Popek Rak Undergoes Facial Scarification in London, UK

Popek Rak Undergoes Facial Scarification in London, UK

After having had his eye tattooed, Polish rapper turned MMA fighter Popek Rak underwent pretty intense facial scarification in his new found home in London, UK and as was the case with the eyeball tattoo, it’s all on video.

Facial scarifications have a long history, especially in Africa where they’re performed as parts of various rituals, oftentimes involving elaborate ceremonies. Modern facial scarifications are usually underwent for the same reasons as tattoos – they’re permanent body modifications used as a form of self expression.

Popek Rak got his facial scarification done in 2012. I must say the guy is a crazy mofo. I also must admit the idea of getting my own facial scarification has crossed my mind many a time and it still remains one of the things I have not ruled out. Popek here Rak beat me to the punch and for that he gets my props, even though he’s Polish. Good shit man – except from those faggy dance moves which he just could not leave out of this video either.

Facial skin is loaded with fine muscles and nerves so having slices of it peeled off and then undergoing the uber long healing process until a scar is formed spells a great deal of pain. It’s certainly not for the meek.

Many thanks to Best Gore member SRW from the Netherlands for the video. My apologies to everyone who sent it to me after the eyeball tattoo video was published. Pointing out that there is a lake after you’ve been lead to its banks is too easy. Without SRW’s first lead, none of you would know about this facial scarification video hence he’s the only one who gets props in this post. Also, a shoutout to Wagwan Production company from London, UK which produced both the eye tattoo and the facial scarification videos:

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    1. Damn all that video shit just for them 2 lil things?? Polish boy could’ve easily gotten them done better in Rikers Island here in NYC just do em faggot moves on the yard in from of a Brooklyn nigga or a papi fom the Bronx Niggaz got em Shanks ready for stupid motherfuckaz like this dude…LoL

  1. So, “the idea of getting my own facial scarification has crossed my mind many a time and it still remains one of the things I have not ruled out”, eh. Well, should you choose to go through with your inclination, Mark – and who, indeed, can blame you…you do live in Canada, after all – I want to be the first to volunteer my talents in my readiness to fulfill your quest. I’m trotting down to my local KMart right now to stock up on switch blades and other cutting, slashing implements. I stand ready to go to the most dismal reaches of the Earth. Even should that include…shudder…”up there”.

  2. I remember a former girlfriend of mine, Blanca. She was ashamed of the scar that she got because of the cesarea she went through to calve her twins. I told her that she didn’t have scars, but traces. That she had the traces of her life written in her skin. Then I kissed her scars. When I have a woman I like to kiss every single square centimeter of her body.

    1. FV relentless will to continue living, getting tattoos, scarificating themselves and craving sex, attention and love amazes me. This planet should be kicked to the sun by a giant galactic football player, ending this nonsense once and for all

        1. @phatman, I was joking ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve watched MMA… brutal! As a female, I bet I’d last at least until…one of the girl fighters threw the first punch or kick lol The men and women train hard and fight hard!

          1. @It was me… It’s a well known fact that Phatman doesn’t know a joke when he sees one. I’ve been here with him before.
            Don’t take things so literal Phatman. And i mean that jokingly dude, not in a serious way……..now smiiiiile.

          2. OK, I give in Larry, if you want be rivals for a while I’m down, all in good fun though, or we could step it way up to anything goes, I think it’s gonna be fun. I’ll wait, you can surrender now, it’s your call. 8D

          3. @Phatman….LongBallLarry surrenders to no man. But he doesn’t get involved in internet feuds either. They’re for kids and no life saddos. Lighten up bro. Even your avatar looks angry. Admit it, you just feel stupid cos you thought my comment on the dark knight post was serious when it was a blatant joke. You’ll get no fight out of me though dude, i don’t have time. If it makes you feel better to think you won then pat yourself on the back ya hero, you won. A well deserved if somewhat childish victory to a fight that never was.
            Now go hunt down another rival, preferably one who gives a shit and will argue back.

