French Woman Shares Photos of Self Inflicted Injuries

French Woman Shares Photos of Self Inflicted Injuries

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @lorie, who’s a French woman who suffers from depression, and relieves it by way of self cutting:

I started cutting myself at 16 years old. I suffered from depression and was always sad. I was sexually abused when I was a little girl. I was also obese.

I broke a mirror when I was returning from the high school without a company. I took a piece and I began to cut the arm. Those were fine cuts, with only a little blood, but that relieved me. Sometimes I hurt myself with cigarette burns.

I used to do it daily for more than 10 years. Many cuts had to be stitched up. I managed to hide that I was a cutter for a long time. Now everybody thinks I stopped. I am 30 years old. But sometimes I relapse.

My scars always caused me problems. People at work would ask me, the boyfriend would ask me. I could lie, but they would take me for a madwoman.
Sometimes I regret being cut. Sometimes no.

If I knew then what I know now, I think I would not have begun. It became a real drug, always wanting more, always deeper, always more blood, etc. To always lie, to look for excuses, is getting tiring in the long run.

I started with the glass, then transformed into razor blades, then knife, then blade of scalpel.

I think cutting it is the “disease” that will stay in me for life. It keeps me in check, and it controls me.

Here I am today. The last two photos are my current “relapse”. The letter is the initial of my ex.

Thank you for sharing your pictures and your story with us, @lorie.

As a reminder to newfags – at Best Gore we don’t tolerate insults at contributors of exclusive content. Likewise, any advise the like of “get help” is useless unless directed at yourself.

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127 thoughts on “French Woman Shares Photos of Self Inflicted Injuries”

  1. Geez girl, you need some good tongue therapy to get you out of that depression mode. This way your legs would be shaking for another reason. They say that good multiple orgasms is the best cure for depression, (no joke), as it is much better than what any fuck-all knowing psychologist can do for you, that,s for sure! All The Best to ya girl.

      1. @monickery I have had relationships with 3 different Girls that were abused in the past. Two got their cherry broken by their Brothers, and one of them it was worse than that. By the time that we split-up they were back into love making, and had great sex with multiple orgasms, All Three. I gave them all the time that they needed, we talked for hours on end, and i was a good & sincere listener, and this made a world of difference. And YES,,, I did read the POST first, and it is NOT a story. So before telling me to read the story first, smart-ass, try speaking with experience instead, like i just did. Oh, and by the way Damaged as you stated,,, they are not! It is the people that did this to them, and judgemental people as yourself that are. I speak honestly not Sheepishly!

        1. Everyone responds different.. You telling me I’m judmental is actually being judgemental. I know from experience myself buddy. There is nothing you can do to undo what happened. And we’re all damaged in some way or another. Here’s this man telling a person that “sex” is the solution to woman who copes with her demons her own way.

          1. Well i can honestly say that the 3 sexually abused girlfriends that i dated did benefit from the attention, long nights cuddling & talking, being a great listener, & having a shoulder to cry on. After awhile, they ended up enjoying great sex, like never before.
            But telling me that “i did not read the part” or “Try reading It First Next Time”
            sounds quite judgemental to me, and a little rude, at the same time. So YOU had it
            coming. I speak from my 3 experiences involving the dating of incest victims, how many did you date & sleep with??? And i know that many react differently, but in my case i was 3 out of 3 funny eh? How many positive interactions have you had with victims like these 3 ?

          2. ” be the awareness behind your thoughts and emotions” When you have this kind of power, nothing can negatively affect you. Unfortunately the common human lacks a conscious because they’re victims to their own minds. Preach.

          3. Not to piggy back you two argument but monickery I believe your wrong. I’m just speaking from personal experience, In Texas we do not have a shortage of what others would call damaged females. I think cutting girl does need someone real, who possibly could show her other avenues to relieve the pain she is obviously in.
            Key I believe would be the time after the shared sexual experiences. Unfortunately I fear she has been exposed to monsters and self serving lovers. To many boys choose to be mean to women after sex, idiots if you ask me. Just my to Peso’s

            Oh and PincheTuMadre TRUMP

    1. @thedre

      “They say that good multiple orgasms is the best cure for depression…”

      The psych meds that keep me from checking out also leave me unable to achieve orgasm. Sometimes I go off my meds for a bit just to enjoy some playtime. Seriously, there’s just no winning in this game.

