Exclusive Photos of 18 Years Old Female Cutter from Norway

Stitches on a Newer Cut Accompanied by Old Scars

Today’s edition of “Best Gore Members Rock” is brought to you by new Best Gore member Leppardy0 from Norway. Beautiful country, BTW. Kjeragbolten or Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) are amazing sights to visit.

Leppardy0 is an 18 year old girl with lots of cutting experience. Below is her story:

I’m pretty new here, or I’m a pretty new as a member but I’ve been visiting Best Gore for a long time. I’m an 18 year old girl from Norway. I’ve been struggling with depression since I was 7 and been self harming for 4 years.

I saw a lot of others share they’re pics and thought I’d do the same. I really enjoy watching the blood run down my arm, legs and face. I sometimes take a picture or two just to remember how I felt at the time. But I often harm myself for other reasons than just to enjoy the blood. Often it’s because I’m depressed, mad, you name it.

Many times I have ended up in the streets, bloody and really just out of it. I’ve been picked up by the ambulance and cops several times. I’ve been to the mental hospital 8 or 9 times now and am pretty used to blood and scars. So much that sometimes I forget how other people might find it disturbing.

There is blood everywhere in my house. On the carpet, on the walls, on my window (yeah I jumped out of my window once after cutting myself). Btw I have had a lot of stitches though I mostly don’t do anything about my cuts/bruises/burn marks.

Keep in mind that not only does internet make people sound all kinds of strange, in this case there is also a slight language barrier so don’t jump to holier than though conclusions. And as always, pay due respect to contributors of exclusive content. Gallery of Leppardy0’s photos is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. All I can say to this girl is, don’t let the weight of the world hold you down. Sometimes it throws some nasty shit at you, and you just have to stand up and throw shit back. Don’t ever let depression take over your life, I have been there and I know its not nice. If you feel cutting yourself relaxes you then be careful please, it can go badly wrong sometimes and suicide is a permenant solution to temporary problems

    1. This is so off-subject it’s no even funny….actually it’s not even funny because it’s so fucked up, AS WELL AS how obscure it is.

      Anyway, I was just doing the dishes and this scenario popped into my head.
      (and the worst part is, if you can think of it, YOU KNOW that somewhere The Fleshy Virus has done it)

      A fucking rapist attacks some random woman, and when he’s done with the assault, only then he realizes IT WAS HIS MOTHER!

      How fucked up would that NEXT family get-together be!?

      Sorry to be rude and cut in at the top like that, just came to mind how fucking hopeless this F.V. really is through one brief thought. Thought I’d share it with You all.

        1. rape could totally be prevented if women just said fuckin yes….

          all joking aside…i have this theory…rape is a crime of power so if someone tried to rape me and i started acting like i was really enjoying it….would it confuse the rapist?????

  1. I can’t remember if You were welcomed or not, so, just incase I shit-brain-rivet-farted…

    Welcome to Best Gore

    Different is the road traveled than most to find ourselves down here, amongst other friends that dispise this place, due to have being forced to intertwine ourselves with a place that makes no sense at all, and has made us feel outcast, despite the fact that there is no actual measure that exists that the Fleshy Virus is actually held to.

    This place is insane, but for most the inhabitance of this place, they like to do whatever it takes to NOT try and understand the world around them for what it is, but yet, act expert at it, and be better then every single other person, then, fall apart when it doesn’t happen.

    Under all the stress we have come to be.

    We understand the no-win that we live in to a degree, but, at the same time, struggle to try and deal with the fact that this place is so fucked up.

    So here we all are, and we have gathered in our lump of confusion to find the answers to our questions.

    It isn’t my typical “talk-finger-words” welcome, but I’m in a weird mood and my backs a little sore at the moment.

    Go talk words now.

    1. Ill second his welcome minus the sore back. Tasty pics as well. for some reason there’s a really weird urge to lick out cuts like those when i see them, strangeness much?

    2. You know, Rotten, I don’t think you ever extended a welcome to me πŸ™
      But then I do lurk in the background a fair bit, so perhaps you didn’t notice. Oh well. It’s not exactly like I’m very new anymore anyway.

      Very deep cuts here. I can relate, though not that extreme, not yet anyway.

      1. I don’t know if You’re right or not…it’s not something that I keep track of.
        If somebody says “Hey this is my first post” and I happen to see it, then I conjure up a Best Gore Welcome.

        Can’t even tell You when or Why I started to do that in the first place.

