Naked Landwhale with Underdeveloped Labia Gets Branded on Leg

Naked Landwhale with Underdeveloped Labia Gets Branded on Leg

Naked Landwhale with Underdeveloped Labia Gets Branded on Leg

Makes you wonder what the point is to even get fussy about the FGM, when these days there are women who were born mutilated. Instead of having a healthy looking, beautiful vulva reminiscent of a flower in full bloom, they have an extended asscrack, that looks like… ass crack. No woman with crack this nasty should ever get naked.

Best Gore member @the-captain summed up the video below like The Captain:

$10 propane torch, $1.35 for a pipe bushing reducer, the look on her face after she gets branded, priceless.

The woman getting branded is a post wall landwhale with totally underdeveloped labia. She gets branded on her fat lower leg. She does let out an initial scream and presumably also pees herself, but otherwise she takes it like a champ. She seems to be a submissive skank serving two men, but that slit is just plain nasty.

Many thanks for the video, @the-captain:

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130 thoughts on “Naked Landwhale with Underdeveloped Labia Gets Branded on Leg”

  1. Underdeveloped labia? Now that is funny. Maybe I missed her opening her legs wide so as to show her full labia such as the women are doing on the linked page this page leads to, but she isn’t really showing much of her labia. It’s not surprising you guys don’t find her sexy. But her labia isn’t Underdeveloped based on what is shown. She is a chub and that doesn’t help as she spreads her legs. She would need to spread much wider. She is just overweight. And desperate by the looks of it.

  2. Those sum bitchs don’t know what the fuck they’re doing
    And those nasty ass pussy lips that hang halfway down the legs is the most disgusting things
    That’s just shows how much the nasty white Whore has been fucked and used.

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