Girl Gets Branded with Heart on Her Ass Cheek

Girl Gets Branded with Heart on Her Ass Cheek

The video depicts a young girl getting her ass cheek branded with a heart. A guy heats up a piece of wire with its end shaped to form the heart over the flame from an oxy-gas torch, and applies the red hot metal to her skin.

At least she got something rather neutral branded on her body, not anything specific, like the guy’s name, cause she’d have some ‘spaining to do every time she hooks a new beta bux.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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63 thoughts on “Girl Gets Branded with Heart on Her Ass Cheek”

  1. Next time, and I’m guessing there will be a next time, bite a bullet or tree branch.
    What hospital was that? …..What? ……… Not a hospital? …… Some guys garage next to your trailer park? …… Nuf said.

    Cute butt though….. even with a 3rd degree burn!

    1. I’ve branded two people now, one was a dick, the other a lightning bolt. If I knew that’s all it took to get a video uo on best gore it would’ve been filmed a long time ago! Looks like it’s time for number 3.

  2. Branding is good, I can think of lots of people whom deserve branding with words or phrases that are by no means either neutral or complimentary. And arse cheeks would be out, only foreheads deserve the treatment.

      1. Actually they were hired by Captain Kidds seafood resturants to be Pirate Buccaneers,w hooks, to serve food,stir the soups,and hang your coats..all while saying-“Arrggg,avast ye matey,,,Shiver me timbers,THAR SHE BLOWS!!”SEZ I”!!
        “Wheres me polly!
        (Polly responds)
        Awraakk!! Pieces of eight!!”

  3. Branding is painful but nothing like this should ever be done. A brand done by a tattoo artist if they do branding is nothing like this. You would never press hard onto the skin like that and holding a branding iron on the skin for that long is off-the-charts incorrect. The temperature of the iron is also regulated. I have looked into this as I’ve thought about getting something meaningful (inner forearm probably) and I find scarification cathartic in a sense. I would take quite a bit of time before deciding to do this. And ffs, go to a professional in scarification. This was just pure stupidity.

    1. Scar tissue (tatoos..branding)creates interference zones weakening the body..chakra flow( scalar) and skin electrical flow.which can ,later,create bioterrain to allow illness.
      So much so, that dr s recommend removal with New German Medicine technology and emotional therapy.
      Scars also can store negative emotional energy.

      1. i’m white, so i harness vril energy through my long hair and NS tattoos. this helps to create a force field around me and it makes sheeple get the fuck out of my way, when they see me walking down the street. i am clearly one the most enlightened people on BG. i suggest you read more of hitler and less of deepak chopra.

        1. Epigenitics you react to your enviorment and how you feel about yourself changes your genetics ( dr bruce lipton-the biology of belief)
          So you may be correct.however to the average citizen its not a good idea.
          Dr detrich klinghardt explains on spirit and health lectures on you tube.
          Btw,does your vril and ns energy transmit to the other men to help them (grow balls)against the invasion?

  4. What the hell is this? Branding a girls ass cause she wanted, showing a pathetic video of a fallen power line, with out showing us the cause. Get back to the raw news and more importantly, showing us the truth the press doesn’t want us to see. I don’t know who the fucking journalist is who is getting credit for this shit, but they should take up a job with comedy central or MTV, cause they would earn good money for brining in garbage like this.

    1. @ghostsquad You’re acting like Mark is globe trotting and bringing in these stories himself. This is a user based content site, he puts up what’s been handed to him with a few stories he finds himself.

      Unhappy with whats been shown lately? Contribute then and be a solution, or choose not to and shut up. But since we are on the subject, I have some gnarly honest truth that the mainstream news won’t touch:

      You’re an entitled prick.

    2. I couldn’t agree anymore with this.
      I’ve been on this site for years, I miss the good times like when I seen chainsaw beheadings, Luka Magnotta, thailand pointers, ect. Good times now it’s just a hot chicks ass getting branded. Lame.

      1. You are a post Luka fiasco joinee, which doesn’t make you special. There’s dime a dozen of you. You weren’t here when Luka’s video was published. Or chainsaw beheading, etc, so you can’t possibly miss those times.

        Those of us who’ve been around since pre Luka fiasco know that it’s always those who’ve joined after everybody found out about the site, and never contributed anything to publish that whine.

        Nevermind that we’ve had things like faceless man’s beheading, cannibalism in Venezuelan prison, children murdered and mutilated by mother, ISIS slow mo shotgun executions, that vicious torture and dismemberment of the man by a woman, who cut off his penis and stuffed his severed head into his empty chest cavity, and other top notch content published recently, all of which was contributed by people who have never whine.

  5. Yet again people are fucking sooks.

    I got both my tongue split and branded before and it didn’t hurt that much at all. It looks worse then it really is. Only reason why the two posts about branding and tongue splitting got peoples eyes is because a stupid slut is in it.

    Now lets get back to the real gore.

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