          1. I totally feel for anyone battling depression. It’s completely fucked up. really sad stuff. Can just hope you find something that makes you happy. People judge people and people have been through some traumatic things list goes on and on. Easier said then done for someone to move on from such things. So I pray for anyone feeling like that.

        1. As some have said for some but if not for depression meds I would be on this site for sure, so mind what you say and see. I love watching people kill themselfs because it makes me feel like they just want to move past this hell. Escape to nirvana and be in eternal happiness. Don’t mind me though I’m drunk and I hear truth in drunkness

        2. I agree that many can be poison, as well as prescribed completely unnecessarily by doctors in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry. However for someone like myself who received almost a dozen concussions from playing sports at a highly-competitive level throughout my teen years, they do help a great deal. A referral to a neurologist and the resulting MRI’s and CT scans told them I had experienced some brain damage, which meant certain parts of my brain weren’t “firing” up-to-par. After six months of trials with three different medications at various doses, finally found myself feeling different. Noticeably better.

        3. I agree that many can be poison, as well as prescribed completely unnecessarily by doctors in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry. However for someone like myself who received almost a dozen concussions from playing sports at a highly-competitive level throughout my teen years, they do help a great deal. A referral to a neurologist and the resulting MRI’s and CT scans told them I had experienced some brain damage, which meant certain parts of my brain weren’t “firing” up-to-par. After six months of trials with three different medications at various doses, finally found myself feeling different. Noticeably better.

      1. @Shadarus I cannot speak for the meds, as the girls that i previously dated were not on any. But i do feel bad for what you have had to endured, while being molested, or raped, as i spent hours talking to 3 of my ex- girlfriends about what happened to them in their youths, and only with patience, lots of love making, did things get better with time. As i showed them how to enjoy healthy sex, instead of them feeling dirty about it! Have you tried going off the meds, and spending more time in bed just cuddling and talking for hours? it did a world of difference for them. Just a thought sweetheart. God Bless you girl, and i hope that your Boyfriend, or Husband, is as supportive to you as i was to them. 🙂

          1. holy fuck that was hot! I knew it was about to get real when she slipped on her sneakers.
            I don’t know what all that was but I do know I shouldn’t have watched it at work!

            wow .so sexy so HOT
            is it 5oclock yet? christ

          2. Yes,,, I also knew that it was going to get messy, yet interesting, at the same time as she put on her sneakers, and pulled up her sleeves. I knew you,d like that, my good B-G Sister, lol. I thought that you guys would find (my little joke) amusing, and make you laugh. I also knew that this video would wipe that smirk off of your faces in a hurry, as they would turn into “Ugly Cumming Faces” in 30 seconds flat as you all beat-off, ha,ha!. Oh, and btw,,,for my Younger B-G Brothers on here, don,t be scared about that squirting, “Fountain of Youth”, as when you get better at it and it takes patience, and time, they all squirt like garden hoe-ses. He,he,he. 🙂 All jokes aside, i did this for laughs and giggles as i have Nieces as young as her!

          3. Take it somewhere else??? And who the fuck are you?? B-G Boss?? If YOU don,t like looking at it then skip it, or press the cute Puppy, or take “Yourself” somewhere else.

    1. @hinduwarrior

      I do realize that was sincere, but it made me laugh because I pictured Hallmark coming out with a line of ‘get well soon’ cards for various mental illnesses.

      Sorry to hear ’bout your suicide attempt,
      Now you’re in hospital, weak and unkempt.
      You need to survive the despair and depression,
      To enjoy this gift card for a prepaid spa session!

      *on back of card*
      Does not include gratuities or alcoholic beverages.
      Only valid in Albuquerque.

  2. A friend tried to show me how she did her cutting, felt every little scratch..

    If any relief, I would have kept on evolving into cutting/relief. Wishing you a healthier way to receive relief.

