Girl Carves “Hate Myself” Into Arm After Her Mistake Leads to Devastating Break Up

Girl Carves Hate Myself Into Arm After Her Mistake Leads to Devastating Break Up

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @MistressFangz, who turned to cutting after a “mistake” that cost her boyfriend of 2 years. In her own words:

First thing’s first; I honestly had no idea this website even existed until a couple of hours ago. I was browsing dark pictures when I stumbled upon this thing called “Anime Gore”. I found it enticing, yet repulsive, but I couldn’t get enough of it, (Not that it sexually arouses me. Because it doesn’t). I told my friend about it, and he recommended Best Gore. So that’s how I got here.

Now for the main subject. These pictures represent built up hatred mixed with heartache. (Excuse the mess, by the way. My life is pretty similar to that). My boyfriend and I of two years had just broken up because, well, I decided to make the worst mistake of my life and hang out with two guy friends whom I thought I could trust. I got drunk, and the next thing I know I’m in a car giving one of them a blow job. I was taken advantage of. I cheated. And my boyfriend found out through my Facebook messages.

I was devastated; I knew I was going to end up snapping, and I did. All of my self-loathing and agony exploded into a storm of mixed emotions I couldn’t escape from. I remember slicing myself open to “Snuff” by Slipknot. I know, stereotypical.

After cutting the first time, I attempted suicide by overdosing on Tylenol. I was sent to a rehabilitation center for eight days. After I got out, everything seemed to be fine. Until I seen that he had moved on. I cut again, and for the constant reminder of what I had done and what I had lost, I carved “HATE MYSELF” into my arm, and attempted suicide a second time. I had to go to the same rehabilitation center.
But since I’ve gotten out this time, I seem to be managing to cope a lot better. Kind of. Instead of cutting, I’ve resorted to smoking, snorting my Adderall, and singing.

I have been through complete and utter hell. But I know it could all be so much worse, as well. I’m here posting this because I want to reach out to other people who have been through similar situations and have felt near the same. Please know that you’re not alone. And since you’re on this website like I am, there’s obviously some sort of dark void that needs to be filled. I’m here if anyone ever needs to talk.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, Best Gore. And I have got to say, I highly admire the common sense grammar rules. It really does weed out the douchebags from the rest of the logical society here.

First thing’s first – Slipknot’s Snuff is sick. It gives me chills every single time I listen to it. Lyrics are incredible, and the part when the drums pause for the guitar to enhance the “You ran away, you’re all the same” bit, is out of this world.

Secondly, keep in mind that it takes two to tango, so trying to wash your hands off the responsibility in your involvement with the guys whom you blame for breaking your trust can end up being an invitation for the same thing to happen again.

Still, we wish you endurance and determination in getting over your self hatred and hopefully from this point on, it’s on to the better, brighter tomorrows.

186 thoughts on “Girl Carves “Hate Myself” Into Arm After Her Mistake Leads to Devastating Break Up”

      1. Hate to add to the fella above you but…miss cutter, if you do want to die (although i think it would be unwise) buy a helium tank online and direct a steady slow flow into your lungs. It’s an inert gas so it wont cause suffocation. You just drift off to sleep but never wake up. No pain, no suffering, just a gentle calm drift into the void of non-existence. It should cost around $50 for the tank but you can find lots of ways to make an aspirator. Good luck! Be sure to enjoy yourself before you leave though. Might as well have fun at a party right? Embrace hedonism.

    1. I agree. @mistressfangz – take responsibility as we all make some kind of mistakes. Don’t downplay it by making excuses. That’s the only way to grow and learn. As for the other stuff, like abusing adderall, seems pretty risky because that shit is highly addictive and you’ll need more and more to get the same result you’re looking for. What happens when you run out – I think you’ll be in a world of hurt 😐

