Exclusive Photos and Video – Best Gore Member Self Harms

Exclusive Photos and Video - Best Gore Member Self Harms

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @sleepy-boe, who is a creative artist:

here’s some old (exclusive, although some was available for a few days on Instagram) footage (from around January) of my self harm. am a female teen from Israel, (used to study at a gifted kids school and later at an art school, rn not studying anywhere). i was self harming for a while to cope with my “recovery” from orthorexia and then relapsed around that month both eating-disorder wise and self-harm wise.
basically i met a sadistic teen through a self harm snapchat group and convinced him to encourage and/or force me to do stuff that i wanted to do. that’s probably the main reason i have so much footage of that “era”.
i also attempted to collect my own blood and paint with it, and actually still have a sketchbook with a few drawings that i coloured with my own blood (that i am considering to show to you guys one day).
the areas i used to cut-
– chest / breasts
– thighs
– shoulders
(and once even my crotch area. it wasn’t my idea, that person convinced me to do it as a twisted form of “payment” to him..)
he then tried to kill himself and his parents took away his electronic devices. haven’t heard from him ever since.
at the time i reached my probably lowest weight, around 41 kgs/90 lbs, and was being forced to eat again.
without his encouragement to keep on going i just kinda.. stopped caring, and didn’t self harm as much.
was clean since February but started self harming again recently with a friend of mine out of boredom.

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      1. for a year after i returned from Afghanistan i was really unstable little things like my dog getting into my food i left on the table would send me into a full on rage my wife left me and took my kids with her i ended up in the hospital after i stabbed my leg with my combat knife things like that i went to a doctor and was diagnosed with PTSD with medication and a counselor i am able to manage so please get help like i did.

    1. Massive attention seeker. Besides Richey James ( Manic Street Preachers ) was alcoholic, anorexic , bipolar made it to 6 stone and then threw himself off the Severn bridge – that’s the way to do it. This attention seeking twat only made 90lbs and took 100 photos and whined about her privileged life.

    1. So stupid. Can’t understand why people can actually hurt themselves. I love myself and I don’t like the “pain” indeed I’d love to hurt someone instead of myself . Shit people are crazy around here…

        1. I don’t know… one that calls herself “an artist,” because she finger painted some dumbass hearts on her leg with her own blood, is pretty bad. Seriously, where is this “art?” “Cum dump” was the closest thing. But I’m thinking it’s merit solely amounted to being vulgar for the sake of being vulgar. While appropriate for this “venue” I’d hardly consider it good work. The whole “blood painting thing” she’s doing isn’t new, and it’s almost a cliche shtick at this point.

          If she REALLY wants to be an artist she would study art, develop her taste, and then try to form her own style. But that takes work and while our little princess here claims to be “bored,” she strikes me more as lazy. She wants to portray herself as an artist because she sees that as a cool angst filled character.

          The majority of people in the world are sad, depressed, and some are hopeless. We’re all doomed to die and there isn’t any greater purpose. But you’re alive now girl, and your wasting the time you have bitching and moaning about life being tough. Well MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY. Do some fucking hard drugs or some shit. Better yet, go work hard at something you’re passionate about, until you’re successful, and then live a fulfilled, comfortable life until it’s time to die. Or just lay around cutting and feeling sorry for yourself. I don’t give a fuck, lol. You now know what you need to do to be happy. So you can’t say no one ever told you.

          1. tbh i never claimed to be an artist, i just gave as much background info as i could (as requested in the “contact” page)

            i honestly took most of these pics just to send them to that dude i was speaking to, i didnt think of them as art but as entertainment

            idk man

      1. Self abuse can be intoxicating and euphoric, just take a look at white libtards for example.

        White libtards constantly attack whiteness and white society and want open borders and mass migration of blacks into white countries. This is self hatred and self abuse of course but it doesn’t psychologically translate that way for the person engaged in the activity but instead makes them feel extra special and warm inside as if God himself were on their side.

        The cutting of oneself is much the same way I guess in that each cut made physically damages but psychologically heals. Its not too different from those who get turned on by bondage or being whipped by a dominatrix etc.

        One persons pain is another persons pleasure because the mind can be tuned into interpreting sensations differently.

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      1. Boe,
        There is no need for that bs,travel the world,try East Africa visit Rwanda,see the hell that ppl went through,it might help you overcome your demons.We all have them but we manage to control them.Get the hell out of that room and get some fresh air and a new start.Nobody can help or save you but you. You have the power,please don’t waste it. Some ppl would pay millions just to get an extra week of life before they die!