    Your body is strong-to give you what you need, rather than deplete its resources, pump up your heart rate…? feed n nurture your bod
    tnx for sharing girl

      1. I have also consulted Psychiatrists & Psychologists because of the abuse and violence that i had witnessed & suffered as a very young Boy, and they did Fuck-All to help me. What helped me the most, was to be with a partner that listened, understood what i had gone through, and supported me no matter what when i had good, or bad days, unconditionally. Talk to your soul-mate, or Best Friend, instead of those drug pushing doctors, and after awhile, you will feel a world of difference girl. 🙂

    1. I second that motion. BIG HUGGS to @lorie from me here in the United States. On a side note, I had an ex who used to do that. I found out towards the end of our relationship and was shocked. I just couldn’t understand how inflicting physical pain could help a person physiologically. I hope you can find peace in your life and learn how to love you. We at BG know more than most just how hard life can be. Also, don’t be self conscious here. You are among friends. I wish you the best! 🙂

  3. I try to look at a positive video or read a positive story every day. The news is so depressing; it helps to balance by watching random acts of kindness or even do a random of kindness. It doesn’t have to be much. And don’t strive to be what someone else wants or wanted. That never works. Being what you want to be is the only thing that will truly satisfy you. And if you don’t know who the hell you want to be – like so many of us – meditate, pray (if you’re religious), just sit quietly and think about the things most important to you and build your ideal self around that. And get yourself an adult coloring book and colored pencils – they usually come as a set at your local discount store. Coloring is so calming and relaxing. When you feel you need to cut, just try coloring ONE picture and go from there. Coloring helped me stop grabbing a Xanax every time I had anxiety. Depression is such an unrelenting, cruel presence. I hope you overcome. xoxo

      1. Not painting necessarily. You should go for whatever makes you satisfied, and, naturally, wouldn’t cause harm to others (like, if you said torturing others is what makes you satisfied). Reading, going for hikes, painting, whatever. An activity that is productive. If you have no goals in life, though, maybe you should seek the help of philosophy. It may help. Or even science, as for me it was useful to set goals and sort of provide me an impetus to do things.

    1. I’m really not sure if praying will help. I was very religious most of my life, prayed every single day asking nothing in return, just being thankful. And when my teenage days started, I got depressed for several reasons, but never stop praying, until the day I got tired, and started praying asking something in return, just a bit of happiness, however years and years of non stop suffering, even though I was never mean to anybody in my fucking entire life, never was I an opportunist, always tried to help others and yet some people just loved to put me down. I really got tired, it’s being a few years since I stopped praying, I used to say “God willing…” with a strong conviction that there was a God listening to me, He would never respond, but I still believed He was listening to me, however now I don’t feel the same. I’m a really cold person nowadays. You see, I still type God in capital letter, but I don’t really know in what to believe anymore. My faith is unsettled. My life was really bad when I used to pray and now that I stopped, nothing has changed, so I’m not missing praying at all.

      1. @felipe.s

        I went through similar circumstances in regards to Religion. Always praying and trying to repent. Then falling into depression because I always felt that I could never live up to my Christian ideals. Falling victim to my conscious whenever I would sin. It was hard to accept that I will always only be an imperfect human being. It just wears you down. Finally, I became an Agnostic and allot of that burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Faith in something you cannot see or interact with is hard to have for years at a time. All I strive for now is to please my family, wife and kids. And to be the best husband/provider/protector/father for my household. THAT is my religion. Just focus on you and who you love. The rest will fall into place.

          1. Shame on you if you don’t. People, look, it is the DEVIL’S WORLD. Mankind brought it upon itself…
            MURDERS-ABORTIONS-HOMOSEXUALITY- CHILD RAPISTS-RAPIST. This is the work of the DEVIL. IT IS NOT THE LORD’S DOING! Just saying. ;). God is good all the time!
            And, to sum up the Bible: The fall, and separation of man from God, by sin, and God trying to save us from our sins and bring us, His children, back to His loving arms.

            He is not a tyrant, as the devil would have you believe. When you die, you know nothing and are basically asleep. At judgement, the Son of man, Jesus, will cast the wicked in the lake of fire, but He will NOT keep us on the fire roasting forever, that is not a loving God! The devil loves that people are being taught that God is a tyrant. The opposite is true. The devil knows that he has but a short time to devour as many souls as he can.