      1. Tyenol damages your liver, it’s best to stay away from it. Being a pothead is much better, I’ve been injesting it for 44 years. A word of caution. Don’t post on Facebook your sexual adventures, keep your business to yourself. It will save you a lot of pain. I suspect you just learned the hard way.
        Stick with music, especially singing. You can get lost in the music and your troubles seem far away and not in your face any more. Avoid downer music, it makes it worse. Sing to music that makes you feel good.
        It’s been on my mind lately, so I’ll go ahead and ask. How does cutting make you feel better? Maybe an anti depressant is in order to smooth the rough edges out. Having a permanent reminder of your mistake makes it worse imo. You’re human, humans make mistakes. You can’t get around it. Just don’t advertise it on Facebook. You learned the hard way that getting drunk fucked up your judgement, you got taken advantage of. That says plenty about the assholes you were hanging out with. They didn’t care about the consequences you would face because of them. So it isn’t just you, they fucked up too. A good guy would have partied with you but wouldn’t have used you like that. There are plenty of men who wouldn’t have even thought of taking advantage of you.
        I hope you feel better soon. You’ve learned a hard lesson. Don’t make the same mistake twice. You have my support on this.

        1. You are absolutely correct about having scars that will remind you of the silly mistake you made and the night two jerks took advantage of you while you were drunk. You don’t want that or need that. Think about what you next boyfriend will think of every time he looks at those scars of your body? Don’t give those jerks the satisfaction of controlling your present and future by scaring or attempting suicide sweetie, it’s not worth it. Move past it the best you can, time will heal these wounds and sever pain you feel now and it will get better, I promise you. It your boyfriend truly loved you he would have dealt with those two jerks and worked it out with you! Not drop you like a bad habit and move right on to the next girl! He’s not worth it either. Trust me from a guys point of view, your feeding his ego by your self destructive behavior!!!

  1. You’re not alone. The pain of a terrible mistake is apowerful thing. My mom caught me cutting to Suicidal Tendencies when I was a teen. She never understood. ..Mike and the gang didn’t make me cut. They kept me ALIVE. They helped me realize OTHER people go through similar pains. They kept me from making that next cut a little bit deeper, and a little bit deeper. Sometimes we’re not looking for an answer or solution (because there isn’t always one) We just want to know we’re not alone. That we’re not the only ones who make mistakes…..You’re not alone @mistressfangz

    “Here I sit and watch my world come crumbling down
    I cry for help but no one’s around
    Silently screaming as I bang my head against the wall
    It seems like no one cares at all

    Always an emotion, but how can I explain; how can I explain?
    Kind of like the scent of a rose, with words I can’t explain, the same with my pain
    Caught up in emotion, goes over my head; goes over my head!
    Sometimes I got to think to myself is this life or death, am I living or am I dead

    The clock keeps ticking, but nothing else seems to change
    Problems never solved, just rearranged
    And when I think about all the times that I’ve had
    Some were good most were bad

    I search for personality and I look for things I cannot see
    Love and peace flash through my mind; pain and hate is all I find
    Find no hope in nothing new and I never had a dream come true
    Lies and hate and agony; through my eyes that’s all I see

    If I’m gonna cry, will you wipe away my tears?
    And if I’m gonna die, Lord please take away my fear
    Before I drown in sorrow, I just want to say;
    How will I laugh tomorrow, when I can’t even smile today.”

    1. @Cory, do you think the “pain of a terrible mistake” is as painful as the pain on being cheated on? I guess it all comes down to each individual, how much love there was, how long together etc.? Usually the BG community bays for blood if cheating is involved, especially if the cheat is a female. I guess because she has cut herself to show her remorse it’s ok? Unless the person cheated on is a cutter too, it’s not gonna be that effective (how sorry she is) that very act could turn someone off even more? Because you know, most people do not understand cutting.

      1. You bring up great points @tas. I simply took her testimony/confession at face value. I’ll never agree with the act of unfaithfulness, but I believe in mercy and second chances. Hell, I gave the ex several “second” chances. She never ONCE showed this level of remorse. A simple heart felt apology would have sufficed. But I’m just too nice and too hopeful. If I were given the choice whether to endure the pain of being cheated on or causing the pain by being the cheater, I’d rather be cheated on. I couldn’t handle the guilt of hurting the one I loved so badly. I know myself, and I know I’d punish myself for a VERY long time. …much like @mistressfangz

        1. @Cory, I want to know more, I want to know who put the “mistake” on Facebook? Was it the girl @mistressfangz, the cheater. Was it the ex-boyfriend who was enraged and put it all over Facebook or was it the guy (there were 2) who didn’t get a blow-job and was shitty about not getting any? That guy maybe the true ‘good guy’ here in the fact that he didn’t take advantage of a drunken woman! She should hook up with that guy!

