KatieMatie Pokes Metal Into Freshly Cut Wound

KatieMatie Pokes Metal Into Freshly Cut Wound

Best Gore’s KatieMatie is back with a new set of exclusive pictures and they’re just getting better. This time our Katie poked her freshly cut wound with various pieces of metal but the best thing about these photos is the fact that they look as if they came from a secret stash of a gynaecologist.

Each time I looked at any of the photos, all I could see was a pussy, a clitoris or a cervix. And the metal objects Katie inserted into her wound also looked like tools used by gynaecologists to spread those vaginas open and mess around with the insides. Enjoy the new amazing set from the ever awesome Best Gore Members Rock collection, but first, here’s KatieMatie explaining the story behind the cut:

This guy was a particularly cool looking cut a couple days ago. Today when I changed the bandage I started poking around and thought you might want to have a ganders. I was messing around in the fat and it all just started prolapsing out of the little hole I’d made! I wish I could have filmed it but I only had one hand to work with.

The metal thing I shoved in the hole is a 10mm tunnel, I have stretched ears and thought ‘lolololol that will TOTALLY fit in there’, then shoved a bunch of other stuff about in there. It was pretty rad, I reckon I was about 3/4 of an inch into my arm and I’d gotten through all of the fat.

I don’t know if it shows in the pictures but at the bottom of the hole it was all flat and shiny and I reckon muscle lives under that little layer! Anyway here are the pics.

This is on my upper arm and I have less scars up here, but I think you can see one of them in a couple pics. The last one’s a bowl with a bunch of fatty globules floating around in it.

I hope your little break away from the interwebz a bit back was nice and relaxinggg. Also, the more I shuffle around online foraging for other gore sites, the more I’m reminded Best Gore seriously is the best gore site. A bunch of others just feel so childish and messy and are fucking bullshit to navigate.

I only have one thing to add to this – actually, it ends up being two cause the first would be “Thank you, girlie”. Now to the point:

Best Gore is not Facebook or whatever other website you can think of. Any internet user has million and one opportunities to interact with idiots, if they want to. Here at Best Gore, we are different. I have gnomes barking up the ass of everyone who brings idiocy from other website to Best Gore. As a result, comments which are all written in caps, contain words like “ur” instead of “your” or “b4” instead of “before”, etc are arbitrarily filtered out to keep the experience for normal users unspoiled. About 20% of all comments never make it to the public thanks to our simple, but effective bullshit filters.

Anyone who wishes to type like a retard is welcome to leave Best Gore and go elsewhere. Virtually every other site is full of retards so you should have no troubles finding one to quickly fit in. But you are not welcome here, if that’s what you want. Unless you’re a mature person and at the same time able to interact with others and type it out in a mature way, gnomes are gonna drive you out of here.

This approach ensures that all non retards are able to enjoy a retard free community. Act like a retard, and the gnomes will chase you out. Act like a mature person and you won’t have to worry about having your experience spoiled by a retard cause gnomes will guard the gate to prevent them from unleashing their stupidity upon you.

Protection for Contributors

There is one extra commitment that me and my gnomes have towards those who submit their private pictures for publishing on Best Gore. We leave the discussion open for as long as it is a discussion. But as soon as someone tries to judge you, tell you that you need help or otherwise open their filth mouth on you, gnomes will bite the shit out of their dumb mugs. I will not allow anyone to abuse Best Gore to pick on you.

Best Gore is the most successful gore website and the largest source of exclusive, member submitted gore for a reason. People trust Best Gore and I have never and never will let their trust down. If a piece of shit comes on here acting like they know you based on submitted pictures, that they know what is best for you, what you need, what you should or should not be doing, they can go straight up fuck themselves cause their filth will never make it to you. I keep a very keen eye on filth carriers and have always had my way with them.

Best Gore is also safe from utter imbecility of psychologists. To quote myself: “Psychologists are people who get paid to invent fancy names for common human conditions. They know jack shit about human psyche, but know everything to the dot about psyche of the sheep.” I’ve never seen anyone as clueless about human nature as psychologists.