            Also, some people would not be happy in heaven, as they would have to give up their wickedness that they have come to love. You have one life, there is one truth, your decision in this life is an eternal one… Eternity in heaven, or never being alive again, so is also eternal punishment. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He is love. My hope is that this plants a seed on BG and will turn to God. God will be back very shortly to reap the harvest. I hope you all make it. He loves you VERY much.

          2. @tom5051 If you are the type that believes that two rocks smashed together, at neck break speed, and created our world, and that we came from fucking Monkey,s lol, then shame on you as our world was created from Intelligent Design. Although i was baptized, and raised as a Roman Catholic, i do not go to church, but i do believe in a creator, or a God, but it is the same god that created all man. ONE GOD for us all.

    2. @dethbyplaster

      “And get yourself an adult coloring book and colored pencils…”

      Damn, I like you more every day! My other half and I are coloring book junkies. I’m actually working on unbinding a couple we splurged on for our anniversary the other day (13 years!) so that I can 3-hole-punch them and put them in binders. We have very similar tastes, and often want to color the same design, so having them loose-leaf makes it easy to run a page through our scanner/printer and put the original back for later use. I’m currently working on a two-page spread of Professor Snape’s potions classroom. It’s gorgeous, the British take their coloring books very seriously!

      1. @dethbyplaster

        I just HAD to post a follow-up! We were just given two new coloring books by my in-laws: “Go fuck yourself, I’m coloring.” by Alex Fleming and “Memos to shitty people.” by James Alexander. The artwork in both are mediocre, but imagine adorable animals frolicking in a garden that’s interwoven with pretty calligraphic letters… that spell out ‘Well, aren’t you just the sweetest little cuntcake’. My in-laws are awesome!

  4. I also have depression and to decrease my sadness and emotional pain I have an addiction that I do almost every fucking single day. I don’t know if it’s bad or good, but it relieves me temporarily. Never tried to cut myself, I don’t think it will help. All I can say is be strong, even if life sucks, you gotta stand and carry on.

    1. A lot of us on here have been, or are going through some type of emotional, and or, physical trauma in our lives, and for myself this site has helped me cope with it in many ways. Mark, and most members on here have never judged, or mocked me because of it, but instead have been incredibly understanding, and as a result, has made me want to help the downtrodden, and lost souls in any way that i possibly can. And the SHEEPLE think that us on here are all bad-asses with no morals & feelings for others? Lol, ha, ha! Poor Them. 🙂

      1. I smoke weed to deal with my problems, but so what if you have a vice as long as you don’t endanger youself or let it control you and even if you do.. well your choice I guess so long as it makes you happy.

  5. I want to encourage all of us who are troubled or fighting depression.
    Cultivate gratitude and the feeling of being grateful and thankful for the good things in your life.
    Count your blessings, name them one by one.
    And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.
    Start your day with an hour of quiet meditation and thankfulness for the good things in your life.
    Continue this daily and your eyes will be opened to see the great blessings you have.
    Soon your joy and your blessings will increase and you will be the happiest man or woman in town.

  6. Endorphins are released into the body when you self harm. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling into the body similar of that of morphine. Endorphins act as anagesus which means they deminish the perception of pain.
    This is why we cut, by hurting your self you feel better, unfortunately.

  7. ”It became a real drug, always wanting more, always deeper, always more blood, etc.”
    I see, it seems that there is a neurochemical mechanism for cutting, which results in addiction. Supposedly, your body releases enkephalins, which are opioids, when you cut. This may give you a high, a feeling of euphoria while at the same time your pain is diminished. Self-harmers usually report feeling calmer after the event, it can be an effect of the enkephalins. Emotion regulation is the main reason people self harm, and this may be the case for you. But a significant number of people self harm to ‘feel real again’, as a sort of sensation seeking, and it seems to be your case as you have depression and may feel lethargic, thus, you may seek the momentary euphoria produced by the opioids. In any case, you may be addicted to chemicals naturally produced by your body, as someone addicted in masturbation may be. Now, you’ve been self-harming for a long time, do you think about suicide? Like, nowadays, do you go for it as it has turned more into a habit that you enjoy or because your depression doesn’t go away? It seems to be latter from what I have seen. You cut your ex’s initials on yourself, so you may also cut yourself as to have a sensation of control over things, and thus feel more secure. If that’s the case, you have to stop it as it’s just a delusion, you’re retreating to yourself. Cutting yourself doesn’t make you worthier of anything. You’re causing unnecessary damage to yourself.