          1. Yes, many things to consider @tas. I choose not to judge. If you fuck up, admit your mistake, be remorseful, and hope for the best. I’d be MORE likely to forgive and reunite with someone who comes forward with their confession than someone who tries to hide it and then gets found out anyway. But we’re all different. Different morals, different standards, different expectations. Hopefully lessons were learned and mistakes won’t be repeated.

          2. @Cory, I was with my kids (all 3) dad for nearly 16 years, when we were younger both of us cheated on each other all the time! It was very painful sometimes, I threw myself on the floor in tears once, another time I punched a girl in the eye! I cheated too! Another time HE punched one guy I became too close with. I’m talking full on affairs here as well as one offs. We were young, and very much in love but we were hopeless partiers. We all know what can happen when you are drinking with your friends or whoever, humans are very horny creatures by nature, there is not 7 1/2 billion of us because we don’t like sex! Of course this was before we had kids, as soon as our first boy was born we turned into boring parents! None of us ever argues about the cheating now, (we see each other because of the kids) because we both know it is what it is, the past. Plus we were both as bad as each other!

          3. @tasmanian tiger – maybe the guy that didnt receive a nice blow job was too busy getting laid – he was at the other end one presumes ?? Theres this thing called a ‘Spit roast’ and it all……….

      1. @ancientmystic @mistressfangz

        I cant take credit for the “poem”..theyre lyrics to a song by one of my favotite bands called Suicidal Tendencies. I know the bands name sounds bad, but its NOT bad for those who can relate. They sing about all kinds of things telatable, but never encouraging suicide, but rather how its not the answer. I truly believe they kept me from giving up. The song is called “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Cant Even Smile Today” they’ve evolved in their sound over the years ranging from skate punk, speed metal, heavy metal, thrash, to just plain crazy hit. He had a solo project called Cyco Miko, and a funky groovy metal group called Infectious Grooves. If thats something you might be interested in, i would recommend heir debut cd Suicidal Tendencies but the quality is a bit raw but you could also get Still Cyco after All These Years in which they re-recorded all their first songs but in better quality. Then i would jump to How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today. They really matured stylistically by then and those songs are so deep. Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit…D?j? Vu (1989)
        Lights…Camera…Revolution! (1990)
        The Art of Rebellion …theyre all awesome. But im totally biased so check them out if that style of music moves you. They put out mareial after these as well but i tend to stick to the classics lol . Hey, we all fuck up, but remember, when you do it once, its an accident…when you keep doing it, its a habit. Stay away from bad habits, and youll be ok. Love you guys.

    1. Do you know it’s a crime for suggesting someone to kill someone.. If she really end up killing her ex, and if you live in US, and she also lives in US, you may be held accountable. US has become a pussy country where people love to put blame on others. And it works!

  2. Maybe he didn’t deserve you and you are better off. Don’t ever do that again. Everyone makes mistakes. You weren’t married, you are young. Betcha won’t be even thinking about him in a year.

    1. For all I can see is that She doesn’t deserve him. My GF cheated on me long ago.. I got really hurt, and I got weird buzz in my head to the point where I still have mental disorders from that incident.

  3. i’m not judging but how do you end up giving your guy friend a blow job if you didn’t want to. anyways now it’s too late no point in every thinking about the past. what has happened has happened. you’ll find another boyfriend and just don’t repeat what you did. as long as you learn from your mistakes then you can think of it as something positive. people have done much worse things, not like you murdered someone.

  4. You complain about your life being out of control but the only things out of control are your REACTIONS to the consequences of your own actions.(getting drunk and giving head and cheating …and then posting on face book. Your only problem is immaturity. You need to curtail your outward reacting (acting out) and learn some coping skills like yoga or exercising etc…you need to stop this cutting shit and realize youre doing it for attention. (youre posting it and saying “look at me”…so you need to realize this and stop this right away. Also stop these attemps on your own life because thats permanent. Its foolish and selfish. Think of your parents who love you dearly…dont do it. If you need attention, go to a q2 step program and share this with people who act out the same way because they will have the same emotions and lack of coping skills as you. You need some spiritual calm in your life and some skills to rein down your own impetuosness and self destructive impulses. Good luck and for now until you get some help, JUST STOP all of this other behavior. God bless…

    1. It’s really annoying that you open a parenthesis, or round bracket with symbol: “(“, but you never close it! Please focus on your parenthesis because when I see parenthesis open, I like to see where it closes. Anyways, you are right. She lacks maturity. Mature person knows what he or she wants. If she wanted to give head to random guys, she shouldn’t be in relationship. If she wanted a relationship, she shouldn’t have sucked other dicks. Maturity is in person who knows what he or she wants. Moreover, she is posting this story on social media with pictures “I hate myself” etc goes to show she just wants attention, which is another form of immaturity. A mature person can get along with himself without wanting to attract attention.