So here’s the deal – many of the submitters to Best Gore have already gone through a psychologist or two. Chances are good they pulled their completely useless, book outlined definitions on you, matching you with what their tables, charts and graphs are suggesting about you. They have no fucking idea. They think you need help, but that’s not necessarily what you need. You probably do need something, but help from someone who thinks they have a clue about what really goes on inside of you is hardly it.

I don’t care who you are, what you do, what lead you to doing what you do – if at this moment in time, having your pictures posted on Best Gore feels right for you, then pictures on Best Gore you will have.

Psychologists would love to believe each one of is an unstable and potentially dangerous individual cause we keep ourselves aware of reality and don’t live with rose colored shades mounted on our faces. We don’t arbitrarily accept what’s served to us by the mainstream media and have gotten a solid glimpse of true human nature up close and personal. “Why don’t you tell me more about it, right?”

Pics of KatieMatie’s new pussy examined by a gynaecologist are below. Much love, K.:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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110 thoughts on “KatieMatie Pokes Metal Into Freshly Cut Wound”

  1. Nice katie thanks for sharin’ that with us!!!!! H ow did ya get the initial slice??? And as much as I like seein’ this and doin’ it to myself, try not to let it get infected. Well now that I think of it,if ya do let it get infected, we could have some very good pics and/or film of a self amputation!!!!!! LOL thanks again my little gorefriend!!!

          1. Uh…a finger gun… Unless that’s some sort of perverted joke that I don’t get… πŸ˜› There’s no rubber bands around here for me to shoot myself with. Thankfully.

      1. Katie…a Cat’s-Eye Marble!!!! lol
        That would have been pretty damm cool!
        I fussed at my daughter when she experimented with cutting, but told her if it was what she felt she needed to do, what could I do?
        She stopped though, so I no longer wonder why my razors are oddly ineffective at shaving… πŸ˜‰

  2. To all the BG cutters out there, how in the fuck can you withstand the pain? I must be such a pussy because I cannot even stand a simple paper cut. Cuz I’d imagine that shit hurts a while fucking lot.

    And Mark, you claim that this is the most successful gore website there is. Well if that’s true than I hope you’ve stopped thinking about moving on to other things πŸ™‚

    1. The pain is a release for them and a rush. That’s one reason why they like it and are able to tolerate it. But every cutter is different so there are many reasons why they can do it.
      I can’t stand pain at all. It pisses me right off so I could never be a cutter.

          1. Holy Shit! I am not one of those…lol labor was truly not anything I enjoyed, at all…lol
            However, the little tube thing they gave me to inhale from (much like a pipe without the flame…lol) was fantastic! I was mad when they wouldn’t give me any of those to take home…lol

  3. I’m with Fresh Bagels. How can she stand the pain? I also find paper cuts to be painful. Maybe if one is on drugs, you can numb the pain temporarily, but when you get sober, OUCH! BTW, that hole tweaked my trypophobia (shudders)!!

    1. You know when I got addicted to speedballing (heroin/coke) after a while I really enjoyed shooting up just for the feeling I got from the needle pushing thru skin and hitting a vein, as soon as I saw the blood mixing in the syringe it was pure relief, the high from the drugs was just a bonus, I guess it a little diffrent from cutting one self with a razor but sticking my arm over and over with needle while on a coke binge was the ultimate I’ve been clean for months now amd just talking about this makes me wanna get high just so I can feel the needle and watch the blood stream into the syringe and mix ther were times when.I ran outta dope and use vodka or straight water just for the fuk of it it may not be like cutting but everyone has their vices and mine was that

      1. @SK – That’s not the same and besides…you said you were “high” when doing it, so how can you “honestly” say what makes someone do this shit? And yes….everyone might need a vice but gawd man, there are tons of vices that don’t include self mutilation. Give yourself a titty-twister or some shit like that that won’t leave you scarred πŸ˜› .

