Possessed Man Covered in Blood from Self Inflicted Cuts and Impaled Jaw

Possessed Brazilian Man Covered in Blood from Self Inflicted Cuts and Impaled Jaw

This guy acts like he’s possessed by a demon, and that’s what his “followers” believe in too. He’s sitting on a plastic chair, speaking in tongues with distorted voice, and uses knives, razors and broken bottle to cut himself up. The self inflicted cuts leave him covered in blood, but that only riles him up.

At the end of the video, he takes a spoke and impales his jaw with it. Earlier, he takes a drink from a hollow bull horn. Fascinating video.

Props to Best Gore member ThePortugueseDude for this extraordinary hook-up:

155 thoughts on “Possessed Man Covered in Blood from Self Inflicted Cuts and Impaled Jaw”

  1. Strange shit indeed…At first I thought …he just needs to sober up…then I thought …somebody didn’t take their big head medicine.
    Then his buddy spitting all over him WTF indeed ?
    Like he was putting on a show he even had an entourage.

          1. I’m not sure we have it over here, I don’t take drugs so I’m not clued up but I’ve never heard about it here. Only a matter of time though I’m sure and then we’ll be seeing a whole load of new lunacy here.

  2. Not too sure what to say about this whole getup he’s got going on here but what I can say is that he’s sure got some skill balancing on the end of the chair like that. Good practice, or demon that could defy gravity? I mean, if he’s putting on a show, would you risk falling on your arse and making yourself look a right knob? Could be more to this than one would think. Thanks, ThePortugueseDude, for this video. Am definitely looking forward to seeing what others have to say on this.

        1. I knew what you meant. Once he started and attracted an audience he was pretty much committed to his little routine. Now he either looks like a knob looking for attn or a knob with a mental disorder.

    1. Funny you say about the chair,, I was thinking the same thing, he was contorting his body so much, I was surprised he stayed on it,,

      Maybe when the moved him, they put super glue on his shorts, because he kept on falling of before?

      Hehe that’s the only way I can think how he managed to stay on the chair, lol

          1. Haha yes that would be much more satisfying but this way I could get someone to do the dirty work for me and play innocent when the cops show up >:)

  3. It’s sad what desperate things people do for attention. Think of it guys, he wouldn’t be doing this if there was nobody around. He has an orgasm when people observe his stupidity. Whatever floats your boat.

    1. Maybe it’s their version of Rodeo,

      You can stay on the plastic chair long enough, contorting their body and making demonic sounds,,

      I think his a winner!

      Prize, you get to take the chair home!

  4. This man looks possessed definitely but how they do it it’s beyond my knowledge.

    Maybe he take some drugs but i say he is possessed and according to those guys around this is not first time that they doing this type of ritual.
    Fucking satanists.

        1. Words of wisdom!
          Talk to soulconsumer. I’m just a humble student.
          The problem is that people do not understand what social cybernetics is. People know only purely technical cybernetics, automation and informatics. In Poland, this is not officially taught. It is a science only for future elites control the country through the media, schools and the entertainment industry.

      1. There is realities we cannot understand&see.
        There is allot of materials about demon worshiping, Satanism and Luciferanism online but i recommend my favorite interview with the man that was in Luciferian Cult(search it on YT):

        “A Trip Into the Supernatural –
        The Roger Morneau Story”

        -I guaranty, your jaw will drop.

        Watch it during day, avoid it before sleeping.

  5. Those bastards gave knifes and other dangerous shit to a drugged up man and watch him cut himself to pieces for their amusement? the most disturbing thing is he was probably a friend of theirs… what a world we live in.

    1. That’s a bad combination when taken together. My friend took acid and meth together and ended up in a mental institution for six months. He then became straight edge and very religious. He takes meds now and is not the same.

      1. This isn’t attention seeking its a ritual,and it looks well practiced. It ain’t a scam for tourists,its in a back yard,strictly for locals. And as for your friend,those drugs don’t do that to people.He must of lost it.It was him not the drugs.