      1. thanks for the video that really made me laugh hard especially the last girl. all these ugly bitches trying their very best, all full of worry for the same pathetic reasons running around because the world is ending MADE MY FUCKING DAY ! love you

  1. You are not alone. You are loved. You are precious. You are beautiful. You feel self harm is the only way to feel something. It makes you feel alive and broken. You are an artist to your core. I was very impressed with shots 47 and 56. Your ability to transform your blood into a portrait is macabre as it was beautiful. You are very talented and ethereal. Connected. One day soon you will use a different canvas and pain will no longer color your palette. I am sending blessings and love from Jrslm.

          1. Ignore what people say just coz of what people do on the outside doesnt make you any less beautiful on the inside . People are quick to judge but not as quick to understand .

            So many years people consider to be ill you must be sick its only finally coming to light that self harm and mental illness are getting to the lime light .

            dont take note of anything anyone says thats negative the fact you stopped and didnt care for a while shows you have the strength inside you to do it again .

            just coz you fall over every now and again doesnt make you any less human or any less beautiful then the next person .


        1. k so it seems like i cant reply to the comment you wrote and/or add you as a friend here (simply bc im fucking stupid and idk how) but uhhhh if its not too late then you’re more than welcome to drop your ig @ and ill dm you asap

    1. well thats just lying, you arnt precious or beautiful. your a stupid bitch but you just cant tell because thats how dumb you are. your a retard because your mothers a retard.

      do the hoki poki gets them eyes every time ..or kill yourself

  2. fun fact- the red liquid in the mug is water that i attempted to “wash my hands” with bc i didn’t want to get out of bed.

    also, the weird blood strings happened bc i attempted to overdose on aspirin/micropirin that night. after a few hours of messing around with my own blood i realized that instead of drying up it kinda turned into that weird consistency.
    overall was an extremely interesting experience but for some reason it made cutting deeper get much harder than usual.
    the most interesting part in my opinion is that the flavour of my blood changed a bit and felt less iron-y and more salty than usual.

  3. Ah, good ol’ teen angst. Never understood boredom though. There’s so much things in life… you’re an artist, right? You can learn every day to become the best of the best artist, you can play musical instruments, you can play video games, you can skydive, fly deltaplanes, shoot guns… or you can fuck as many people as humanly possible… so many things…

  4. You don’t know how to stop from turning your body into a road map but you sure know how to hide your pussy and nipples basically these don’t mean shit to guys without showing vagina/boobs ps: guys give zero flying fuck about your blood art painting and therfore they’re not waiting to see (bend over and show ASS/PUSSY)

    1. You guys just legalized assisted suicide. Just sayin’. JK. Don’t kill yourself.
      One should be careful which suicide hotline they call now. They might get a house call from Dr Reaper.

  5. What’s wrongest about this is while you get your self inflicted bullshit cleaned up, others wait in line for legitimately required medical assistance. Aside from that you are a very sick puppy.

  6. Most of these girls and young women are not suicidal, and they don’t want anybody to find out. They don’t want to be discovered. That’s why they wear long sleeves, so nobody will see their wrists; or, more often nowadays, they cut themselves on the upper inner thigh, where nobody will look. Cutting themselves with razor blades, or burning themselves with matches, becomes compulsive, almost addictive for some of these girls. There is now evidence that for at least some of these girls, this behavior triggers a release of endogenous opiates (for a review of this evidence, please see chapter 3 of my book Girls on the Edge). Cutting delivers a weird kind of disembodied rush. “I felt like I was up on the ceiling, watching myself do it,” another girl told me. “I was literally high.” From Psychology Today ….. Get some help for Christ sake …

  7. I Feel really bad for you girl. And you know that not all Jews Are Bad People Like Many Say. It is actually a small percentage of the top few Elite That Are. And because they control most of the Western Countries Wealth, it makes the greater percentage of good honest Jews Look Bad.

    It cannot be easy growing-up as a teenage Jewish Boy Or Girl, because of all the hate being posted out there on the web, and so on. Please get some help Girl, as You Are Probably one of the kindest, sweetest Girl out there, and have a huge heart.

    And i say this because most people that self harm have been known to be good, and kind individuals, who would never hurt anyone, or even a fly. So my prayers are with you girl, and if you *EVER* Need to speak with someone other than A Doctor, or Shrink,,, you can talk to me in complete 100% confidentiality.