        1. It technically sits in the same category since SK was inflicting pain on himself. He just wasn’t doing it through a knife but he was still piercing the skin and loving the pain that followed. @stuby

          1. @bidity – I don’t believe they are…because sticking a tiny needle in your arm doesn’t cause anywhere near the kind of pain or inflict any kind of damage a razor or knife do. Anyway, what I wanted to know was when someone has a perfectly clear head (no drugs, alcohol, etc) what is it they feel inside that makes them need to cut themselves. An honest answer. Not something fabricated to make it sound cool.

            @SK – It’s good that you quit and I hope talking about it doesn’t make you go back. I’ve had a few friends that died because of that shit. So, keep up the good work πŸ™‚ .

          2. How would you know what it feels lime stuby you your self said you’ve never cut so how would you know what is and what isn’t and like said the pain came first and the high after

          3. @SK – That’s right….I have never cut myself on purpose but I have had about 30 surgeries in my life so I know what pain feels like. And what I was saying was that the pain from a needle stick is nothing compared to actual cuts. I didn’t think my question deserved a bitch slap. I’m just curious is all. *waves white flag*

        2. I never said “what makes someone do that”… you did jackass , basically I can understand why people do it, like I said i had my own vice and that was shooting up some people enjoy cutting others burning, tattoos, piercings etc the points is people do it for pleasure sticking my arm gave me more pleasure than the high it self the high was just a bonus I did try cutting when I was younger outta curiosity and wasn’t for me and then I discoverd tattoos and now I’m coverd in them people have strange ways in order to get the release and relief they seek and that brings them pleasure that much I understand. Why do people cut themselves? Simple “they like pleasure spiked with pain and music is their aeroplane”

          1. WOW….Take a chill pill dude. I was only wondering what makes someone do that stuff. I didn’t say YOU said it. If you can’t handle talking about it then don’t post a comment.

          2. I’m chilling homes and I can handle talking about it that’s why I posted it, I just can’t handle people who take things outta context especially when that person has no experience in that topic you your self said you don’t know why people would wanna do that and I take it you’ve never even shot up a drug in your life so how do you validate saying you don’t agree with something being the same as the other when you have no experience in one or the other, I mean have you ever slit your arm or stuck a syringe repeatedly in the same spot for months on end the pain may not be the same but who’s to say one is worse than the other some cut deeper than others I’m not saying cutting and shooting is the same thing cause its not obviously, but I can understand why a cutter cut the self inflicting of pain and the seeing of the blood does something to a cutter when I would shoot up the feelin.g of a needle going in my arm and watching blood mix in the syringe made me feel something and this is before the drug has even entered my vein a rush of relief of sorts I’m imagine this is what drives a cutter, slicing flesh or jabbing needles, burning flesh all seem to be in the same ball park in my opinion different techniques same result, but like I said that’s my opinion and we all have one here on BG that contradicts the others…u mad bro?

        1. Yeah the ritual was something to look foward to but like I said more than that more than the high it’s self the jabbing of the needle and blood mixing were what I enjoyed the most after a while you do so much you don’t even get high any more you just get normal and do it to not get sick

          1. Wow, I love reading arguments about shit when about 75% of the content says the same thing.

            Suicide King, credit for being who you are. FTW.
            Stubby One, Credit for wanting to understand why, rather than just chocking it up that people just do things we don’t understand.

            As far as the common ground You Two were trying to find, it just doesn’t need to be there to be there, in order to be here.

            Interestingly enough, We/I feel more comfortable than normal saying things here that I normally do not talk about.
            Call it anonymity, call it comorodery call it the only fucking place in the entire world that i don’t really care it sounds, because we arte ALL The Students of Best Gore.

            We, almost as much as for entertainment, come here to learn.
            THAT, is our common ground it seems.
            At least for Me, it is.