        However Red Red Kroovy, You are FURTHER encuraged to go fourth and talk words about stuff to us that excites Your brains’ mouth and uses your wrist-mounted vocal chords to do the word-talkin to our eye-ears.

      1. @tiger. still hanging in there. thx for asking. watching the world continue it’s journey to hell with the help of this internet. wonderful invention to really open your eyes to gore, porn and practically everything else. off topic, have you seen “the hunter”. it’s about the extinction of your tasmanian tiger. very sad but well done movie. you can view it free on movie2k.com in dvd quality. let me know.

        1. @mouse, I’ve owned the book for years! I actually really love Willem Dafoe as an actor, but I haven’t seen the movie yet (it didn’t screen anywhere near where I live) I will buy a copy as soon as its released on DVD. Of course I’ve seen the trailer. People actually THINK I’m a Tasmanian because I’ve got Tas tiger tattoo’s and collect everything/anything on the ‘tiger’ I have a life-size (well nearly) resin ‘tiger’ in my front yard! There was nothing like this animal (no sub-species, you know like there are a few different types of elephants or bears etc) It shatters me, how they were treated like vermin! They had a BOUNTY on their heads FFS! Gov. paid out for over 2000 of their ‘scalps’ πŸ™

          1. was saying the seemingly unseen but not totally practiced everywhere. the rich would pay in large sum to be healed, so if they stay unhealed, that’s a good business. the poor? give them something to disappear.

          2. I’m not that rich but some medecation is free. My anti-depressivs are free though my sleeping pills do cost some.

            I was about to say it’s boring in the mental hospital but there is always some action. My friend comittied scuiside there, it just broke me.. I remember attacing the staff and helding one of them hostage then I jumped another one hahah.

          1. @Lolita don’t feel obligated to go to anything extreme you wouldn’t feel right doing.. this is not a tough competition.. not a competition at all.. that’s not what Best Gore’s about… but I’m glad you joined, the gore here is the best; most wonderful.. hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!..

          2. Also I agree with the scars and cuts being like tattoos and all… another reason my hip infinity sign is on me..

          3. oh XD no i wouldn’t even try to keep up lol just wanted ppl to know im a real live person…i could do that by writing my name in blood…but for now ill stick to a more normal fansign…marker sounds nice hahaha

          4. Ha I had the same mindset!! Used paint lol… Nice to meet you, I’m Halie from Texas.. (:

          5. I think tattoo’s can look better than a mish-mash of scars, old and new? you know well drawn ones/good tattoo artist’s are very sought after, and cost a LOT of money! They take HOURS of concentration and work. I can’t compare a bunch of scratchy/ muddled scars to a beautiful tattoo? It would be good to incorporate them together somehow but I;m not sure how well you can ‘tattoo’ scarred skin?

          6. A man by the name of Dago has asked me to work at his parlor.. he says a female artist would be a great addition.. I haven’t given him an answer.. just been sending him my artwork… Kinda don’t know if I should take the job.. as much as I’d love to…

  2. Antidepression crap just makes you sleepy and walk like a zombie. The positive effect is only because people who sleep a lot and are spaced out while awake lack the waking time and focus to hurt themselves.

    Short term solution. Eventually all the antidep drugs stop working.

    At any rate, cutting across will keep you around.

    1. No, my anti depeession meds don’t make me sleepy. They just make my mood more stable. I don’t get as depressed but i don’t get as happy as I used to either. I’ve been on them since I was 15 or so. But they have given me alot of meds, a periode I was given up to 14 a day.

    1. I usually just hang out in town after I’ve cut myself and then if someone sees that I’ve slashed myself open they panic and drive me to the hospital. I really don’t care about getting stiches anymore, I already have alot of scars. The ones you see on the pictures are just a few

  3. wow
    Hi leppardy! nice seeing ya ^.^ thank you for posting these up, very thoughtful of you πŸ™‚
    Everyone on here is one of a kind… I envy the status that flows around here, Never seen so many intellects in one PLACE.
    Ok, that’s enough asslicking for today.
    I’m going to enjoy my MDMA and my slutty friends.
    Love you all, May your souls roams the earth in light.

  4. when was the last time you stopped the meds, how long did you last, and what happened? because after an accident i had resulting in a subdural hematoma, a lacerated spleen, and eventual mrsa infection from the hospital i was at (not to mention almost leaving behind mywife and 2 year old son) I was diagnosed with ptsd and depression. I went to counseling (not my choice) and was on various meds. I had taken anti depressants before but really felt they made me worse. Now im med free and actually happier than ever before. I know it could be dangerous to stop your meds, but it could be worth a shot.

