Naked Landwhale with Underdeveloped Labia Gets Branded on Leg

Naked Landwhale with Underdeveloped Labia Gets Branded on Leg

Naked Landwhale with Underdeveloped Labia Gets Branded on Leg

Makes you wonder what the point is to even get fussy about the FGM, when these days there are women who were born mutilated. Instead of having a healthy looking, beautiful vulva reminiscent of a flower in full bloom, they have an extended asscrack, that looks like… ass crack. No woman with crack this nasty should ever get naked.

Best Gore member @the-captain summed up the video below like The Captain:

$10 propane torch, $1.35 for a pipe bushing reducer, the look on her face after she gets branded, priceless.

The woman getting branded is a post wall landwhale with totally underdeveloped labia. She gets branded on her fat lower leg. She does let out an initial scream and presumably also pees herself, but otherwise she takes it like a champ. She seems to be a submissive skank serving two men, but that slit is just plain nasty.

Many thanks for the video, @the-captain:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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128 thoughts on “Naked Landwhale with Underdeveloped Labia Gets Branded on Leg”

          1. Lol. That fucking whore better pray she never ends up in my dungeon. Those guys are clowns. A reducer bushing? I would’ve made her watch me hand craft her custom brand so she will never forget it. I would’ve out her through several mock and practice branding first. The psychological torture is the most pleasurable. 93.

            Hail the church of Luci Feric a satanic sex cult

    1. That’s was hot, her shreik was most satisfying. Pain can definitely cause a full body orgasm. Those on here that do intense physical training know what I’m talking about.
      Now I would’ve choked that fucking whore out as well..


    2. Lol. That fucking whore better pray she never ends up in my dungeon. Those guys are clowns. A reducer bushing? I would’ve made her watch me hand craft her custom brand so she will never forget it. I would’ve put her through several mock and practice branding first. The psychological torture is the most pleasurable. 93.

      Hail the church of Luci Feric a satanic sex cult

      1. @piece my head has been examined. There’s no fixing it. As to hurting someone, well, it’s a bit late for that
        Demons are CREATED not born. Demons are created by man 93
        1/137. MCMLVIII MMXX

      1. Seen one again yesterday walking with her Sambo and pushing the yard ape and future felon they unfortunately had already created. I wonder what both of their ‘occupations’ were that they were walking around the park at 1pm on a Monday afternoon.

        1. I also seen one the other morning on my way to work. She was pushing buggy and he was out of his head smoking his spliff. Fucking 07:30 hrs.
          The occupation is claiming benefits and spending it on weed from i can see. i wanted to say it was probably the same couple but it’s everywhere now.

          1. 0730AM? Must’ve been his last spliff of the day before he gets home and goes to bed. A nigger day starts around 6pm after a bowl of malt liquor and lucky charms.

      2. The hilarious part is that these black men always have big shit-eating grins on their faces as they walk down the street with their white land whales. What are they so happy about?. Perhaps its like the movie Shallow Hal in that whitey women cast such a spell over them and their frantically twitching loins that they see the thin Gwyneth Paltrow rather than the fat as fuck version.

        1. You cant blame the dark skins for wanting to breed up. Been going on for 2 million years. Human nature hasn’t changed in that time.
          Btw, the white race will be bred out of existence. White reproduction is declining, other “races” are overwhelming all you “purebred” whites.

          1. Niggers can’t land a decent white woman she they settle for the leftover slob filth. To them, any white woman is better than a black woman.

        2. @empty-soul
          I’m pretty sure it’s because he knows he has a white slave that sees him as a magic negro and will put up will all of his monkeyshines, no questions asked. Cook and clean for him, be responsible about paying bills, and look after the sprog. Then he can also brag to his homies how he’s bangin’ a white bitch who he keeps in line, while he’s got several sistahs and other druggie white skanks on the side.

      3. This is true! At least she doesn’t fuck with black people! I couldn’t do that, I’m white and only sleep with white people! Enclosed I don’t find it so disgusting …. why also, just because it is a bit fat? And now? Especially the people who laugh at them are mostly ugly themselves!

  1. The branding thing, eh… never understood it. The ‘fat pussy’ thing… oh yeah.
    I was an ER nurse for 25 years (after working as a paramedic for 12 years) and one on the ER docs we had was also a gynecologist who showed us an interesting trick with this type of ‘over weight’ female.

    When she would use a speculum in a ‘fat pussy,’ rolls of fat would literally squeeze between the blades of the instrument, making it impossible to see the cervix. So, she would cut the thumb off a (latex free) glove and place it over the speculum and the glove would keep the fat rolls out of the view of what she was looking at.

    I thought it was a pretty neat trick.

  2. LMFAO! When camera pans over to her at beginning!!! I thought she would be strapped down ready to go. She looks like she is waiting on roast chicken after eating 4 pizzas LOL!

    Holy hell I dont know if I can make this one. She is vile. Who is paying who? No fucking way on that. Thumbnail ain’t making me wanna dive in on this one at all. I *almost* would rather watch it fuck

    1. LOL! I made it but come on man. Why? And I even got sister text at 1 minute mark. “why the sad face?” I stopped video replied:

      I am fine. Sad face was I sent you pic of Jesus holding sad baby dinosaur that said “sorry rex the ark is full”

      She said Oh that’s really cute but that message didn’t come across.