      1. If hes doing mma hes going to get his ass handed to him big time i can tell you that by the looks of him he will be in the light heavy weight to heavy weight devision if he makes it to the UFC hes in for a shock light heavy weigh champion jon jones will pick him apart and heavy weight champion cain valasquez from Mexico would destroy him hes doing all this to look more intermediating good luck with that lol.

    1. Im not sure why someone would pay the hundreds of dollars (pounds) to make it LOOK like they got in a knife fight when they actually sustained nothing deeper than a 1mm incision. Skin removal hurts, but is in no way dangerous. Where as a knife to the face, going deep enough to cause real scars like that (more than just a surface wound) would actually be something to be proud of..
      But paying to LOOK like you’ve had a serious injury… that is strange.
      What the hell is either genuine or artistic about that..?

      1. I really don’t think that is supposed to look like a scar he got in a knife fight, nor was that his intention in wanting to get it. Just like the tattooing of the whites of his eyes, it’s meant to be “decoration,” not a fake injury. It just wasn’t very creative, LOL. People get scarification all the time, it’s always done like that (removing a sliver of skin) and usually after it’s all healed up it looks pretty cool. This guy’s scar is rather dumb-looking, but he’s going for the extreme, much like Mike Tyson & his facial tattoo.

        As fruity as his little raver dances are, you’ve gotta give the guy credit for not having flinched or anything during the procedure. I’ve seen tough people covered with tats & piercings go into shock during scarification, & this dude never even winces. If people want to say he didn’t “earn it” that’s fine with me, I don’t particularly like the guy, but it had to take at least 45min.-1 hour to do & that’s with no anesthesia…I’d call that “earning it.”

  3. What a idiot, you have scars either from fights or accidents, not by letting someone scar you, nothing against rituals, but thats just for making him look “bad” and it does not work, he wants to look as stupid as he is.

    1. The strange thing about scarification is that you’re not supposed to take too much care. You gotta keep it clean but the intention is to aggravate the wound as it heals to encourage more and more scar tissue to form. Seems counter intuitive to me but each to their own I guess.

  4. ok calling all DA SILVAS where the fuck are you ….. come & slash this punk in the face with a machete ,oh yea & make sure you get him on his whole face across his lip too. maybe, just maybe ,this will knock some sense back into this dancing queen. but then again even the da silvas would probably get scared of his monster green eyes & go postal on this fucker . that would shut him up though.

  5. It seems to be really trendy lately with scarification pieces. His is very Mike Tyson’ish.. yet in mod. I don’t like it.. It would have been better if someone tried to hack his face with a machete and that was the result. Then it would be great.

    He definitely loves attention and his eyes don’t look so bad, now that they’ve had time to settle.

  6. Hello All,

    I have been a BG fan for a while but signed up when I saw this and wanted to reply to a few comments.

    Sounds like people are wondering about Polish rap. Poland actually has a large hip hop scene. Most of them are not very good, but some like O.S.T.R., K.A.S.T.A Sklad, Bonus RPK, and Fokus have a few good songs.

    Popek is, as others have said, more reliant on his appearance than this flow. His music is very minimal and sounds like it is from the early 80s. Most of the other artists I mentioned have a more complex and modern sound.

    What do Polish people have to rap about? When Communism fell and Poland started getting more western music and the anti-authority rap music was a well received by young people. So many like K.A.S.T.A. rap about smoking weed and police brutality, Bonus RPK has more of a ganster feel albeit related to soccer hooliganism. Which might sound funny to Americans but quite a few people have been stabbed and beaten to death in the Polish hooligan scene, especially in Krakow. While performers like O.S.T.R. have a lot more social/political commentary in his lyric. Additionally, when the old school rap music made it to Poland much of dealt with living in housing projects, something there is no shortage of Poland. Hope that answered a few of your questions.

  7. Glad I could clear up some of that for you BG fans. Not sure where Popek is from, but in the hooligan scene Krakow is known as “The city of knives” as many fights there involve stabbing people. If they don’t have knives, bats, lead pipes, etc are utilized. Serie A player Dino Baggio of Parma had to get stitches during a EUFA match against Krakow when someone threw a knife and hit him in the head. Warsaw Pact, lol. Good one!! In Russia the hools call it “fair play” where they agree not to use weapons, same numbers, etc.

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