  4. Off the subject….is anyone gonna play the “Mega Millions Jackpot” tonight? It’s over half a billion dollars!!! That’s right….I said BILLION. Could you fuck’n imagine that shit? You could pay to have a shit-load of gooks and niggers disappear…am I right? Ohhh…yesss I am. (long sigh) πŸ˜€

  5. Mark, you’re my hero. That little splurge up there about how people try to label us crazy honestly made me tear up. People think that because I cut for “no reason” there’s something fucking wrong with my mind and it pisses me off. I love you, Mark.
    And nice pictures, Katie. Can’t imagine how that would feel shoving shit in there, lol. Hurts like a bitch just getting hot water in there xD

  6. I woke up this morning and smoked a bowl, got a blowjob from the psycho chick that stalks around my house, did the naked version of the “Silence of the Lambs dance” in front of an open window. Now, which of these things do you suppose I enjoyed more than this post? NONE! Those pics are too cool, and I find them extremely easy to masturbate to.

    1. I don’t feel encouraged to cut deeper. I worry about this maybe being triggering to other self harmers out there. But for me it’s just feels kind of amazing to be able to share it. I love cutting and all the bits and bobs you can find while digging around in there, and I never thought I’d have a bunch of fucked up people to share it with! <3 I've been hiding my arms even in the heat of summer for fear of people seeing for the past 3 years, so it's pretty fucking lovely to have such a wicked reception in the gore community. Plus I fucking love gore and Best Gore, so I kinda feel like I'm doing my bit and giving something back to say thanks C:

      1. So you see how an attractive girl getting positive encouragement and attention on this website may encourage others to do the same, but you’re not worried enough to stop? I fail to see the reasoning in your justification.

        1. To be honest, I don’t see why I should have to stop flashing my gashes to Best Gore. The fact that BG has a big DO NOT ENTER IF YOU’RE SQUEEMISH thing on the front of it kinda emphasizes this isn’t the perfect place for little kiddies. It’s not like I’m posting these on facebook where some innocent little cutters gonna have it pop up in their news feed and instantly be triggered. Someone already has to be messed up enough to be looking at beheadings and car wrecks and dismembered bodies, my cuts are the least triggering thing on this website in comparison.

          I really don’t feel encouraged either. Only a couple people have said ”film the next one” or ”cut in a more controlled manner”, but I don’t feel pressured or anything to cut again or to cut deeper to impress anyone. It’s really just something personal I enjoy on occasion, and I’m completely chuffed to bits that other people like looking at it too.

  7. K.m… You should take a more artistic approach to self mutilation. With the right kind of cuts, these wounds would heal in a manner that lent itself to a beautiful scene or, more over, fascinating prose. Think of fine medical instruments and silk thread. Many artistic endeavors have begun with a painful need to express oneself, but have come to fruition with careful planning.
    Think on it, and keep cutting!

  8. I used to cut off my cuticles with razor blades. I knew I shouldn’t but I just had to. Then my fingers got so gnarly that I had to stop, it hurt to do anything, but I still had to do EVERYthing (housework, laundry, etc) and it hurt a lot. (hot water, dish soap, even lotion burned like fire) never mind cutting up tomatoes or lemons… πŸ˜‰
    I dunno how you stand it KM. I cringed when I saw that, well, whatever it was, sticking out of your arm…lol Yes, I am a wimp…lol

  9. I love your atatude! I’m new here and I was drawn to this site because I’m in collage studying to become a paramedic. I live in the USA and trying to de center my eyes. Here death is hidden away from sight.
    I’m happy there is a place like this, with no sheets over body’s and caution tape blocking the street. Here I can see the truth.
    I wish I had some stuff to add, I didn’t take pics when I broke my arm in half and had 4″ of bone sticking out. Have plenty of scars now.

    Thanks best gore!!

  10. What part of the UK are you in??? I’m in Bedford lol :S πŸ˜€ and admit it. Just like me you want to be in a room with at least another cutter and cut…… a lot and it would be interesting. Lol 2 girls one razor. Except I’m a boy :/ lol

  11. I love These things, especially Katie’s work. Its truly an art form in some ways, Though i could never do anything of the sort. The most i do is bite my lip and suck the delicious blood until the flow stops XD. Im not a big person on extreme things such as this, though i am a major masochist. And Sadist. Blood is just so enticing.

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