Mental Meltdown, Blood Releases Pain

Mental Meltdown, Blood Releases Pain

Mental Meltdown, Blood Releases Pain

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @churchvomit, who shares videos and pictures of a recent mental breakdown:

Hello there, here are videos and pictures taken of me and by me during a bad mental breakdown episode a few days ago. I don’t want to die I just wanna hurt

I know a great way to make you hurt, but you would want to die afterwards 😛 Remember, tomorrow is another day.

Props to Best Gore member @churchvomit for the videos:

…and for the pictures:

Zero-Decibels ®

74 thoughts on “Mental Meltdown, Blood Releases Pain”

      1. It’s absolutely AWESOME!

        Also… how about taking a piss while standing!? Seriously!

        Have you guys heard of this device that ladies can use so that we TOO can pee against a wall or tree… or this ‘thick as shit fuckin bitch, trying to get attention while made up to the hilt with thick makeup and SUPER BRIGHT FAKE BLOOD!?’

        I’d rather talk about a “SHE HE WEE WEE!”

  1. Ah, I have a question. How do you get your things up here? I have a private collection of self-mutilation images, mainly to view for my own pleasure, but I may consider showing a few images where I decided to carve symbols into my skin. I wasn’t sober during any of those decisions, and I’m definitely not sober now– but there could be a few good ones, perhaps!

    1. @Hoping for Nemesis
      She has got very pretty eyes.I think everyone’s reasons are’s the pain people feel inside.some people get angry&aggressive towards other people (start on other people for no reason,just cause someone looked at them in the wrong way).some people drink themselves into oblivion,others self medicate.everyone copes differently.I don’t understand why people are been so negative (well I do)but why come&look at these pics&explanation,if they don’t understand.Ignorance is bliss like they say.anyway wish I could explain more,but what I say will be judged & criticised.and also I can’t speak for @churchvomit.I hope you are well,hope you are having a nice day/evening/night,take it easy.

        1. @Hoping for Nemesis
          No thankyou,thankyou for listening.I can’t belive how much I opened up on this post lol.I understand the negative comments,positive to.That’s one thing I love about BG is everyone can voice their opinion,sometimes there’s a bit of a slanging match.but people here agree to disagree.but they have it out,then they put it behind them.sorry I’m waffling on again..Anyway good talking to you.I hope you are well&life is good.take it easy&takecare.xx

  2. @Churchvomit
    Hey bab,how are you,how are you feeling now??..I really hope you are feeling better.
    I totally get where you are coming from.honestly I am so gratefull for this site.I have felt so lonely&isolated,because not many people understand self harm.saying that I didn’t understand why I done it at first.At first I thought I wanted to commit suicide,I was only young.but as time went on I realised I was doing it to release the pain.when you are hurting so bad inside,mentally to.and you can’t talk to anyone,you feel on your own.the pain is unbearable,it’s hard to when you pick that blade/whatever you prefer to put that to your skin,and drag it across your skin,drag,stab or whatever you prefer to do.That pain is released its now become physical&easier to let go,if that makes sense.then watching the blood travel down your arm (or place of harm)is so relaxing.I would go&lie in a nice warm bath&watch my blood dripping into the water&making swirling patterns.the sound was calming aswell.
    Thankyou for sharing your experience,I admire you for that.
    AND THIS IS NOT ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO DO IT.THEY ARE NOT ATTENTION SEEKING EITHER.if you don’t understand it,I get that.we all cope diffrently&just cause you cope your way doesn’t mean we all cope like that.
    This site has really helped me&people sharing there experience with us.notice they won’t share what’s going on in there head??..of course I feel sad when I see other people’s pain,cause I know they are suffering inside..they are not doing this for attention.Saying that I know people that have tried doing it for attention but belive me,they don’t go that that does do my head in.but they are usually the attention seeking type,drama all the time,they don’t seek help or try to change there life..right I have gone on long enough,it’s more like an essay lol..@Churchvomit I hope you are in a better place now.I’m always here if you need a chat..please take good care of yourself physically,mentally&spiritually,sending you love&good vibes,oxox..

