Emo Filipina Cuts Her Forearm Over Boyfriend

Emo Filipina Cuts Her Forearm Over Boyfriend

A young Filipina went emo and cut her forearm allegedly because of a cheater boyfriend. She then took selfies of herself showing off her cuts and posted them on Facebook, apparently because she thought this would make the boy like her, so he would ditch whoever he fell in love with and come back to her?

I’m sure a display of a newly acquired ability to deepthroat would act as a more effective mate attractant, especially if she was a completely useless lay before. In other words, I’m pretty sure addressing the cause of your heartache is more effective than self mutilation.

Props to Best Gore member @foxboy2005 for the pics. Sorry about low resolutions:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “Emo Filipina Cuts Her Forearm Over Boyfriend”

  1. Nice cuts! Can see the hesitation marks and then the more confident fatty slices.
    What a bitch though. In the purely emotional sense.
    Where does one acquire the ability to deepthroat though? I thought that was more of a ‘you either have it or you don’t’ kinda thing.

      1. Really? I’ve never encountered a dong so substantial that deepthroating was really an issue, lol. But it always struck me as the type of thing that a chap with said substantial porksword would just expect you to know rather than offer himself up for practice.

  2. Well with all of those new vaginas I’m sure she’ll get way more attention from the guys now πŸ˜‰ I’m just kiding. But I don’t know why she didn’t do it on the inside of her arm, I hope shes not embarrassed about it. she wont be able to hide them because of where they are at. Well but then again Facebook isn’t exactly the place one would post those pics if they were ashamed. Atleast there is somewhat anonymity on BG, (where this content belongs.)

  3. I use to cut, a lot. I never cut over a girl or emotions though lol that’s quite stupid. I should upload some old pics, I just really like pain πŸ™‚ she’ll have some dank scars, but didn’t cut deep enough or near anything major. I find it weird she posted it on social media. Like, cutting for attention is fucking stupid. To each is own I suppose.

    1. I started cutting at 12, always tried to hide it and never had the slightest intention of posting it anywhere. At least I knew back then that’d bring me the wrong kind of attention.
      Anyway, It doesn’t matter now though, my arms look like shit.

      Fucking dumb bitch, she’ll regrett this later.

  4. Now that’s a fucking emo! She should be the thumbnail on the cover of all emo community’s on facebook. I’ve seen a house cat do more damage than the chicken scratches that they post.

  5. Its fascinating to see the evident signs of hesitation, as well as the odd placement. I’m several months clean of cutting, but it’s plagued me since I was 10 because of bipolar and PTSD, so spur of the moment “loooove me” shit like this always grinds my gears.

  6. What a glummy cunt,
    Rejection’s never fun, neither is looking dumb,
    Cutting up a scheme to keep him hooked and hung,
    “Hey look! It’s blood!”

    She opened up her heart, but he would book it,
    Now she opens flesh to bare her pain, it should have stung,
    But never shook him up

    Something can be done instead of cutting, hon’
    Maybe wash your pussy once?
    Or learn to cook some grub?
    That couldn’t hurt you none,

    Its worthless guff, your pain won’t make him change, don’t even push your luck,
    Just save the hate to torment a different face,
    Yeah, love is crooked, huh?

    1. I was a kid once, and not once did I EVER think of chopping myself up like a slab of meatloaf just because some stuck up bitch didn’t want my ass.

      Over the years I’ve mutilated myself the respectable and honorable way- hard physical work. God only knows how many faint scars I have covering my body from years of wrestling with engines / transmissions and chopping up dead tree limbs.

    2. I was a teenager, once. Had cruel things told to me as repercussion for my stupidity. I hold no grudge. I simply know why they said that to me, now. She will too. So…

      …stupid teenager and yada yada and all that jazz…
      (Buzzkill. I smoked a lot to write that poem…)

        1. Definitely a parental issue for sure. It’s hard for me to empathize with her, though, as I had a really fucked up childhood and came back leading the pack. To each their own I suppose.

          …and for the sake of me obligatorily being me, her emotional maturity will never form. She’s a fucking female.

  7. There’s no way in fucking hell any sane guy would get back with this crazy-ass broad after she pulls some shit like this. One day she’s filleting her arms, the next day she’s gutting the poor dude like a fish. FUCK NO.

    I’ve messed around with my fare share of Asian gals over the years, and in my personal experience, as well as what I’ve seen / read / heard from others, Filipinas are the craziest, with Thais being a close second. A good one is worth her weight in gold, but a bad one is a Fatal Attraction waiting to happen.

  8. Back before emo was the trend, I was self destructive now and then. I remember a time when I rammed a screw driver into my hand to get my parents to shut up fighting and listen to me. But instead of hurting my body I would most often destroy things inanimate things. Thankfully I got my shit together and realized I was actually fucking myself up and giving my power over.

    i still wanna fuck shit up but now I direct that energy towards the establishment. A much better use of life. I deserve to live and be happy. The establishment deserves to be destroyed. Works out much better.

  9. Vincit Omnia Veritas gets it. “Chubby Nose with Piercing” is double trouble.
    Those are two aesthetic deficiencies that by themselves alone, are red flags. The combination of both spells imminent Daddy issues, rebelliousness, and emotionally checked out.

    The only thing she’s missing is a fucking man-jaw like Sigourney Weaver, and she’d be a certified slope-head trifecta. An aggressively sexual bag of smashed assholes.

  10. Hopefully you will live and learn. I cut myself over some stupid shit back when I was 14-15-ish and the scars remain as a reminder. I used to be ashamed by my scars when people asked, but now I am content with them. We all make stupid choices, especially during our teens.

  11. Was it worth it you idiot? I dated a self harmer but never was a cut so deep. She then has the nerve to take a selfy with the cuts like “It’s not my fault” look on her face. I hope she cuts an artery and regrets it instantly in the panic.

  12. They aren’t real. Clearly prosthetics from eBay , look how much the skin opened , it wouldn’t be that high up, there would be more blood. She’s not heavy enough to only cut fat. Even then you would see the blood spilling , it wouldn’t have stopped , especially with that many .

  13. Cutters are fucking stupid. It’s an obvious cry for attention and it’s fucking obnoxious. Go fuck yourselves if you hate your life so much. Fucking pathetic. Keep in mind that once anyone sees your scars, they probably want nothing to do with you because you obviously have issues. No one wants to deal with your drama ass so just stop.

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