    1. YES! mr.americafuckyeah is RIGHT.
      i took abilify, it turns my SPD(very antisocial) into full on schizophrenia, I was hearing voices, I talked to relatives who weren’t there, getting calls from a ” secret agent”
      I stopped all that shiit and now I’m doing it the european way… X and bud… sometimes a opioid, but those cause horrible withdrawals and addiction. I am not condoning the use, I’m only stating an option that wont lead to any “permanent solution” O.k I’ll shut up now.

    1. Coming from someone who call himself J Dahmer, I won’t take that shit personal. Though if it was from C Manson I’d be more offended.
      I’ve tried a couple of times to commit suicide but failed, never tried cause anyone told me to thoguh :).

      1. I was speaking generally, I used to be depressed all the time then I just said fuck it and stopped giving a fuck about anything, just changed my Outlook and thought process, and smoke a lot of weed

      2. Didn’t mean to attack you, but I know some people that do this kind of stuff for attention and pity, but I don’t know you so it wouldn’t be right for me to judge you, sorry and welcome to best gore

        1. Everything people do is done for attention or pity. Women don’t wear high heels because they’re comfortable, they don’t dye their hair because it makes it easier to maintain and don’t get tattoos for nobody to see. Similarly, celebrities wouldn’t donate to disaster zones is media wasn’t gonna write about it, neighbors wouldn’t volunteer in community services if nobody was watching, pro bono lawyers would not offer free advice if it didn’t lead to public awards, etc. If you look at it closely, you’ll realize that pretty much everything people do is done with an intention to get attention or pity from others.

          1. slicer…
            you never CEASE to blow my mind….
            Its soo true… everyone on earth is an attention addict, its what gives us the “step ahead” look. survival of the popular… people want to do good at work, maybe to look proactive, or to get money and buy things so other people can look at how you buy food or useless shiit… its why every voice has a volume, figuratively speaking.

        2. Well thank you. I don’t want pitty, actually I can’t take it. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me.
          An uh, I do smoke alot of weed and some other shit but my depression is not going away ugh.

          1. hey, Whatever makes you happy, If you want to cut, go ahead, but take precautions ( as you know)
            sterile blade, hand sanitizer, napkins. avoid any arteries, everyone is a star, free to roam their space, so roam your’s as you wish. xoxobaked

  5. I can relate with the depression thing, I too have been strugggling with the deamons for years. There are meds that can help you cope with it. I love this site because it interests me how much the human body can tolerate but when the wounds are self inflicted it kinda worries me. Stick around kiddo, 18 and a life to go, lots to see and do on this earth. Plenty of great people on this site too and I’m not just saying that…I guess I just did.

    1. Right there with you BB. With the meds I was on, I got all the side effects. But I also found and fixed what needed to be fixed. Find yourself and all will be ok. Thats to everyone not just you. Im a big believer in the Let your Freak Flag Fly. There is no normality only you.

  6. I hope you find what it is inside you that you truly need to release. The cutting and bloodflow are just illusions, meant to compensate for what it is you really need to let go of. Considering you mentioned PTSD, I figure it is something monumental.

    In any case, get well and for crying out loud, put down the knife.

  7. Nothing wrong with cutting @leppy, maybe one day you’ll try choppin’ of a body part and have better luck than me. On another note, DONNA SUMMER IS DEAD, I wish I could see some pics of her dead body!!!!

          1. I thought donna summers was a white woman, I’m not racist or anything, but i didn’t like what i sow.

  8. My back is covered with scrars from my surgery a few months ago and although I don’t see them other than in pictures, I think about them a lot because underneath them are a series of titanium rods holding my spine together.

    Every scar has a story behind it.

      1. @mouse, is $1100/month a lot? I read that ‘Octomum’ (woman with 14 kids) gets $2000 /month government support and people were seriously pissed off! If you had that many kids in Australia would would pull in $1000’s/month in welfare! (probably 4-5000?)