        1. @wrathOfGod
          I totally agree about going to a helpline.I haven’t done it for years.I have got a good man by my side.but I see these people and I understand their pain,as I have gone through it.I truly help they get the help they need.this is what I love about this site.our freedom of couldn’t share this shit on face book.anyway appreciate your opinion.hope you are well.takecare.

      1. @Warrior poet
        Listen you are entitled to your opinion.but why come here&look at this,if that’s how you feel??..
        I personally think she is brave to open up about it.not everyone can be this open about it.
        Like they say igronance is bliss,I totally see this in so many people.anyway like I said you are entitled to your opinion.we are all diffrent&we all cope diffrent.I don’t get angry,especially at comments like yours,I don’t normally reply.but I thought I would give you some satisfaction.hope you are well,have a great day&takecare.

        1. The puppy at the front page awaits you and your logic
          ..:you gonna start cutting him too?

          The real world ain’t in the 4 square walls of your EMO room nor that kettle drum head of yours

          Try this shit OUTDOORs you “BG self proclaimed Principessa”

          The subsequent padded room has no internet connection

          You get your “attention “
          We get the Zetas Favelas ISIS back


  3. Did ye write anything in/with the blood ? if so, wha ?

    Maybe Nice Eyes, Crown Of Thorns Chick is not the cutter ?

    Cool vid tho. I don’t like other people’s pain, but I like these videos. I ain’t figured that out yet ?

  4. I against people coming here and doing this shit. Or being active members when they do this.

    Members of BESTGORE are especially NOT ALLOWED to do this shit.

    This isn’t a website to be edgy on, this is a site that depicts the real world in all of it’s fortunes and mishappenings. It’s documenting reality, not fantasy, so take this shit somewhere else if you do decide to sperg with a sharp object!

  5. Gonna leave a confession here since it fits the post. I like to hurt myself to release mental pain as well as to feel a thrill. It feels amazing seeing the wound you created drip so much blood and make a mess all over your bedding. I have black bed sheets so this is fine. When I was younger, i used to let all the blood drip into a container then keep it for weeks just to see what would happen. It turned black and the smell made me throw up. I’m so glad I’ve never been near a rotting corpse. Many days i feel I should just end it all since I’m so fucked up but when you’re dead, you’re just a ghost, you can’t hurt yourself. No thrill, no blood, nothing. I had a mental breakdown yesterday but decided to take a walk instead. I’ve thought about sending in my next wounds, but we’ll see how bad they are. I mutilate myself in many ways now just to feel somewhat alive. Never thought I’d make it into my 20’s.

    1. “ I’m so glad I’ve never been next to a rotting corpse”

      The EMO Cunt mutters…..

      Says it ALL right there Brothers……
      Zero life experience
      I know everything attitude

      Me Me Me Me!

      And that’s why these posts will keep coming….

      Flips Flops and Favelas : we await your Furious Finales….


    2. “ I’m so glad I’ve never been next to a rotting corpse”

      The EMO Cunt mutters…..

      Says it ALL right there Brothers……
      Zero life experience
      I know everything attitude

      Me Me Me Me!

      And that’s why these posts will keep coming….

      Flips Flops and Favelas : we await your Furious Finales….


        1. Yeah Brah, I thought I’d “combo” the two nasty insults into one

          The EMO Cunt “pussy pass” is the worst “currency” in the world

          So every chance I get I throw that counterfeit piece of shit back in their faces

          It’s why I’m not married after 4 decades on the planet.

          “Liquor and Whores”


  6. I understand the appeal of feeling something even if what you feel is physical pain. It sometimes seems better than feeling nothing. Pain can sometimes chase away the numbness. But it’s like a bandaid for a headache. It’s the wrong kind of cure because it’s not even a treatment. Please find someone to talk to. Someone to support you and someone who can make your senses tingle so that the numbness goes away.

  7. I’m not sure what she thought she would get out of this posting it on BG. What did she think, that people were gonna be like “No don’t cut yourself your too hot!”. You’re in the wrong place, this is not your highschool diary.

  8. coming back on here after a year, and reading all the comments. thanks to all of you who were actually really nice and understanding. I was not at all seeking any type of attention, just a place to post what I was feeling at the moment, and isn’t the purpose of this website to show some gore ? I will never figure out how some of you are upset about what I decide to do with MY body to cope but come here willingly to watch kids gets hit by trains and find this less disturbing.

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