Masochistic Man Uses Sewing Machine to Sew His Foreskin Shut

Masochistic Man Uses Sewing Machine to Sew His Foreskin Shut

Masochistic Man Uses Sewing Machine to Sew His Foreskin Shut

An apparently masochistic man filmed himself sewing his foreskin shut with a sewing machine. There’s basically nothing that makes sense to me about what goes on in the video, but whatever floats your boat, I guess.

While bizarre in its own right, at least the man is a self aware adult who chose to do this to his penis himself. In contrast, male babies born to families who have not noticed we don’t live in the Middle Ages anymore mutilate the genitals of their infants who not only have no means to make that conscious choice themselves, but damage caused by circumcision to their sexual organs is irreversible, causes permanent brain changes and makes their junk look comical for the rest of their lives.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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176 thoughts on “Masochistic Man Uses Sewing Machine to Sew His Foreskin Shut”

    1. Hahaha pretty slow going too I figure he’d do better with a darning needle 😀 also did ya see the wedding ring? I can imagine wifey getting home “what the fuck have you done now for god’s sake!”

      1. No fucking kidding talk about upping the ante, looks super fucking painful!!! Yeah the wedding ring good observation Sook.”don’t worry babe it’s no big deal I just wanted to surprise you with a sock monkey”or”the guys and I decided to pick up arts and crafts, had a few too many cocktails and had a misfortunate quilting accident!”

          1. Joe Dirt, thanks HK i’ll look it up, i’ll get it for film night for me and the boys

      1. @xsookiex Good observation sookiex, i missed that but then i’m no Columbo. Wifey won’t be happy, do you think he did it because of her? I wonder if there’s a guilt thing going on here, like she caught him cheating.

        1. Now, i have a question. I bought a sandwich toaster knowing full well it would end up just another redundant piece of kitchen equipment, rather like gym equipment that you never use. Any ideas for toasted sandwich fillings? I mean besides cheese (Thought bubble…i’m asking for trouble here)

          1. @42ridick well i don’t mind cheese it’s just that with a sandwich toaster it seems to be all there is, garlic bread is a good one, thanks

  1. Should have just chopped it up into sushi while he was at it. Chopstick those fine cuts into sauce and into your mouth. Maybe add some wasabi to help kill off the fishy taste.

  2. What’s with you Vincent, dropped on your head and beaten in a sack ??? I’m circumcised and all women I’ve had actually like it, most of my mates who weren’t are now having it done for med reasons.. not a slimy unclean filth under yuk !! Thank you mum and dad for making that decision..

    1. You know, as far as males are concerned most of the world is uncircumcised. Just as most of the world prefers football to baseball.

      I have nothing against the lack of helmet on your purple headed warrior but it is still important to realise that globally speaking an uncut cock is the norm and not a “slimy unclean filth under yuk” situation.

      As adults I say each to their own. However, there is an argument to be made where children are concerned.

      For example, female circumcision is seen to be terrible and unjust and yet male circumcision is seen to be a net positive despite both being situational, religious and cultural in their nature and application as well as both being forced on an unconsenting populace.

      Why not wait until medical necessity requires it or a consenting adult chooses it?.

      Why should an individual be denied choice when it comes to their own personal being?.

      Personally I don’t give a shit about what others do to their own kind and lineage so long as it doesn’t hurt me. However, do keep in mind that uncircumcised cocks are the majority worldwide and those medical(American) reports of ills related to uncut cocks are just Hollywood standard lies and slanted bias with no such factual evidence to back it up.

      If an uncircumcised cock was really so deadly most of the world’s population would have died out thousands of years ago.

    1. Well thanks but its quite disgusting that I didn’t really have a choice. Id rather have all pieces of my penis the natural way of things. How is this even debatable? Im triggered and want my foreskin back! Sweet overlords have mercy!

    2. Foreskins are a natural protection for an extremely sensitive part of the body. Even women got one. Nothing comical to it. Such stupid comments can only come from such dump bitches who bleaches their asshole.
      By the way, the very most circumcisions have to endure infants and toddlers under pain for religious reasons.
      What would you say if men would demand “free the clit, away with female foreskin…”
      only because its look nicer

  3. There is always a lot of debate on the circumcision issue. As a pubic service I am going to clear this up, once and for all. Cutting foreskin off has nothing to do with religion. The Anunnaki consider foreskin to be a delicacy. They managed to trick some of the world’s population into chopping of part of their baby’s penises in order to procure their favorite appetizer. They batter, and deep fry it like calamari rings. Now you know. What you choose to do with this information is up to you.

  4. Dear Vincit are you speaking down on circumcision?? Uncircumcised cocks are fucking gross.. I just dont agree with the way you voice your opinions like every time someones lynched for rape.. OMG this country is pussywhipped, he did not rape and hes being wrongly killed.. Well sorry dude but im sure they did. You just sound so fuckin biased.. No wonder you left north america.. Bet you got a couple pair of flip flops ya animal (animals dont believe in circumcision either) XD

  5. Like for what???? Foreskin??? 😉 Sick Fucking Monkey. Must be related to @trevor that fag.
    Next thing you know you will see him on here again and this time hopefully he will shove a living snake up his and hopefully it will be a Bottom Butt Dwelling Venomous Spit Viper, that will end his sick, perverted, Jew-Existence. Cause only a *Jew Like This Sick-Cunt* Could Be So Perverted, and Anti-God, them evil bastards and murdering scum of the earth.

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