Indian Trannies with Dicks Cut Off Celebrate on Camera

Indian Trannies with Dicks Cut Off Celebrate on Camera

Indian Trannies with Dicks Cut Off Celebrate on Camera

In India, a pair of trannies filmed themselves celebrating on camera having cut off their dicks. One of them went deeper when removing the gonads and left behind a hole, presumably thinking it would develop into a vagina as it heals. The other one is kind of sealed shut down there.

I remember watching a doctor saying that transsexuality should be treated as a mental illness because it is one. I don’t think many people watching this video would think otherwise.

Props to Best Gore member @void33 for the video:

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316 thoughts on “Indian Trannies with Dicks Cut Off Celebrate on Camera”

  1. That doesn’t seem like a professional work. But if their mindset telling them “It’ll mend back to look like a real vagina”. Then it wasn’t a surprise at all if they think by praying hard enough, their newly god given womb would sprung right out in their abdominal cavity.

  2. Oh shit… Creepy Indians..
    But the sad thing is in my beloved country subhumans like that will be cheerd.. I’m pretty sure that my government will build extra Toilets for scum like that.
    And send them to the Kindergarten to teach the little Kids that theire Action is complet normal and worth for Imitation..

  3. It doesn’t surprise me seeing that these people worship over 1,000 different gods (little g), they are basically demonic fallen angelic hosts that need a body to express theirselves through. These transgenders have opened themselves up to the demonic realm , PERIID

      1. Good question, a lot of these fallen angelic hosts are just the same gods (little g) under a different name.

        It’s interesting as I have read some old Egyptian texts that talk about these gods, typically they come as “gods” until the people get savvy to their lies, then they tweak their story to something like they are our “space cousins”, Etc, Etc their story always changes throughout history…..

        THEN, They pull back for awhile and my gut tells me they will be back as the biblical prophecies talk about , their will be one that comes as the messiah and he will deceive the world and many will die ! Many will fall away from their Christian faith and follow thus nefarious one world religion under “The Beast” system. It’s very complicated but it needs to be in order to deceive the masses. Changing gears, in regards to this covid deception all I can say now is REFUSE any and ALL vaccinations, PERIOD!

          1. They have basically put a chip in us through our smartphones and that’s what they wanted. Nothing can be outright forced on the people in this day and age. New laws, for example, are passed under the guise of national security, preventing terrorism, preventing mass shootings and so on. While, other things come within the products that we willingly buy. People CHOSE smartphones over privacy on their own. Using these phones they can track us through GPS, watch us through the cameras, listen into our conversations using the microphones and even understand the psychological profile/mindset/worldviews of people like us who tend to share our honest thoughts and opinions on the internet, and we have ACCEPTED it all on our own.

        1. Yeah, due to linguistic and geographical differences they were given different names and slightly different myths but all polytheistic religions seem to come from the same source. It’s very likely that the religion of pre-christian Europeans would have been similar to the Hinduism practiced in India and Nepal today. Pre-islamic Arabia and Middle East too was in many ways the same and a few groups like the Yazidis have managed to maintain their customs to this day.

          1. Well sir the difference is that Yeshua wasn’t a myth, he walked , talked, died by the hands of the jewbastards and rose on the 3rd day. Many many government’s and religions have tried to systematically destroy the one true God IE Yeshua ! They have never been able to succeed and The historical and physical evidence supports him and his existence 100%. Interestingly enough the one and only name of ALL names that is continually under attack is that of the messiah ! It’s never Buddha, it’s never Satan, it’s never voodoo (another fallen angelic host), it’s never Muhammad or Allah, Etc, Etc it’s the name more commonly known as Jesus of Nazareth….. another fact that only reinforces the fact he was literally God in the flesh is that satanists always blaspheme his mighty name, they recite the Lord’s Prayer backwards in satanic majik rituals, Etc. Note- again these nefarious religions never attack any other religion OR god (little g) because they are no threat ! Read some of Crowley’s writings for a better understanding, even he knew the messiah existed.
            Either way I won’t argue with you bro, you have your right to believe as you do, I’m not the kind of Christian that bashes those who don’t believe as I . If you knew my early life as a teen, early and late 20’s you would never guess I am the man I am know.
            Good day sir and may God bless you with wisdom and good health.