    2. I think her visit to this site is a coping mechanism, she can vent here. People here understand her here. Then find an avenue to ground the negative energy. Singing is my coping mechanism, it has been since I was a little kid. Getting lost in the music is Better than any drug available. I have been asked on numerous occasions to sing on a commercial level but I declined.

  5. If you care about someone enough to slice yourself over a “mistake” like that then you should probably be more careful in the first place, I get other people wanting to be supportive and I don’t want anyone killing themselves but playing the taken advantage card is classic material there have been long posts around here bashing it before not totally on topic but its an interesting read with some points that apply

      1. I am here to say you and your story are complete bullshit! This is my arm, and you got this from my social media. I will be posting an updated picture of my arm on this website to prove it, and to show that I have healed and moved on. You’re sick, get help.
        It either came from Google, or from tumblr account amixmassacre.

        1. Joan mauy Did you ever end up posting and debunking this story? Unfortunately I don’t think you can get this post removed, as I don’t think this site really gives a shit about fake stories and picture stealing.

    1. @zx1shadow took the words right out of my mouth.

      Everybody is self-centered at the end of the day. EVERYBODY. You can lie to yourself and to the world about being “taken advantage of”, but your True intentions are clear as day. You had already made the decision to suck another guy’s dick years before you even dated this fella! We are all inherently fucked morally, so I’m not passing judgement. Just stating what I believe to be the truth. The bottom line is that none of us are alone so cheer the fuck up.

  6. You will find that life is pretty simple here. Live and learn or die within the oblivion of stupid. Too many don’t even get so much as a sniff of that choice.

    You now have 799 pages of Best Mother Fucking Gore to peruse. Let your awareness begin!

  7. @MistressFangz Your worst mistake was hanging out with 2 guys? Nice try. Your worst mistake was whoring yourself out and then putting the blame on everybody but yourself. As Ate was eluding to, this mentality will no doubt end with you getting “taken advantage of” many, many times. It’s cool though, because it wasn’t your fault, right? It was the evil, conniving men that did it. Your only fault is that you’re too trusting of others. Blame it on your innocence and nativity…Yeah. Your inability to take responsibility for this is almost more disgusting than the actual crime. Look, people get drunk and do stupid things. I’ve woken up in jail facing multiple felonies after a hard night of drinking. I get it. Mistakes happen, but don’t let those mistakes go to waste! Use those mistakes as a learning tool and ensure you don’t make those same mistakes again. That will never happen until you start taking responsibility for your own actions. Live and learn.

    1. While the above comment is worded rather harshly, I hope you can see the very valid point being made, and the optimism and hope that springs from it.

      Take it from someone who spent decades allowing herself to be the victim – taking responsibility for all your actions (even the fuck ups) is more empowering than you can imagine. I still put myself in risky situations and do dumb shit – but I own the consequences… and I haven’t cut in 5 years.

      Waiting for things to get better fucking sucks – but they do get better.

  8. I don’t ‘get’ Facebook because I have never joined, but how did your ex-boyfriend find out about you giving another man a blow-job, “through my Facebook messages” did you upload what you did onto your Facebook page or did your ‘friend’ the one who got his dick sucked? It could have been worse, you could have given BOTH guys a blowie. Men brag, I would have just denied, denied. Did you have tearful remorse? That would have been a give-away, when the ex was demanding an answer about it. You would think the guy who got the blow-job to be grateful and shut his gob. Did the ‘friend’ who didn’t get a blow-job blab? You must learn from this, alcohol lowers your inhibitions (which you know) and a man can and will take advantage of that. Hell woman too will take advantage of a man if his will has been compromised by liquor. I’m not sure why a chick would bother though, men sometimes cannot ‘get it up’ if they’re really pissed. Please try not to cut anymore, it will get better, new people will come into your life. You have found the right place for sympathy though, here on BestGore.

