Old Blood vs Fresh Blood

Old Blood vs Fresh Blood

It’s scary to think that many of the newbs have no idea who KatieMatie is. Isn’t that weird, Katie?

For those who have no idea who the all time most beloved female member of Best Gore is, here’s a refresher. First, Katie hooked the community up with her story and cutting pictures. Then she hooked us up with pictures in which she pokes her fleshy wounds with a piece of metal. Her beauty and charisma then inspired others and we had member Munster send us Katie Matie inspired pictures. And don’t forget to check out Katie’s awesome fansigns.

Since Katie recently let some more blood out, she took these pictures of the difference between old and fresh blood in bottles next to each other for us. Here’s what Katie said about the pics:

I know it’s nothing special, but I just saw the colour differences between this bottle of fresh blood and one of my bottles of old blood and thought it was really cool. The fresh one’s still warm. I’m always amazed at how much better it makes me feel. Each to their own, eh?

Looking back I should have filmed taking the blood. There was this wicked fucking projectile spurt as I took the needle
out. It’s hard to with one hand though :C

I don’t wanna just take a pic of a bloody arm because there isn’t a cool wound or anything to show off. OH WELL!

I hope you’re doing well. I caught my boss on BestGore the other day! I ended up showing him the video of that Vietnamese guy cut in half. Haha, workplace bonding.

I’m really glad to hear from you again, Katie. Best Gore <3 KatieMatie:

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119 thoughts on “Old Blood vs Fresh Blood”

          1. @ PixieDay where the hell did you find that picture at that you use for your avatar?

            @Katie please tell me you are useing a fresh blade everytime you do that. every time i See mutiple conainters of Bio hazardous waste from a human or even a animal for that matter it makes me wounder if they use something stereil each time

    1. Those look like 0,33 litre bottles right there or 0,5 litre, can’t really tell. You may feel a little dizzy afterwards I guess you could compare it to the feel after donating blood which is around the same amount when you donate if I recall correctly.

    1. you can find that that out for your self and you don’t need to cut your self either.

      here is how, go to your local blood bank and ask them if you could get about a 1/3 cup of your own blood for personal reasons(make sure you bring you own container cause they may put it in a bag), they may ask why but you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. and they tell you that they need to know for security purposes just tell them your going to go and test a hypothoist for your kids science fair project and thats all you need to tell them on the matter.
      then after a few months go and get a fresh razor blade (make sure you have a cup, or REALY SMALL bowl and give you self a SMALL cut on your for head you won’t need to make it any bigger than about 1/4 cause you’ll bleed like a mother fucker ( i know that cause i just about lost my eye thanks to a construction steak a log and a chain link fence) any way after you stop your forehead bleeding just take the fresh and old blood and give them a wiff with that scensitive nose of yours. and bingo you have your answer

      1. lol you must have one sensity nose then whit cause honestly I am lucky if i can smell rotting carcass with my nose about 1 cm from touching it -.-

        though i find it funny as hell when I see someone gagging over something that doesn’t even bug me.
        though one time when i was a kid I could smell someone makeing meth and the next thing i know i just book it down the road out of instinct and no sooner than i dove behind a mailbox with a rod for this 30″ square mailbox did the fucking windows blow out and send plate glass flying around me fuck one of the pieces plunged its self in the mailbox opening (no kidding the piece was the size of a fucking 5 gallon bucket lid) which was less than 3 inches from my head.

        I had night mares for 3 months after that and it still sends a chill down my spine and makes me want to go to a gun range an shoot 5000 rounds from my 50 cal. dual barrel pistols *shivers just thinking about it*

  1. Hey katie, I love that you’re still around!!!! The crew crew hasn’t left, (I think most of us, them ) became lurkers after what we think are the assholes that came along. That being said from the king asshole himself!!!! Love ya girl.
    (You too mouse)……..(no homo)!! Laughing out loud!!!!! I mean lol….naaaaa I mean laughing out loud!!!!!! Haaaaa haaaa haaaaa!!!!!

    1. i’m tired of hearing about “the old crew crew” most of you werent even members in 2009 so stop acting like you were part of the original “clique” on this site…”oh, i joined 2 years ago so what i say has got to automatically be more meaningful than someone who joined three months ago blah blah…” and you say you’re the king asshole but you complain about assholes on this site? hypocrite…i am king asshole now

      1. I don’t think it’s the meaningfulness of people’s posts that matters, but the dedication of older members to the site. I’ve see a lot of people come, and go, and it starts to suck after a while when you become pals with these people by talking with them day after day, and then they just disappear for whatever reason. That’s just how it goes, though. When I see new people show up now, I wonder, “How long will you last?”

