all your care for whilst here.

          Gov bureaucrats who deemed them children ,well you go onto Nemesis’s Decimation Roll-call.

        2. England’s a shithole because of the English, nobody else. You only have to look at your average louts marauding round Europe on holiday with their 48″ waists, sporting an England football top when they’ve never participated in sporting activity in their lives. Unable to handle their drinks and giving it large thinking they’re proper hard. My favourite memory is the 2018 world cup where your so called hooligans never showed up as it would have meant coming into contact with Russian, MMA trained hooligans who live that life daily. Not just weekend warriors getting out the house to avoid their fat wives and lookalike kids.

          1. It’s not the size of your lance but the fight in your dwarf.
            Sun Tzu
            ….Okay I said it….but I bet he wishes he had.

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