Female Circumcision Pictures

Female Circumcision Pictures

After documentaries about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt and ceremonial Female Circumcision in Kenya, here are some pictures of circumcised female genitalia.

What does it say about mankind when genital mutilation of both males and females is still an every day occurrence. You’d think we’d evolve enough to leave the barbaric practise behind, but it’s just not happening. Our kin used to practise ceremonial human sacrifices yet we’ve outgrown our own barbarism and don’t do that much anymore – at least not on a large scale. But when it comes to genital mutilation, the barbarism still clings on. It’s a shame really that the ultimate top of the food chain animal on Earth is still this primitive when it comes to sexual organs. If nothing else, at bare minimum an option to mutilate their own genitalia should be left up to the person affected and should be done solely if they themselves explicitly agree to it.

Gallery of female circumcision pictures is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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66 thoughts on “Female Circumcision Pictures”

    1. Indeed!

      *assuming my hunch is correct*….

      she’s having the shit tickled out of her via the clitoris. (I may not be the only one! o_o)
      Seriously, if the intensity doesn’t let up, I’m completely disabled because I just go into this uncontrollable squirming fit, like a fish out of water.

      She certainly looks like she’s experiencing something similar.

  1. The picture of the women with genital warts says it all. She’s had all her external genetalia sliced of with a razor blade without anaesthetic so that she remains pure and tight for her husband. He’s off shagging prostitutes and anything he can stick his dick in infecting her with god knows what else. I would imagine H.I.V. is probably on the table as well.
    Look how tiny the entrance to her vagina is, how is she supposed to give birth through that.
    When the fuck are women going to stop allowing this to happen to thier daughters. Imagine going through all of that to then become riddled with S.T.D.’s by your c****bag of a husband and contract HIV.

  2. I can remember as a kid watching 70’s porn where a pussy was a big bush that you could’nt really see into but you just knew there was a set of lips in there.
    These days it’s just a crap shoot as to what you will find down there.

    1. If it smells like fish she has an infection called bacterial vaginosis (BV) it is the most common vaginal infection among women of childbearing age. It’s a pretty common infection. A clean and healthy vagina will smell mildly musty or sour but not actually like fish.

      1. Male circumcision is just the removal of the foreskin which is done for religious or sanitary reasons and the penis is still fully functional (if only a bit less sensitive). Female circumcision is the removal of the clitoris which plays a large role in sexual pleasure. Without it, sexual pleasure is hugely diminished or taken away completely. So yeah, I would say more barbaric because the clitoris has many more nerve endings than the penis and the penis is still usable after circumcision. Also being circumcised as a baby, I don’t remember having it done. For females, they wait until 8 or older to cut them and I guarantee that all of the girls remember it distinctly or have blocked it out of their memory because it was too traumatic.

      1. The guys that do it aren’t even doctors and have very little medical training at all. Gore and that stuff doesn’t bother me as long as I can’t smell it or the victims aren’t related to me. Female circumcision may cause me to do bad things to the culprits. I know that we can’t make death threats because I just joined this site last nite so I watched what I wrote.

  3. Just God daaaaaaaaamn!!! That fucking looks painful! I’m blessed to be born where I was! I may complain about being the child of a crack-head and dead-beat Dad, but my pretty pussy is still fully intact and functional. I guess that alone makes everything else, unimportant! Poor girls!!! =/

  4. I don’t mean to be a sexist asshole but I couldn’t stand being with a circumcised woman.
    This being said I am a circumcised male and am glad that I was circumcised, I had no choice it was done when I was a baby but I’m glad that it was done never the less.

    1. @must-of-been-a-bad-day

      Why? Circumcision dulls the sensation of many of those who have it after puberty ,can shorten your dick a little and your female partner might not like it.

      Some ladies like the scrunching up of the foreskin during vaginal intercourse as it gives extra friction.

      Having said that i know you wont know better as you had it done as a baby as many other men have.

      I would never recommend it to an adult male unless they needed it for medical reasons…yes there can be medical reasons.

  5. I have a piercing in my clit
    female circumcision is just another misogynist method of ensuring that women cannot enjoy sex in any way
    in their view,women are just walking incubators to produce children and they are scared that if women should enjoy sex,that they may not hang around and stay with the abusive men that they are forced to marry

  6. They cut off the clit to damage the enjoyment of sex, believing this will insure fidelity.
    I am appalled and amazed that even with these pictures, words and descriptions of female circumcision you guys can still compare it to male circumcision. You guys get a bit of SKIN taken off. Maybe are a little less sensitive. If male was like female you would have your entire dick, balls and scrotum removed. What is left of your sack sewn together over where your urethra is. Meaning your urine has to flow out and across and out the back of the sewn together scrotum. That still leaves you without the sewn together vagina, with skin as thick as your arm skin to be torn apart with first intercourse. Which is the second time she risks bleeding to death. The first being the circumcision. That is what female circumcision is. It should have a different name to show how different it is!!

  7. This is such a barbaric and cruel practice. I saw a documentary about it and none of the women wanted it. One even ran away. I would too! After this is done to a woman child birth is more dangerous and all that lost sensation on the place that gives women the most pleasure. Thank god I was born in a civilized country.

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