    1. On a sidenote. You are French. The French are faggot cuckolds and have no courage, that’s why they surrender so easily and love to have niggers fuck their wives. French is a faggot’s language. Maybe you should learn German as it’s a stronger language, as listening to the French language your entire life may have turned you into a self loathing sissy.

        1. I suspect that languages do have different effects in our brain and the way we perceive the world. I think better in English than in my native Portuguese, as I perceive English as a more fluid language, I’d say more straightforward in grammatical terms, so it’s easier to formulate my thoughts. Moreover, different accents have different moods. An Indian accent may sound funny, a German accent threatening and so on. Like, the accent may make a difference in the way an Indian or a German tells you ‘‘fuck you, I’m gonna kill you’’.

          1. Negative on that @undergroundweller it is not the language that cause reactions in our brains is the tone of whats being spoken and the wave sounds that your eardrums perceive…
            You could be blessed w a voice of presence and talk and talk nonsense but yet people will find your talking pleasing to the hearing same works the other way around you can speak great amounts of wisdom but if your tone or voice is annoying people won’t want to listen.

            I think that Hitler himself knew this and he practiced relentlessly on the way he sounded when he spoke…
            Something about the art of oratory…
            Not sure if I’m putting my finger on it properly. …
            But I’m sure it has little to do with the actual language that is spoken…

          2. @sekritajun I agree with most of what you’ve said. Nevertheless, I still maintain that the accent makes a difference in the way that people’s brains are affected. It certainly does on the way that others perceive you. Some people change their accent as to change the way in which they are perceived, for instance, in their work environment a standardized accent may be taken more seriously than a thick one from countryside. Much of it is due to notions of prejudice formed throughout people’s lives, but I suspect that some of it is felt on an instinctive level, as different accents have different tones, frequency, amplitude and wavelength of sound. Here in Brazil, for instance, people from the Northeastern part of the country tend to have an accent that is higher pitched than those accents from Rio or Sao Paulo.

    2. Actually I have make suicide attempts. Cut me, and all this, that makes me me feel(smell) as alive while I feel so empty and non-existent. It is not a reason. But yes that “relieves” me when I have no more the words and when I have the impression that I am going to explode.

      1. Interesting, people risk their lives to get their kicks in different ways. Some go bungee jumping, for instance, which is generally useless in terms of real benefits, such as making money, but provides an adrenaline rush. Perhaps there is also an urge to experience things. I have this urge. I wonder if it’s our brains pushing us to take more risks, as our ancestors who had the courage to take certain risks, such as hunting big animals, may have had a greater success. Your lethargy may activate a mechanism in your brain to take action, as lethargy is not beneficial for survival. You need to occupy your mind somehow. When I don’t do anything and feel as if I am stagnated in life I also get down, upset, demotivated and angry, even flirting with the thought about killing myself. But then some of the things are beyond our control (perhaps the sexual abuse you received as a child is such a case), so we’ve just gotta play the game with the cards we are offered. To quit the game will do no good, and I don’t know if there’s a next round after you quit. Anyway, I can’t avoid but to remind Black Sabbath’s Paranoid: ‘‘…Can you help me, occupy my brain…’’.

  8. I hope that someday your mind will be at ease…
    I don’t condone this behavior but we all “harm” ourselves in someway… even if they don’t want to admit it…
    I’m a drunk… I abuse myself everyday… It takes the stress away… but we all know that superficial things aren’t a cure… they just cover it up… just to emerge again…

    I certainly don’t have all the answers for you… the only thing I can tell you is to never give up… don’t ever quit… if you do… your depression got the better of you…

    This too shall pass…

    And to all those fuckwads out there telling this woman to go kill herself because you think that your life is perfect… you can kindly go fuck off to Fakebook where all the other “perfect” people reside…

  9. Hi i seen ur post last night and i wanted to make this account to write to you and let you know that i know the feeling but not going to detail i respect that but it will take a long while for you to feel fine after the suffocation of negative vibes and bad comments twords you and please dont pay any mind to those who mention you negitively and sexually its not important you shall deserve better with love and comfort and appreciation and to feel accepted in this world we live in but everyday will always be someone miserable and despirate n all but theres some people out here who cares so much for someone just need to stay on the positive side and stay away from stupidity and bad vibes i dont mind for a chat if u want too ok please be safe and take care trust me u are not alone .