          1. i don’t know how iam actually viewd on this site i know i joined around the same time jjalvarez did and trooper, tiger etc lefts so i feel that i’ve been lumped into the whole “asshole newb” category…i mean i remember when Jesus’ avatar didn’t flash and when HLAM’s avatar featured a mouse…i felt like i already knew some of you when i finally joined…i dont know…i sent a fan sign to mark that features my branding…maybe it will get posted

          2. Obliterator: I don’t view you as an asshole newb. You seem to fit in pretty decently around here. Stick around long enough, and people will be saying stuff about your old avatars, too. “I remember when he had the tarman avatar!” (That was you, right? People, including myself, change the damn things so often…)

        1. Dito that’s the same with the guild i’m running on DDO and Its a pain in my ass when people say “i’ll want to join your guild and i’ll be active to” then what do I find out 2 – 5 weeks later the Fuckers have fucking stopped playing – . – I swear when ever I let someone in or even let them get close to me they fucking stab me in the fucking back like every other COCK SUCKING MOTHER FUCKING SON OF A BITCH OUT THERE

        2. That’s called the internet. Internet friends are not (usually) forever friends, or even friends at all, for that matter. But this is just my opinion, and I’ve been fucked over a lot so I’m pretty distant from people. This is an old post I’m replying to, so who knows who’s even still around or if they will come back tomorrow. Who gives a damn. End of ramble.

  2. Seeing that you bottle you’re own life blood KatieMatie, i’m curious if you have a use for it other than collecting it? Since discovering Best Gore 8 month’s ago i have found the cutters or (Emo’s) to be interesting people. The “portrait’s” they paint with their cutting, has so much emotion in its expression, that i find myself drawn to it (as in viewing). Most of the female’s are very pretty from what i have seen as well. Okay that’s my two cents worth….

  3. So what does 7 month old blood smell like? If you put in a blender and mix it with milk and chocolate syrup it’ll probably taste better than it looks. All this blood makes me think of that J-horror movie Marebito where the chick drinks blood out of a baby’s bottle.

      1. Yes ma’am, it does exactly that. For a few hours, anyway. I got curious several years back, opened up some of mine I kept awhile, and the smell seemed to embed itself. Snorting saline didn’t even get rid of it, I kept getting these putrid faint whiffs. I ended up throwing that one out.

      2. Hey, I just want to say that I think you’re an absolutely awesome chick. Thanks so much for opening up and sharing everything you have.
        I feel like less of a freak myself when I see that other people do some of the same things I’ve instinctively been doing for as long as I can remember. Thanks again 🙂

  4. Hey everyone. Well after a long while lurking ive decided to create an account 🙂

    Love your posts katie. Cutters fascinate me as they all have their own little way of getting satisfaction (if thats the right word to use) from it

  5. I am not particularly fond of blood, except for the necessity of life that is. I used to compete in kickboxing and a bit of cage fighting, nothing big, just small league and I always hated it when my opponent managed to get in mount position, not because it was slightly homoerotic or because he was about to start landing punches but because the broken nose I had just given him or the open eyebrow wound would start pouring blood all over my face, I cringe when I think back, it was awful.

    1. I don’t think it was ever meant to be cool but rather a way of coping. People handle depression and anxiety in different ways. When I can’t handle things I overdose…a little extreme but everyone handles things in their own way.

        1. What mature, self aware individuals do with their bodies is their own choice and nobody has the right to force them to act any other way just because they think they know what’s best for them. And certainly such self righteous holier-than-thous are not welcome on here. Some people paint their nails, some cut their hair, some get tattoos, some work out to get slimmer, some cut. Take your judgemental attitude elsewhere.

          1. Hi Mark, I think it is a bit unfair to say “Take your judgemental attitude elsewhere”. We are all judgemental, some people hate Jews others hate black people, fat people, stupid people, the list goes on and we have various reasons and experiences that would shape our judgement on the above, whether people believe you are right or wrong is their prerogative and also their judgement.

            That being the case, the above comments were not, in my opinion, an attempt to control behaviour but rather an attempt to show an alternate perspective. Smeghead was correct in that the consensus up until that point was very much in favour of one viewpoint, I therefore conclude that, given that this website promotes freedom of thought, that Smeghead has a right to hold whatever view he wishes as long as he does not try to prevent others from having the same freedom, the freedom to self cut in this instance, and Smeghead did not, in my opinion, try to do this.