    1. I guess she was talking about how she sucked the cock on messages with the friend. Maybe she was bragging about how good of a cock sucker she is.. Nevertheless, the guy who got dick sucked got his pleasure, she is crying now, sooner she will another man, and when she will get bored, she will end up repeating the same “mistake”, or she could get mature and understand life’s ups and downs. I had an ex who cheated on me, it gave me lots of trouble, but I never did hurt myself because I think I got only one life to live, if I hurt myself now, it won’t change anything, but If I am happy, at least I will die a happy man. I have learned the lesson of my life. I hope she learns the lesson and quit being an attention whore about it.

    2. Tas Tiger. When she said he found out through her facebook messages, that means that her ex was getting on her facebook and reading all of her personal messages. Which tells me the relationship had problems to begin with.

  9. I remember a terrible depression that filled my heart even before I was a freshmen in High School that seemed to drive my thoughts to cutting myself just to feel something. Anything. Afterwards I realised that digging into myself wouldn’t drive away the hatred. I had to search within myself to find what could take away the madness that filled my very being. I’m 24 now, but it’s taken until I graduated high school sinse then to realise that the reason I hated myself so much is because I surrounded myself with people who never appreciated me, therefore I didn’t appreciate myself, and had been violated seceral times because of my low self worth.
    I know differently now, and the best part is I’ve really come to love myself and had separated myself from the fakes (who pretend to love) and be around people who really want me there. Cutting will never satisfy a soul, only tear it a little more.
    Thank you for your story, just know that you always deserve better than self mutilation. <3

    1. so do i, we are all humans, we all make mistakes.
      at least here we can share.
      losing ones self esteem is so difficult to recover [know that personally] but i agree with you and others with the positive replies and i to wish her well and peace. x

  10. theres to much inconsistencies on your letter…you hang out with 2 guys for what purpose exactly?
    ”hang out with two guy friends whom I thought I could trust” what does this mean exactly?
    how did you end up doing a blow-job since it doesnt give any pleasure to you?…if you were drunk you would have a guy licking your puz or getting pounded…not doing a blowjob…if your bf wouldnt have found about this story it would have been ok for you right?!

  11. I’m not so sure if suicide attempts or threats generally make an ex-partner ‘take you back’ or reconcile? That level of emotion is too much for most people to have put onto them, too much of a burden to carry. Eventually they will come to regret getting back with a person because they were going to ‘kill themselves’ otherwise. It is never someones fault if another person commits suicide if that person doesn’t love them anymore. You are not obliged to love anyone else or pretend to and be miserable yourself.
    When I was 17, I worked with a 16 yr old boy and he gassed himself in a car when his 15 yr old girlfriend dumped him. Some people blamed her! His family for example, blood is thicker than water, that sort of thing, but how could it have been her fault? And at that age! She didn’t tell him to do it. RIP Justin ‘Rocky’ Avery.

      1. @snookered1, he was very immature, even for a 16 yr old, he wasn’t very attractive, BUT he could have had his teeth straightened and grown out of his acne. Sometimes 16 yr olds can’t see past the afternoon, that things will get better. He drove off into the bush so know one could find him so he knew it would be final. He came from a fairly wealthy Italian family, they do sometimes mollycoddle the sons.

    1. But… I really really think you might find a better suited place in therapy though.
      Because you’re obviously dealing with a little bit of circumstantial depression.
      Or don’t.
      You’ll forget about it in a month anyway.
      Good thing those aren’t deep enough to be scars later,
      You’re lucky.

  12. not 0ne of you have given any sympathy to what the guy who got cheated on is going through. she sucked his friends dick. can any of you even show one bit of sympathy to him? nah you wont because some special snowflake is all that matters. i hope he gets revenge on you and fucks your mum or your sister and gets them pregnant. oh and to the guy out there if your reading .. this skank is a nobody and its you who deserves better not her. bide your time buddy and think of something spectacular and get payback on this cheap skank. peace out.

      1. male lives dont matter. especially if your a young white male. young white male’s are the most sh1t on and abused in todays society. no one gives a fork. white women muslim’s and n1ggers are the most mollycoddled.