        2. I’m not arguing. Just saying that various religions existed before Christianity and they were likely related and all other faiths including Christianity share many similarities with them. Everyone is free to believe what they want. Even Muslims carried some of their pre-islamic traditions into their religion. The Kaaba was a pagan site in Arabia and is still considered sacred to this day.

  4. If I had a penis, I would love it so much and take such good care of it. I would call out sick from work just to spend extra time with it. I’m actually very jealous of you guys. And I just can’t fathom a guy doing this to himself.

  5. While I do think more than half of the cases are something different, I can easily see how someone could be born transgender. We all start as female in the womb. If the body becomes male, but the brain does not, well, there ya go. And the same would apply to the opposite.

  6. I wouldn’t even comment or add my three cent$ if it wasn’t for them blatantly bragging and acting stuck up/ egotistical about something in my opinion should be the total opposite of having the right to “show off”. My opinion is this is more than likely the most botched sex change in all of transgender history!!! If not then most definitely one of the worst. One could assume the guy/ girl on the right, at the very least could realize by simply comparing to his/ hers on the left that it’s not ready to be flaunted to the whole world

  7. what the hell …. that’s disgusting! I would love to know what they say! Pity! How do you pee now? Auaaaa … Why do you mutilate like this? Nevertheless, they now have no working cunt! Idiots ..

  8. Disgusting humans they clearly didn’t have money for surgical removal so they did it on they’re own unknowing Infecting themselves this is why I can’t tolerate these freaks of nature.

  9. Oh Lord I had to stop watching mainly cause it’s gross cause they are THE ugliest trannies EVER! Secondly you’re fucking with Todd creation, I’m not religious but I am proud to have a dick just like women should be proud to have a pussy ( as long as it doesn’t smell horrid and it is smooth and taste like heaven ).

      1. Me too, I like monkeys too! But I don’t think the trannies are applauding … I think they want to express something with it! But what they did with their penis, creepy! Disgusting! Especially the right guy! Yes, or? ;)~ :()

  10. Brothers and sisters. it’s the end of the world as we knew it. The world is definitely fucked. The mans are fucked, the womans are fucked, the babys and the grandpa… All is over fucked by this horribles creatures of evil. I’m fucked deep in my soul.

  11. No penis = No life
    (except for REAL ladies)
    I just don’t understand how you could do this to yourself. Having a cock is the best thing in the world and I would just curl up and die without one……..

  12. Jesus fuck. Mentally ill. I have diagnosed Gender Dysphoric Disorder meaning I am a tranny who has urges to mutilate my genitals to appear different. But these poor women, they didn’t get help and now they royally fucked themselves up forever. Normally I feel little sympathy for anybody on this website, but considering I know how fucked up mentally you are as a tranny, this just makes me cringe with secondhand regret and embarrassment.

  13. Mate WTF ? these guys are trully psychologically fucked. i wonder if their is a way for them to understand whatever they have just done to their bodies , they gonna regret it as hell , a sucide maybe will have committed by then , can’t wait to see it on bestgore in the near futur. props , have a nice day.

          1. The way I see it I personally like to keep in shape I can’t stand woman who “Let themselves go” and use having children as an excuse to look repugnant. So answer is YES I’d like to think so.

          1. Neither do I. But opinions are like assholes everyone has one.. But yes since childhood. I consider myself more of a Sociopath.. but hey who needs lables. Don’t you just love it when people TRY to hurt your feeling’s, when truth is I have very little, but it’s a cute gesture.

  14. Nice. I have a few Arab friends and they have similar tendencies. I like to inflict pain (Consensual) of course.. also to receive.. And very much interested in Necrophilia but I haven’t indulged in any myself but there’s other ways around that.

          1. Another BONUS to fucking an Arab man, Chances are you’ll NEVER Call him by the wrong name! I mean a lot o if not all are named Mohammed, just sometimes different spelling lol

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