            Also I apologise if my manner of speech makes me sound like a complete and utter arsehole, regretfully that’s because I am one.

        2. @Smeghead I take my dads Oxycodone piss I used to when I was in high school I always had panic attacks I would take then and they would calm me down for a little while then I took a bottle of alcohol once I was drunk but I didn’t care I hate having getting panic attacks v.v I cut I’m not going to lie I’m not an emo I just like having cuts at one point I was so fucked up not in marijuana or other illegal substance but pills I burned myself with cigaret I wanted to see if I was dreaming or awake well I was awake and it felt good

          1. Too much sleep is just as bad as not enough allegedly. I know if I sleep too long headaches are a certainty. The lethargy that can be associated with depression is what carries the heaviest burden for most. You want to fight it but you just don’t have the energy

  6. Sometimes I’d catch my mother in the kitchen with a wine glass full of blood. She’d just sit there sipping it innocently while watching Pat Sajak and Vanna White on the boob. And this one time a contestant was calling out letters and he’s all: “F….U…..C…..K….” and she spit the blood out of her mouth, across the table, right into my young face.

  7. I’ve always found self cutting to be a strange practice that is more for a psychological assumption of benefit rather than one of physical pleasure. The self cutters that I have met, through not a large enough demographic to make blanket statements, tend to cut the forearms and other extremities manly so that they can attract attention without directly asking for it. They tend to talk about the pleasure of cutting but fail to see that it is the scars that hold their attention and it is the past tense for which they relive with great gusto hence, very much a psychological issue and as we know the brain interprets signals based upon a combination of psychological and physical elements that is why some enjoy pain such as in bdsm. I have to conclude then that, in my opinion, some self cutters cut for attention and others to fulfil a psychological need that otherwise would not be met through normal everyday interaction with their external realities.

    1. @Empty soul fuck you I don’t have a small dick!! DX 😀 well I get your point I cut myself because it was in my mind already I always wanted to do it I already cut myself 2 days ago its relief for me I finally found closure o.o and yes I do need to go see a psychiatrist >.>

  8. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking on bestgore for well over a year… maybe even closer to two years now. So i thought today is the day that i come out of the shadows, and introduce myself. Hi!! I’m from Albuquerque New Mexico, and I’ve always enjoyed this site better then all the other ones out there. I’m thinking its because of Marks witty commentary and the like minded people here on BS. So i hope i can be a valued member of this site and some day contribute to the gore. Nice to meet all of you!

      1. @Obliterator I Definitely agree with you.
        Wow, this is very intriguing with old blood vs new blood. Very pulchritudinous 🙂 this blood should be put to good use ( im not saying this is not work of art. There is no wrong or right way when it comes to art ) by using it as a Medium for painting ( that’s if she is into painting with her own blood ). There are many Prestige artists out there that Connects their souls to their work of art work like Vincent Castiglia and Elito Circa. Very Inspiring. You guys should check them out.

  9. I saw some of the KatieMatie fansigns and man I didn’t think there would be hot chicks, lol.

    Your blood looks like nail polish. I think I got shades similar to the colours of your old and new blood

  10. Wow, this is very intriguing with old blood vs new blood. Very pulchritudinous 🙂 this blood should be put to good use ( im not saying this is not work of art. There is no wrong or right way when it comes to art ) by using it as a Medium for painting ( that’s if she is into painting with her own blood ). There are many Prestige artists out there that Connects their souls to their work of art work like Vincent Castiglia and Elito Circa. Very Inspiring. You guys should check them out.

  11. wow, i’m surprised katie says the old one didn’t smell so bad. basically, old blood turns into a kind of pudding. 20-30 minutes after leaving the body, the blood in a jar or cup basically is a solid mass, a wobbly jelly fish that wobbles back when you stick your hand into it. (that’s why you flush it down the toilet, or put it in the trash, but never try to pour it down a drain. coagulated blood is *not* a fluid.) the lovely smell of blood already turns stale at this point. the only time i kept it for more than an hour was when i was still living with my parents and had to hide a cup full of blood. i’d wrap it in plastic and carry it outside the next day. to keep the cup, i emptied it into a public trash can. it stank so bad i ended up throwing the cup into it, too xD. must say it was very hot that night, which could’ve contributed to smell.

    was there an anticoagulant in the blood? it wonder because it looks like a fluid and even has these pretty bubbles still. i saw edta as a cheap powder and could think of trying it, already made the calculations of how much to pour in how much blood. then i could draw with the blood or at least do some nice photos that don’t feature a dark crimson jellyfish.

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