  13. I still don’t see the point of cutting yourself over stupid shit. I’m sure there are people who have gone through worse shit and instead of harming themselves they learn from it and keep going on in their life.

  14. Sorry, I can’t feel sorry for you for cheating on your boyfriend, but I can understand the self-loathing you feel for doing such a stupid thing…maybe you should consider not drinking if you can’t control yourself when you do, otherwise you’re going to continue with the slutty tendencies…or simply embrace your inner slut and stay away from real relationships until you are grown up enough to handle them.

  15. Let her cut if she needs it, her ex boyfriend should be the one cutting since he’s the real victim, but instead of cutting he left that cheating drunkard cunt and moved on as best as he could. Props to him, after 2 years of love it kind of sucks but he reacted like a grown man.

    Don’t kill yourself over such a minor event, just be happy you live in a country in peace and with enough food and water.

  16. Can I say something only my opinion……at times you self Harmers get on my fuckin tits. Life is bad for you at the moment and you feel let down by your two male friends and so and so on…….
    This is a little phase your going through and in time you will get over your betrayal and ultimately life will get better. Judging by your comments and grammar you seem really inteligent, then why carnt you grasp… time you will feel better. What is the need to self harm yourself and physically n mentally scar yourself for life??????

  17. Thank you for the post @mistressfangz
    Don’t mind these whiney crybabies that “Just can’t stand cutters!… WAAAH!…” because the only thing they typically say is “You’re an attention whore!…”
    Typical mindless conclusion…
    Anyway…take care of yourself…

  18. Huh… Cant say i sympathise with your or feel any pity for your mistake… but i thank you for the blood pics anyways. I do hope your ex-boyfriend will one day find someone trully worthy of his time. Apologies are to be avoided, not asked for.

  19. Well this was indeed a pity, but it’s best to learn from the mistake made.

    But couldn’t the boyfriend not find it in himself to forgive Mistress Fangz? Sure a mistake was made, but if the relationship is good, he could just ignore it? If anyone hears of the story, they would be laughing at her for being a slut, not him? He is not the one who lost his dignity and respect, she did.

  20. Honestly, I don’t see why you’re making such a big deal out of this. Some of us have been alone for our entire lives, and many of them know they will be for the rest of those lives as well. I have met many people like this on /r9k/, and most of the ones I know haven’t killed themselves yet. The ones who did however, were the ones with no real life friends, whose dreams had been crushed and who had (obviously, it’s /r9k/) never had a girlfriend. Worst of all, most of them were nice people who were always there for you if you needed to talk. They didn’t deserve it.

    You had a boyfriend, for 2 whole years. You then gave a blowjob to another guy (not judging you, I know it’s something that happens quite often in this fucked up over sexualized society). You can probably get another boyfriend within your lifetime.

    “but it will never be the same!” I can already hear you say

    No it won’t be, it will be different, but not worse. That might be how you think about it right now, but you fucking know that it that will change in time.

    And even if you won’t change how you feel about it, if we robots can live on, a normie like you can do so as well.

  21. A blowjob is never a mistake, regardless of whatever circumstances led to the blowing. Just tell your ex bf he’s being selfish again. “It’s always ALL about you isn’t it?” Flip the script on his whiney ass.

  22. @MistressFangz

    Poor creature! I really feel for you! I wish you lots of strength and hopefully one way or the other things will sort out okay. Those guys are fags for putting you through this.

    On another note. This is exactly the reason why I don’t sleep with drunks girls. It can always turn the wrong way. (I say girls because I’m a guy and I’m %100 straight! I only sleep specifically with girls! 21+) However, we guys can also for sure be a victim of taken advantage of.

    we guys can also make the wrong decisions while on the influence and get up the next next day like:”What the fuck did I do, I sucked Malia’s pussy while drunk last night? Noooooooooooo…!?” Lol!

  23. Fuck that..this bitch is out sucking dick and probably fucking, at the very least she blew both of those guys. Now she comes looking for pitty FUCK THAT.You people make me sick with all this nonsense of its oks, just dont do it again. Stupid fucking cunt deserved to loose her boyfriend. Theres more to this story,the pictures are great but I call bullshit on “her” side of the story.Sounds more like a druggie ,alcoholic,dick sucking whore looking for a using an excuse to her unfaithful ways. Should have carved your boyfeinds name instead. Or killed yourself ..

