Masochist – Lower Back Custom Scarification

This Photo Has Sex Written All Over It

The latest addition to the “Best Gore Members Rock” family of photos is yet another proof that Best Gore members are the sexiest in the universe. This time the pictures are from a member who comes from my homeland of Canada, except that she’s from awesome Montral, whereas I’m from damn cold Alberta. I’ll let lascerated (that’s her nick, and it’s very appropriate), who recently got a buddy of hers to cut the word “MASOCHIST” into her lower back explain the story behind these custom scarification pictures herself:

In 2004 at the age of 14, I had a silly idea to carve the word “masochist” into my lower back. In November of 2011 my “silly idea” came to life when a friend of mine and I decided that all we would really need was a sharp blade, some rubbing alcohol and a bitch load of marijuana to make my plan come to pass.

Alas, exacto blades and single razors were purchased and marijuana was acquired and the first cutting session commenced. I had previously made a stencil earlier in the day (some time in late November 2011) and my friend showed up in the evening. We rolled some joints and got started right away.

The first cuts were shallow, more of a guideline for the deeper cuts to follow. I twitched as the blade sliced though nerves and tissue. The “O” and “C” are right on my spine and felt like I was being cut to the bone. Much pot was smoked and the first session took about an hour to complete; half an hour for the shallow outline then another half an hour for the deeper, much more painful lines.

That night before bed I soaked my sore back in hot water and scrubbed it violently with a nail brush before spraying it with rubbing alcohol. If you ever want to see someone twitch and jump like an insect on fire, slice them open and drown their wound in alcohol. It’s quite a violent shock to the senses.

The second session took place 2 days later. The itching before the second cut was unbelievable and sleeping any other way than face-down was not an option. The second session hurt worse that the first. The blood loss was pretty epic. We cut through the already healing scabs into the untouched tissue underneath. I needed a break half way through the word due to the adrenaline making me jittery. I was not looking forward to the third session.

Third session about a week later consisted of cutting around the edge of each scab and peeling them out with a pair of tweezers. Despite how painful it was to have a blade slicing though already pissed off skin, it was rather pleasing due to the intense itching I was experiencing. The third session, at least, really helped with the unbearable itchiness I’d been enduring for the week previous. I got into the habit of scraping the scabs off every few hours just to drown it in rubbing alcohol and eliminate the itch for a little while.

The last full cut was done on Christmas Eve. The scabs were removed and the cuts were deepened and I smoked almost 7 grams of weed just trying to get though the session. It felt like someone was scraping my spine with a rusty knife. The 5th session was easy and painless. By the 28th of December the nerves had finally decided to not bother regenerating, and all that needed doing was pointing a few of the lines to make them clean and sharp.

Today, I have one small area on the “M” that got infected and is still healing but the rest of the word is beautiful. Running my fingers over it, I can feel every line raised slightly above the skin. I’m very pleased with the results. 😉

Thanks a lot G. for awesome custom scarification pics. The gallery is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “Masochist – Lower Back Custom Scarification”

      1. I wasnt being rude, Masochists get off on pain and it only made sense you were fucking somebody during this whole ordeal so I wrongly assumed it was the person doing this to you. I would however like to hear more about you and some chick in your high school Jilling each other! Hell, I live just west of Toronto and I could be in Montreal in like 5 hours if you want to show me in person Lol!

  1. OH YEA RIGHT !!! That is going to look really cool when you are 50 and older.
    Imagine this:
    You are 65 years old and going down the hall with your 4 point walker, when the back of the hospital gown swings open.

    1. The moment you start feeling concerned with what you would look like when you’re 65 is the moment you’re as good as dead. Holding back on what you want to do with your life because you fear it might affect you 40 years from now is like wasting your life away, waiting for time that might never come.

      1. You are absolutely correct !
        Let me change that to when she is 29.
        Since she is 21 now, that means she could easily have a 7 year old daughter at age 29, asking,
        “Mommy what does MA – SUC – HIST mean?”

        1. Actually, im completely infertile due to years of being over medicated. I recently had my gall bladder, part of my liver and one of my kidneys removed because i am very sick. Despite what you may think, me getting my back scarred has nothing to do with `attention` and more to do with me accepting that im not going to live very long and deciding to live my life how i choose for what ever time i have left. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and i think my mod is beautiful. The only reason i think you`re a judgemental prick is cause you naturally assumed i was uneducated and had a deep set need for attention, when really, i did this for myself knowing that im not going to live very long and would like to enjoy what little time i have left.

          1. Gem,

            Goddamn right you are. None of us really know how much time we have and we should go out and make each day count. Most people just pay it lip service. You go out and actually do it and I applaud you for it. If body mods and crazy sex is what you want to do, then do it, and fuck the naysaysers. You will never find happiness living your life how others want you to.

            My own story – 8 years ago a doctor told me an organ had failed and I was done. No coming back. Well, I did. So don’t be so sure that your own fate is sealed. You never know.

    2. I suffer from a variety of psychological disorders and ive already lost an organ to being highly medicated; i highly doubt ill see 30, thank you however for your comment. You know the difference between a tattooed person and a non tattooed person?
      the tattooed person doesn`t care if you don`t have tattoos. 😉

        1. And you beat women when you cant handle their views or opinions, or in your wifes case, her stress due to never getting a good lay cause of your little penis.
          Yes, beat that bitch cause your shit is small. Big man.

  2. Damn Gem, you go girl! I’ve got piercings and ink but I couldn’t do what you did. Sick or healthy, whether you live to be 30, 40, or even 80 live that time doing what makes you happy. If that’s what makes you happy and you’re not hurting anyone then have a grand ol time 🙂

  3. I remember reading something years ago about a tribe(don’t recall where) that cut beautiful detailed patterns into their skin, mostly their chest and then they rub wood ashes into the cuts to create more pronounced scarring which is considered a form of beauty.

  4. Love love love this!!! I too have scarification done on my thigh of the biohazard symbol, thick and gorgeous now! But healing it was seriously disgusting. Purposefully though I did not clean it as intended because I wanted that purple brusing on the outside to form, which did fast. I want to get more, they did tell me as a child cutting is addicting. No lies there haha

  5. nice…. very nice. fuck what others think. i guess doing this wasn’t about them or what they think. good on you. i know all about that adrenaline feeling during a cutting session, not much compares to it and i think that is what makes it soooo addictive. but with time the urge to cut slowly goes away. im now 31 and no longer feel the need to slash up like i used to. man i did some nasty ones too. my whole arm front and back is covered in scars and memories of trips to hospital and doctors for stitch ups. they also fade too…. never let people put you down for it either. it was our decision to incise. fuck them all.

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