          1. @odgoso, well sometimes but my kids father works up in the mines (he’s on a basic, lower end wage of $125,000 a year! might sound like a lot but many are on heaps more than that!) He gives us $600 a week and I get gov. assistance about$1800 a month, so no I don’t struggle very often (I don’t drink or smoke) West Australia is a mining boom state, a LOT of money over here! @odgoso, you said your kids eat like “locusts”, haven’t you got those HUGE ‘weta’s in NZ? (giant grasshopper-like insect up to 3-5 inches long) probably nearly extinct I think? Rent where I live is $350 for a basic 4 bed/2 bath home!

          2. @odgoso. I meant to type $350 a WEEK! This is average, some a MORE, and you can get a unit (no blocks of flats, nothing over 2 stories in my town) for a bit less, there is nothing under $270/week.

          3. @tiger,Aus$125,000/yr does sound
            like a lot,would be hard yakka tho,
            bet he earns it…glad for you & kids
            he contributes,yes the wetas can
            get gynormous,mainly in the north
            (big ones),they mainly shy reclusive

    1. And with every story you learn more about yourself and who you are. Im a big believer in that to. Its also fun to scare the shit out of friends telling the stories if they dont know them already.

  9. In the past 2 weeks Ive been back and forth from Dallas,Tx to Maine and back to Tx. Its kinda hard to do any real self hurt and so that drive. My answer was to cut half my big toe nail off and make bleed and push on it as much as possible. Its still hurting from last night. Oh how I love my sharp pointy tweezers and pocket knife. Ruby really did a number on my toe nail. (Ruby is my pocket knife) love the serrated edge.

      1. I know you weren’t trying to be bad mannered. I really appreciate that. I know that I don’t have to understand it but I try to understand different things so I won’t pass judgement on others. I really do want to understand it but it’s hard for me to grasp.

        1. @DDGorgous,there has been
          people talk bout this some
          time ago,personally pulling
          toenails used to give me a
          release & a high,then refocus
          on surviving/coping on this
          shitstorm we call life,& it would
          remind me,many different
          reasons for many different

    1. Well I’d probably thing it would be hard to uanderstand as well if I was on the outside looking in.
      I do it because of a great deal of reasons. Like when I’m mad at myself I hurt myself to punish me. And please, I’m not a cutter, I’m a self harmer. I don’t only cut, I hit myself, burn myself and alot more.
      When I’m depressed I harm myself so I’ll stop thinkin about all the things I have in my head. When I hurt myself it do hurts and then I focus more one the hurting than my thoughts.

  10. Thanks for asking mouse, I broke my back when a truck transmission weighing about 700lbs that I was replacing slipped off the tranny jack (was’nt chained) and my instinct was to grab it, so as I was falling with it I heard a crunch and was on the floor in immence pain and unable to feel my legs. I was taken into surgery after a catscan andre from there I think that the surgeons were just winging it for 7hrs while they re enforced my spine with metal (titanium). As for the bill, luckily I live in Canada where we have OHIP that pays for eveything but prescriptions. I ended my carreer that day and my quality of life. My spine is now mainly fused together and I have a lot of numbness in my legs. I would say it could have been worse but I don’t think it could have been.

  11. @mouse, you were asking how much I get! I got a “see ya” from my job and now I get about half of what I used make while I was working thanks to Worker’s Comp. I live alone in my 2 bedroom apartment after my divorce 4yrs ago and my two teenage kids come stay with me a couple times a week.

    That’s my story in a nutshell.

        1. I don’t know why that is either.
          I don’t look at the screen when i type, and i usally look up, press “post comment” and in that 2-5 seconds i spot (usally no less then) 3 errors.
          I don’t know if I’ll ever learn.

          I, for one, thoought that was a very worth while post as-is.

          1. now THAT is one truck fucking bit of logic.
            Mark would have to pull the entire conversation…..sometimes 20-40 comments are linked into what 1 person said.

        1. No.. not at all does a Mr. Horror exist.. We can go to one of my places.. It’ll be grand.. And maybe you can live in my bathtub until you nail a decent job.. πŸ˜‰ I promise to try and remember to feed you..

          1. That sucks.. I want to shelter everyone now!! But then the blood shed’ll never end… and I’ll always be cleaning and burying you guys….

          2. @halie, Oh, I’ll nail a decent blow.
            A blowjob. From my self.
            @stench I even look homeless, I look like layne staley gave birth to seasick steve.

          3. Tulio is a dick, I’ve only learned how to rape and skin a chicken from him.
            so far my efforts are futile.
            However that Argentine does remind me of me when i was 50 years younger.

          4. @baked, *singing* (really well, too) “Don’t cry for me Argentina! The truth is, i never left you” la la la la…..