  24. Thanks for sharing this with us. But let me ask you. How can you Hate Yourself When others LOVE-YOU??? Welcome to B-G Sweetie, and we are here for you, things will get better, if YOU want them to! πŸ™‚

  25. What is this “Dear Abby”?
    Oh I cut my self. I gave a blowjob. Now I don’t feel so well.
    There are young women all over the world being raped, sodomized, torture and killed.
    This little shit head has a few cuts on her arm, goes out and sucks dick and now is feeling guilty?

    Fuck off! There are girls in worse conditions than you. There are girls who will never see tomorrow’s daylight because they have been beaten to death by a group of individuals who don’t give a shit about girls and all they want is to fuck them and kill them.

    You come along with your scratches on your arm and your “Mia Culpa” that I sucked my boyfriends dick and now I feel shame. Keep in mind that the only person that put you through this hell that you are talking about is you. No sympathy from me!

  26. I somehow knew that if Best Gore posted this, I’d get a lot of hate. Thank you for taking the time to share my story, by the way. It means a lot to me.

    Now, I’m just going to try to clear a few things up here since some of you seem to be a little confused.

    For one, I’m 19, not 16.

    I went home that night and I was still drunk, messaging that guy. No, my ex and that guy weren’t friends.

    Yes, I do take responsibility. I blame myself for everything. Hence, the breakdown. Hence, why I hate myself.

    Yes, there are terrible scars, now. They weren’t just pathetic little scratches. I regret it, now.

    And yes, I know there are billions of other people in the world who are going through a lot worse than I am. I’m not a narrow minded cunt. And when you say there are people out there who are getting molested, raped, tortured, etc, I’m a victim of molestation and rape, myself. I know that there are people out there who are suffering and in pain a lot more than I am. Forgive me for wanting to share my pictures on a gore site with the back story behind them. I’m only one of a million other people who want to do the same. We’re all here because we like Gore. So I gave what I had, forgive me. I also wanted to share my story to reach out to others who have been through the same things, not a “look at me, I’m a slut” thing.

    But everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    Just keep in mind that while you’re reading this, I am nobody compared to the other 7 billion people here.

    And neither are you.

    Anyway. Thank you to those of you who understand, and you can contact me anytime you need someone to talk to. <3

    1. Facebook was your first mistake.

      tough love. thick skin. you’ll get through it. scars fade…well, kinda. in my case they really didn’t but i’ve made my own stupid ass mistakes in my time. you’re still young. just don’t pull an Amanda Todd on us πŸ™‚

    2. Not sure your getting the point, I’m assuming you, not someone else wrote the prologue. So you just said that you DO take responsibility, but in describing your actions your very words were: “I was taken advantage of”
      Can’t have it both ways. If you really were taking responsibility, that sentence would not have been written. It’s simple! I’m starting to agree with the majority of members who say you’re a very immature girl, and maybe an attention seeker. Quit drinking, have you realized this? Some people can’t drink without getting in trouble, you are one of those people. That doesn’t make you a bad person. Remember, when a nice guy comes along you may miss that opportunity if your acting like the town cum dumpster. Mistakes happen, yes, but learning from them is the key. *raises hand*

  27. @mistressfangz

    Firstly, welcome to BestGore, and thanks for sharing the photographs and back-story.

    Secondly, alcohol is a great disinhibitor; drink too much and people will do things, or be persuaded to do things, that they would not do when not intoxicated. The ‘friends’ that you hang out with when you are drinking may be the sort to take advantage of your disinhibitation (see the post above about avoiding sex with girls when drunk).

    Making a mistake is normal; sometimes it hurts, and takes time to resolve.

    DSH is a temporary fix but, eventually, you move on unless you end up on BestGore as a terminal event.

    Thirdly, FaceBork should be avoided; once you post something it is there forever and visible to all.


  28. People make mistakes and that’s fine but I still don’t understand how you ended up blowing one of your friends. They don’t sound like they’re your friends, and you seem impulsive to let it go that far and to choose to react by attempting suicide and slaughtering your arm. You won’t like those scars in the future. You can choose to react to anything however you want, and whether or not your situation gets worse or better is completely up to you. I hope that if anything else comes up, you’ll pause and think about what the healthiest way to go about it is. I hope that didn’t come off as mean, but I truly want to help you as much as I can without physically being there.

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