Penile Subincision Photos

Penile Subincision Photos

That Best Gore has the baddest members on teh interweb has been proven many times over and the trend just does not slow down. Submissions from fellow Gorgians continuously ensure that Best Gore remains the #1 place for exclusive and private-collection gore. Today’s edition of “Best Gore Members Rock” contains Penile Subincision Pictures sent in by Best Gore member irimitzu.

Penile Subincision is an extreme body mod which involves permanent slittage of the urethra along its length. Irimitzu who sent these pictures in has his urethra slit from the urethral opening all the way to the base but foreskin is left intact to allow for some additional fun – like carabiner clipping or nail insertions.

Irimitzu could shed more light into it, but my understanding is that Penile Subincision exposes sensitive nerves inside of the penis allowing for intensified sexual experiences. It also leaves penis more texturized which delivers increased pleasure for partner on the receiving end.

Gallery of Penile Subincision Photos by Best Gore members Irimitzu from Germany is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Penile Subincision Photos”

      1. A night of beer drinking looks like it can be a real problem for that guy, no pissing on the go in a bottle, guessing standing at the urinal with a full bladder is gonna definitely lead to piss stains in them white skivvies thats for sure! Miserable fuck will never know what its like to stream a good load on some fine titties, probably all drips down his nuts instead. Swallowing probably calls for a straw and some duct tape.

  1. Another entry in the “just when you thought you’ve seen everything” department. I’m wondering what happens when he gets (or got) his first blow job. Did his partner freak out? Too weird for my taste! (No pun intended.)

    1. That’s what i was thinking; to what end? what a…delicate area to stick a blade into. And now fluids come out weird places.. i dunno.. to each his own but wtf inspires someone to cut a big-ass hole in their man-parts?! O__O

  2. I couldnt ever do that to myself… well my name helps explain why! But seriously, sex is MORE pleasureable after that? Thats one step from cutting it off and saying “sex feels way better now!” I call bullshit

  3. I’m split all the way down, but didn’t leave the top intact, since I have no foreskin. I love how much feeling I have and its wider. I can stand to use a urinal, but sit at home to pee

  4. Well, today I started on my incission. Started at the pee hoe and ran the razor blade (slowly) down about a 1/4 inch. Yes it hurt, but it was “sorta nice”. I will let this heal than strart on the 2nd 1/4 inch. I’m looking to go down about 3 inches and have the pee hole saddled right in that hole. I will have a prince albert one day also.
    One guy wrote…why?? I have no idea, loved it?

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