  10. …Alternativelly, you can use that time you waste causing self harm by finding the bastard that hurt you first and slice him up instead… more than you ever did to yourself… make him suffer for all those years of torture, and find your inner peace. Dont go for those idiots claiming that “revenge wont solve anything”, because they clearly dont know what they’re talking about. Destroy your enemies…

  11. Serious question @lorie.
    Did you take Ecstasy in your younger days?. If so, your natural feelgood hormone could well be depleted. Ecstasy is known to deplete the brain’s Serotonin levels, literally bringing it down to almost zero.
    I have looked into this myself as my moods can swing, although I’ve never cut myself or anything similar.

    This is just a thought, as users of MDMA/Ecstasy, back in the day, were basically Guinea pigs.

  12. You are extremely brave and generous for sharing your story with all of us here at BestGore. Mental Health is a real issue;however, it has always been (and still is today) stigmatized far too much. To be honest, I struggle with depression as well and hide it even better. Like you mentioned, it becomes tiring yet is routine. Please know I hope one day you shall have the ability to not self harm. Take care.

      1. you seem like a worthwhile person.
        i refuse to dwell on the past. who i was a decade ago is not me today. you said, “I just want to forgot for the rest of my life”. indeed, there’s no point thinking about it.

  13. I’m sorry but this is pathetic. Humans can be so pathetic that it’s just hilarious. Why does the average person lack the ability to be the awareness behind their own thoughts and emotions ? This is a simple way of living a positive life style despite the negatives you will come across.

  14. It’s attention whoring, posting cutting pictures to get others to feel sorry for you instead of cutting the loser that raped you, if you were even raped. Met tons of crazy chicks that do and say the same shit and post cutting photos, but their real disease is attention whoring.

  15. Sry, I meant the @monickery part

    THX long silverwood johnson, I´m far behind the discussion but in my eyes you totally got it. Had some cuttings in the past, and can tell that there can be several reasons to do such things. One of them is what long silverwood johnson mentioned.

  16. I am not mean but why not donate blood, why waste it? childhood abuses can be fixed positively. I am not reffering to spirituality or God. But even as an athiest, you can do good moral things. Go find persons like you and try help each other. You are pretty and you waste that beauty by scars. More darkness and more uglyness won’t bring you light girl. Be safe !

  17. All I have to tell you is that I care you are harming yourself. You obviosly want to reach out or you would not have posted this. You are not alone and lots of people all over the world cut. You are not crazy either. Just know this community on BG has some cool people and if you are reaching out for a purpose, I’m sure some people will reach back. I’m no expert but again, I just want you to know I DO CARE!

  18. Personally I love self harm. I’m a great advocate for it. Whatever your reason is i say it’s justified if you think so. I did it much more often when I was young. But as you grow older it becomes much more intense and violent. I’m just speaking from my point of view. Hope you find some way out of the hole you’ve dug yourself into

  19. These are fuckin scratches, you want attention ? Either kill yourself or get some help. You are not some special snowflake. I’ve been abused and yeah it sucks but I don’t go around posting pictures of barely more than paper cuts.

  20. I cut myself, too. I don’t do it as often as I used to, but when I do it’s deep enough to get me sent to the hospital. I see no point in saying you should stop because that would make me a hypocrite. But I do hope it never gets as bad as mine has gotten

  21. je ne sais pas comment ont fais pour poster ses photos et où, sinon ça fait plaisir, ces photos, c’est trop kawaii putain. I dont know how post my pictures and where. These pictures ares so cute…

  22. I do like that there are some people on her that do kinda care about depression I mean shit I use to cut I got one good pic of it but honestly I’m glad I stopped 3 years ago if you don’t do it for like 3 to 5 months you will not have the thoughts of it anymore I still have thought about it form time to time but never want to act on it I hell sometimes I look at my arm and see the scars and I like shit I completely forgotten about that lol

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