Mentally Disturbed Man from Romania Cuts His Arms and Chest for YouTube Fame

Mentally Disturbed Man from Romania Cuts His Arms and Chest for YouTube Fame

A mentally disturbed guy from Romania allegedly got mad at people for not making him famous on YouTube, so he turned to drastic measures to get the attention he craved. Now his five minutes of fame is on, I guess.

The video shows the guy, who calls himself Katalin, using a razor blade to cut his arms and chest.

Props to Best Gore member @justAcunt for the video:

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111 thoughts on “Mentally Disturbed Man from Romania Cuts His Arms and Chest for YouTube Fame”

    1. I can traslate he sayd that he cant take more bullying from internet he says that obly think he wanted was to make people smile also he speaks of that he wants justice idk what justice he wants he also said that he cant see poor people no more they need help idk he is story i only translated

    1. Maybe it was just the attenion that had control over him, he believes if he does something like hurt himself, which is something he is possibly afraid of then people might actually feel bad for him. Not here though.

    1. indeed, cuts to fast, not really deep and because of his skin not really shows any nerval reaction to this and the itchy faktor i bet hes on something. I hate thoose fuckers and Emo kids who dont even enjoy what they doing… btw am i the only one seeing that he cuts K T on his chest? Intentional?

        1. He calls himself Katalin (read the description). Fucker must have wanted to cut all individual letters of that gay ass name on his chest but the adrenalin faded away and the pain seeped in at the second letter itself. Lol.

  1. “But but but… i have the gayest Justin Bieber hair ever!! Why dont people like me!?? Waaaahhh Waaaahhh Im gonna do some cat scratches on myself because im too much of a pussy to do bigger cuts…” 😆 Fucking narcissistic idiots…

  2. Translation: he mainly says the reasons why he does this are the fact that he isnt accepted, they all laught at him and reject him, that there is no justice in the world and that his story isnt told. he wants to prove that he will eventually kill himself.
    He doesnt seem much of a bright guy but he isnt saying crazy lunatic stuff in this video.he seem to suffer from depresion mostly. other than low iq and depresion, other mental ilnesses dont seem to appear FROM THIS VIDEO.

    1. update: I looked 2 minutes on his channel. he s a romanian who lives and works in the netherlands. he grew up in an orphanage where he was abused in many different ways. His dreams are to „win the lottery” lol, or make some money to open his own orphanage where kids would be treated well. he s a naive guy with a big heart. thats all

      1. Just another one fucked by the system. He says he’s 32 years old, not in this video, and since he was ‘raised’ by the Romanian government, I can only feel sorry for this goofball. That ‘awfully itchy…narcotics?’ behaviour, is most likely caused by the years of physical and psychological trauma suffered in Romanian orphanages throughtout his life. I for one would prefer walking naked in one of them favelas from Brasil, with brand new designer flip-flops than to be in a Romanian orphanage, at least that way I know for sure that I’ll have a reasonably quick death.

  3. He’s trying to be like the girl that was on the Dr. Phil show a few months back that was all over the internet. Girl claims that she has cut herself a half a million times. Fucking attention whores.

  4. Well guys let me tell u wtf is with this guy,im romanian and ill translate what he said in a nutshell.
    He is not mentally disturbed he said he was raised in a orphanage and he says the outside world is very mean and bad,i can clearly tell you he is pretty dumb he doesent even speak correctly his own language.And the most amount of the time he says he wants his story to be known so people like hem wont go trough what he is going and that he cant take it anymore and he will probably commit suicide soon…in a nutshell he is a kind person but dumb.

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