New Wolfbiting Photos by @Teal_Kitten

New Wolfbiting Photos by Teal_Kitten

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Teal_Kitten, who shared her old pictures of Dermatophagia and Dermatillomania (biting or picking own skin off) before. She’s back to share new pictures of her wolfbiting:

Just doing what I do, consuming thumb flesh. This time it bled far more than usual, so I thought I’d share! Blood from my thumbs seems to be incredibly sweet and it’s weirdly comforting to drink. Edgy I know.

Usually I’m absentmindedly picking or biting loose or tough skin, but every now and then I indulge myself and slice, slice, slice away with a scalpel~

That’s probably why it’s bleeding so heavily, I probably nicked a vein.

Thank you for sharing your new pics with us, @teal_kitten. As the comments to the previous post showed, wolfbiting is practiced by more people than one would think:

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          1. @karma …or he is just plain out saying that no one here has any balls!… Haha, well, he is correct about me and all the other woman on here! (At least in the literal sense that is!!!)

    1. @desp I was wondering the same thing man… I literally thought I was going to see a video of a wolf gnawing on this girl’s thumb, or atleast the aftermath. I can understand the feeling, urge and “need” to cause pain to oneself to override the pain we feel mentally and/or physically. I myself have become addicted to taking very hot baths to override my back & implant pain. Some days it is just out of control and I have burns from the hot water as proof unfortunately. Just be careful, PLEASE. We may not think about major arteries being in or surrounding the thumb and although your inflictions are more towards the tip rather than the more meaty areas near the palm the radial nerve is near the thumb itself ( )
      Take care of yourself! You have tons of support on here to get yourself better and ultimately healed!…

      1. Thank you! You know I never thought to look at what’s in my thumb that I could be close to chopping, I’ll give those links a read

        And just to clarify (I mentioned this in the wolfbiting photo I shared about a year ago) it’s not so much a self harm thing for me, I’ve done that too and it’s a very different kettle of fish. The biting and picking is more an anxiety thing, like a nervous tick. The scalpel usage is probably more of an OCD related thing, I get very restless and uncomfortable when the skin grows back so once it reaches a certain point I have to scratch the itch

    1. Don’t worry, you don’t have to peel off the skin anymore. I will do it for you, I have this uncontrollable urge to just nibble off strangers ransid feet skin. So you can sit back, drink a glass of wine and i’ll get to work.

  1. I also bite my fingers, or rather, I would do it more back when I was a teenager. Sometimes it would get to the point of bleeding. I’d bite the skin around my nails. I guess that it evolved from a habit I had of chewing on my nails, so at one point I chose to chew the skin instead as it was better for the health of my teeth. I guess that I did it as a kind of light self harm, as I would do it when I felt anxious or nervous, as a means of relief, or when I was bothered (and thus got anxious), like, when I was waiting for something and couldn’t find anything to do and got impatient, so it would turn into a kind of relief for the anxiety and pass time, both at the same time. The skin around my nails, and above all, my thumb nail, were always somewhat fucked up. With time I got better with the habit, I guess that I have learned to control my anxiety a little bit better and have managed to stop the tendency that I had to self harm sometimes, so now the skin around my nails is OK.

      1. Does it make you calm? It does make me feel different, like, I would say that it controls me as I get in a state of unrest. It is sort of a way to release energy, like, I also get my heels moving up and down when I am anxious. I also think that it has something to do with insecurity, like children who take their hands into their mouths. In any case, I think finger biting is just not the cause in and of itself, as the cause has much more to do with your state of mind. Like, after my state of mind changed, and I got less anxious in my routine, I looked at my fingers one day and they were fine, I had just stopped nibbling at them. Now I do nibble at them sometimes now, as I am still somewhat anxious, but most of the time it is just to pluck out some skin that is naturally hanging out. They are much better now than before.

      1. I’ve never bitten my nails but I cannot stop touching my hair. To a point, it’s annoying. I’ll put it up, take it down, put it up “better”, take it down. I tie it in knots a lot – like hundreds of little knots or hundreds of tiny braids and then take them out and do it again. I probably touch my hair or play with it like well-over half the time I’m awake.

  2. you will bleed more if you bite your thumb off. i wolfbite with nail clippers. my big toe bleeds from a serious ingrown nail. i look like a gang banger with a pimp limp. i don’t see no wolf pimp limping.

      1. Lol, well arent you a little faggot. You remain nameless and faceless just like in society where no one notices you. A little fuck quivering behind a keyboard. Moat of us have lives beyond this site. Your trolling is all you have. You are nothing more but a bashful troll with insecurities and wasted breath. Do your self a favor, die, just die and be at peace with the loser, loner, misfit aspect that is your life.

          1. You comment on every post, more than once. You have no life at all. You just a snug troll with little to no thought in your head. Youre as dumb as you seem and as lonely as once thought.

  3. @happy @teal_kitten
    Sorry guys . I have my science hat on and only comment because mark said he can’t get his thumb to bend like that.
    Teal you might have a case of double jointedness caused by ehlers danfos syndrome. It means your collagen in ligaments are very stretchy. A relative of mine has it. Pros are you can do lots of party tricks and bedroom antics but cons are your knees might have given out easily at athletics etc at school.

    I loved your post teal.i actually bite my nails and skin as well.

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