        1. No, actually not :p I’m a very submissive person. Though if someone pisses me off I’ll punch or give them a kick. My bf in secondary school was pretty violent like me back then so we used to go home with bruises, blood and looking all fucked up :p

          1. What? that’s not submissive! submissive means ‘meek and obedient’ that doesn’t sound like you, @leppardy?

          2. @tiger I usually am submissive but not when someone pisses me off, then I get back at them. Though I’m a sub when it comes to sex, bdsm πŸ™‚

          1. so if jim beam white costs 13 dollars the 750ml bottle there (and about 25 here) and JACK costs 30 dollars there (and around 35 dollars here), the jack is still more competitive…..

  12. ouch. imagine cutting you’re own skin just for the fuck of it without any pain relievers. the big ass tatoo i got on both my arms almost hurt as bad as getting shot with a 45. in the leg. you got balls girl, and ye nice gore you got there πŸ˜‰

  13. You know you’re addicted to gore when the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is log on to your computer and check for new posts on BG. Of corse I usually still have my morning stiffy going on so perhaps my brain has confused sex with gore. Unfortunately I am unable to achieve GOREGASM.

  14. When people I know find out about my interest in gore they think of me as a crazy person. I find that most people don’t understand why it interests me. I am planning on joining a dating site now that I’m doing a lot better since my injury four months ago but I’m sure I will not include BG as one of my interests. How do you even bring up the subject on a date? Do I cut my finger at a restaurant and see if she smiles?

  15. …Or should I grab a waiter and slash his throat over her linguini spewing blood into her sauce and see if she eats it right up with pleasure?

    Okay, that might be a little extreme…although fun to watch.

      1. It’s because if You write something, then cancel yur comment, then go somewhere else, it’ll pop right back up again, right where you left off.

        That may be what happened. Or, the gnomes are fucking with you.

    1. I did, I hid every single scar since I was 12. It took 4 years before someone noticed. That’s a while, not my friends nor dad noticed anything. I’m an exlent actor, that’s why I’m not locked behing bars in a mental hospital for life haha

  16. I’ve come to understand, for myself, that suicide will forever be an option I contemplate. Self mutilation, I have my scars. Now that IME older, I take all my sorrow, anger and globalization tangents out on my liver. Its not as bloody. πŸ™‚

    1. Gnomes have learned a new trick.
      Some new comments showing up in random places and not at the bottom of the list like they’re supposed to. If only the bear that ate Mark would eat those pesky gnomes too!

    1. Hey hey πŸ˜‰

      Nope, jeg skader meg aldri i fylla eller n?r jeg har tatt noe. Er helt meg selv til 100 n?r jeg skader meg πŸ˜‰ P? 16 mai hadde jeg politiet etter meg hehe πŸ˜€

      Nope I never hurt myself when I’m drunk or took something. I’m 100% sober when I hurt myself. And on the 16th of may I was chased by the cops so I wasn’t hurting myself then haha πŸ˜€

  17. I’m always interested in self harming pictures, especially in the story behind them, I’d never self harm and find it difficult to believe why someone would do such a thing so these posts help me understand, thank you so much for sharing your experience with everyone.

  18. Take this at face value but only on very rare occassions does a true suicide attempt fail, please call them what they are and that is a cry for help. Anyone who is truly serious at taking their own life would accomplish it with ease as it’s remarkably easy to switch off our fragile bodies. It takes no skill or imagination to end our lives with so much access to dangerous medication, tall buildings and sharp objects. a basic mixture of household medication and alcohol can end your life as can a simple, small incision to your carotid. As an ex hospital worker I have no patience for people who have tried many times to take their own lives under the guise of suicide, to me it is extreme attention seeking. If you make it beyond your teens you might look back and understand how immature you are. Anyone who can say they have attempted suicide and have lived to tell the tale should not be allowed to refer to it as suicide as cleary they did not have the bottle to go through with it πŸ™‚

    1. I overdosed but someone found me and brought me to the hospital, I damaged alot because of it. Yes I’d say that was a suicide attempt.
      Another time I was locked up in the mental hospital and I began haning myself but they checked in on me a little bit sooner than they used to so I was what they call ”resuced” .

  19. My best friend cuts, and she used a rusty knife, so I gave her a clean scalpel blade to try and get her to stop (worked) and she cut once when I was with her, and I turned around JUST as it ripped her skip open in a deep cut…

    Good times… Good times.

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