      I said bye and went back in for the finish FML

  3. Does anyone noticed the danger they just havent triggered cuz of luck? Hotobject, Blowtorch, melting and maybe burning fett and Pee aka liquid? You kids dint see that firefighter educational video with the burning deepfrier and the glas water arent you?

    1. LMAO that is what I was thinking “why?” She already looks miserable now she feels miserable and those two are gonna mount and tag team that . Spew all over it. Hit the leg. Next shes hobbling with boot and another 40 pounds and Johnny is firing up the torch again. Smh

  4. I read up about this
    Apparently shortly after this video was taken she got arrested by the Narcs
    She had 50 kilos of ‘crack’ down her panties
    Hee hee
    hee hee hee hee hee
    Her guy could have sold her for $120 to the local butchers too

  5. Her Labia Majora and Labia Minora will be fully developed. However the reason it looks like they are not even there or have not developed is because this Land Whale has been eating-for-ten for a fucking decade or two… That means that the sub-dermal tissues surrounding her minge has so filled with mechanically recovered Chicken Fat, Cheese Grease and Deep-Fried Potato Paste, that the sweet outlines and contours of the normal female pudenda have been obliterated by the Land Whale blubber which has clotted over her entire body.

    The tits on the She-Walrus have also developed poorly because the massive quan-titties of oily deep-fried Carbs and fatty fast-food meat actually inhibit normal hormone action. Brown Fat does that. It looks likely that she has been eating like this through puberty into adulthood. That kind of diet is stored as Brown Fat. The body just cannot fucking work with it, digest it or do anything useful with the crap. So the body tries to commit suicide by drowning itself in it or making the hopeless eater so fat & ugly (they will smell terrible too) that they are never able to successfully breed or mate. Trying to slide you cock into that fucking Porker will in all likelihood end up with even the horniest, hardest guy squirting his porridge-gun or love custard up into a fold of her slippery, sweaty thigh. You couldn’t get your cock into and up her Fish-Vent if you tried. You’d just squirt your load between two slabs of fatty ham obliterating the Lobster-Trap like a pair of theatrical curtains.

    The whole of this Brown-Fat, carb-based, sub-dermal layer swells up and out over the entire body and obliterates the gentle folds and delicacy of the sweet female flower. It also makes her hands and feet look like bunches of bananas, fingers look like corn cobs. They are simply bursting with ooze and fat slime. The skin is under incredible pressure and swells to accommodate the new and ever-growing payload. It is entirely caused by greed and over-eating. They probably anaesthetised the fucking Beluga Bitch with a bucket of Chicken Wings and half a dozen deep-fried Chimmichangas before they branded it. The weeping clear liquid which is seen shining on her “brand” is pure melted Lard and Beef-Dripping.

  6. oh jesus h. someone, please, kill me if i ever get above 125 pounds. i’d end up killing myself. looking in the mirror must be like suicide. yuck.

    i agree with the weird asscrack pussy comments, too. what do you even do with one of those things? you can’t find all the parts, so do you just, like, shove your dick in and hope for the best??? can an average sized dick even penetrate with all that fat in the way??? do you need special positions or adaptions? or do you just forget about sex and burn/mutilate yourself for release??? so many questions that i really don’t want the answers to because i’m betting it’s a terrifying trip down the rabbit hole.

    as for the rest? this entire video is just unfortunate. wth is wrong with people???

    🙁 just 🙁

    1. Agreed. I wonder what would make them mutate like that. Fat everywhere but tits. Odd little torpedo looking things but then given those creases and obvious scarring maybe they have been forced into clamp things. Like how Africans put those rings around their necks

      Few hours from now they will slide back into natural habitat, her armpits

  7. friends, do not fight, enjoy the video and what the best gore page offers us, which is good, let’s be calm, debating bad words, we are all brothers, we should not argue if one is black, white, you have to respect being a good person and look around after blood document videos of blood if given the opportunity to find blood

  8. He wasn’t branding her. That good ol’ boy was just crisping up the skin and searing the crackling on that She-Pig before the real cooking started. The other brother was off boiling up some corn cobs, drizzling them with butter and preparing a honey rubbing sauce for the She-Pig.

    I can smell the sizzling, dripping, honey barbecue roast from the other side of the fucking North Atlantic over here. And the wind is blowing away from Scotland towards Muricka.

  9. Look at those titties… Full of pimples, because fat is pouring trough her skin. Her milk could feed half of Africa. And on top of that, those warts on tits can be qualified as nipples. Her pussy is enormous. She must have had big dicks floating inside and getting lost. Good good little piggy. 🙂

  10. Imagine having no pain in your life, then asking some fuck to destroy your skin and muscle with a hot ring. Jesus. She must not have enough to worry about if you have to hurt yourself like that. Enjoy the dead flesh festering on your leg.

  11. They had a court case in the UK recently, where even though a consenting adult had asked to have a body modification performed by a professional tattooist and no-one was pressing charges, it was ruled that he had performed an illegal act and was found guilty of assault.

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