    And I Say This because throughout my many years on here, i have helped-out many People and “Teens Mostly” my young lady. And many have now turned there lives completely around, and are currently living Happy Healthy Lives. Good Luck Girl, and remember Big Brother The-Dre Will *Always* be here if you need to speak with someone trustworthy. 🙂

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          1. If you are so miserable and can’t handle life then why don’t you just kill yourself for a permanent relief, why do u want to get people involved with your pain and bullshit
            P. S: if you can’t do it yourself hire a hitman

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  8. Smooth Dre. Smoooth. Consoling the poor girl while simultaneously ripping Jews. That was hilarious.
    How do you know that she isn’t one of the bad Jews? You know how sneaky they can be.

      1. Fuck you never know if she goes as far as that. But if she doesn’t i offered to help her out if she ever needs to chat with somebody, even though she is Jewish. Pretty white-O-Me eh bro svarg26

          1. @svarg26
            You might have a good point brother @svarg, but i just wanted to give her a chance like i give everybody bro, but i am probably dreaming, and would be shocked if she asked for help, which i would give anybody no matter what color, or race they are, that’s just me my good brother.

            And B.T.W. Where you been brother, as we have not spoken seemingly forever. I Was starting to wonder if i had did, or said something to upset you bud. 🙁

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          1. Kisses . What does what you have just said have to do with my comment? Where did i ever say Jesus was not against the Pharisees?

            You have cognitive issues as well as personality disorders. Seek help.

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        1. “author:
          Ben Giselbach
          He Who Is Without Sin, Cast The First Taken-Out-Of-Context Stone

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          This comeback is so popular these days that it comes second only to Matthew 7:1, which says, “Judge not, that you be not judged.” And while it may be a cute phrase that is sure to add fuel to any fire and vindicate the perception of injustice, it – much like Matthew 7:1 – is usually taken dreadfully out of context. When we take the words of Scripture out of context and misapply them so that they will support out personal agenda, we are abusing the very words of the Holy Spirit (cf. 2 Pet. 1:21).
          Jesus Had To Choose His Words Very Carefully

          Note the scene in John 7:53-8:11: Jesus is teaching in the temple (v. 2) when He is rudely interrupted by the scribes and Pharisees (v. 3) who present Him with a woman who had been caught committing adultery (v. 4). They test Him by asking, “The Law of Moses commanded us to stone such a woman. So what do you say?” (v. 5). If Jesus had said, “Stone her,” then He would be violating Roman law (which prohibited the Jews from exercising capital punishment). If He said, “Let her go,” then he would appear to be setting Himself against the Law of Moses (which commanded that adulterers be stoned, Deut. 22:23-24). Instead of answering their question, Jesus bent down and wrote with His finger on the ground (v. 6). When they continued to press Him, He supposedly made the famous statement, “He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” (v. 7, NASB).

          The scene is suspicious from the start. Where is this woman’s partner in sin? If they had caught the woman “in the act of adultery,” they would have also known the identity of the woman’s male counterpart. The Law of Moses commanded both the adulterer and the adulteress be put to death (Lev. 20:10; Deut. 22:23-24). This is a kangaroo court!

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  10. Damn girl, there are way better ways to let out those inner demons. For me, whenever i get the urge to do that shit, i just think of doing it 12x worse to other human beings and i feel better ~~~ its ok to be a psycho bitch, just be a psycho bitch that betters herself ♡ take care sweetie.

    1. back in the good old days, we would have chained that cunt in the basement and let her sit in her own shit to think about her fucking actions and then starved the cunt to death. sad times we live in. fucking hippy cunts ruined everything.

  11. Around 3 years ago I did so much worse cuttings, i had to overgo blood transfer, but unfortunately all my pics and videos are lost…BUT, if you guys want, and if i could, i could send in the scars as they look now, cause i saw another post with just aftermath scars.
    Anyone interested?

  12. Until today, I’ve only been a “lurker” on this site. After seeing this, I felt entirely obligated to created an account. I’ve always been attracted to the raw and real side of people. Thank you for sharing this hauntingly beautiful part of your life. I would love to further talk to you about all this. I hope this message finds you well.

    1. I hope you fucking bleed out and then while you’re doing so realize that masking emotional pain with physical pain doesn’t really help and while you’re sitting there slowly drifting away because you can’t stop the bleeding you laughed because of the irony but thanks for doing it and it gave me something to look at today thanks

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