        1. You would be surprised at how much a drug can change the chemistry of a brain. I had to stop smoking weed 6 years ago when I was 19 because even simple cardboard Marijuana would have extreme LSD-type effects on me. BTW @Richie has anyone ever told you that you look like Anton LeVey? It’s a compliment from a strictly outside perspective.

  6. Now that his drunken antics have been uploaded to the Internet for all to see he can expect the following:
    -Revoked MENSA membership.
    -Internship with village Witch Doctor denied.
    -Home Equity Loan Denied.
    -Fixed interest on 30 year Mortgage is gone.
    -Credit score in the toilet.
    -Country Club membership revoked.
    -Sweet parking space at work given to someone else.

  7. Interesting enough, there’s talk of an asteroid strike off the coast of Puerto Rico in September. The Asteroid is 2 and half miles in diameter and will trigger 12.0 earthquakes world wide an ELE event. Well just like to send that around as light to the adept viewing this particular type of vids. -951-

  8. There is no such thing as paranormal activity shit or ghosts who ever believes in that shit I want to fucking bash there heads open. There is no god. God is paranormal activity it is fake I hate people that believe in fake shit!

    1. Not really polite to bash people who believe in a deity or paranormal events/phenomena. Careless statements like that make atheism look bad. I’m an atheist myself but getting aggressive to people just because of their beliefs is just plain…stupid, the way I see it.

      I believe you wouldn’t want your religious beliefs, or absence thereof, bashed by a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist.or Hindu now, would you?

      1. Thank you @Kay Patrick…

        Believe it or not… I respect everyone’s faith…

        If you don’t believe in God… Then who am I to question your ‘faith’ in no God… Just saying…

        Wow… This has got to be a first… An atheist sticking up for a Christian…

        There’s still hope for humanity…


        1. Thanks, @Gnat. ๐Ÿ˜€ I just think it isn’t right to bitch or wish bad on someone who do not share the same beliefs you do. I wish people are a bit more open-minded about religious beliefs, you know?

          A lot of Christians shit on my beliefs but, if you’re Christian, I’m sure you’ve heard about how Stephen’s story went.

          Kind of like what @Obli believes in, really. Lol.

          1. If you’re talking about Saint Stephen/Stephan… Never ‘heard’ of him… ๐Ÿ˜€

            Acts 6:1-8, 7:54 to 8:2

        1. Did you actually think your threats even work? Hahaha how pathetic of you to even think so. Don’t flatter yourself out, honey. I’ve escaped death a lot more that I’d even care to count. I’m pretty sure you’ll pussy out once you even step foot on where I live.

          1. Oh here are the insults. Are there too much flouride in your water that it has significantly decreased your intellectual performance? You might get that checked, darling. I’m worried about you. ?

          2. Seriously, dude. Stop. I won’t try to insult you anymore so let’s both get back to whatever it is we are doing.

            I think I owe the moderators an apology. I was threatened and felt that I had to respond back. This will be the last, I promise.

            Sorry, Ate.

  9. I’m surprised at how many people here are adamant that this is a drug induced instance, dismissing the fact that cultures, (much older than your existence and your great great great grandfathers) have always, whether Christianity or the ancient religions, believed that some things cannot be explained and some things are inherently evil. A rational person would call this drug induced trance, but how they all seemed un phased and normal like it was sort of ‘ritual’ is weird to say the least. Did people from time ago have access to LSD or meth? Even those these drugs are a rarity in non western and countries.
    I’m an agonistic myself but I believe the world holds a plethora of secrets and mysteries, none of which can prove existence to a non believer, if you haven’t experienced it yourself. At least in more rational times… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Now that’s one hell of a house party!! I like how his homies kept spitting there beer on him and pouring there tequila on him as well.. Also with the way he was speaking he should also join some sort of death metal band.. Fucked up shit indeed!!

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