Right Forearm Self Inflicted

Right Forearm Self inflicted

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @jasc1989, who says:

Self inflicted to right forearm. This wasn’t the first or last time I cut but it was the worst.

An update to my self influcted right forearm submission; this happened during an episode of alcohol induced psychosis

Thank you for the pictures:

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          1. I can’t think of any puns but i think this guy is good at psyching himself up. it takes a lot of psyching up to do this sort of stuff. All this comes from us all being lied to about everything since we were born.

          2. Wait til you hear what hopingfornemesis is slang for in Texas.
            It has something to do with the south end of a north-bound mule.

          3. Ha! Only Texan slang that interests me is Texas Tea. You got any of that for me ?

            Old movie line ,you should know it.”Only two things come from Texas, Boy; steers and queers and i cant see any horns on you”. Also Texas produces some real beautiful women.

            Apparently it is the old Tejano blood mixed in from the early 1800s. What say you?

          4. Aussie women are gorgeous and bubbly too. Parentage from all over the world ,more so than the us.makes good mixes. Australia is more “white ” Euro than the Us as there are hardly any blacks ,south americans etc . But many of us are mixed ie half Uk/German and Italian or GoldFever Era Chinese etc. Makes gorgeous looking lovies.Haha

            That reminds me . Where is Miss Texas? Goregasm.

    1. You’re correct. Scars have to be earned in real fights like the old Germans used to do in those army schools where they sword fighted each other. Or you can always lick some danderous pussy. That’ll get you scarred

          1. Usually with deep wounds, they get packed with gauze to allow the deep structures time to close together, this guy needs something else. Maybe a 4 X 4 around the chops to STOP doing that shit!

  1. These self-harmers always pussyfoot around on arms and legs. A dramatic attention seeking cut ALWAYS starts at the neck. Carotid artery or Jugular vein, your choice really ~ either one will give excellent results. You might only need to do it once..

  2. If you go to all that trouble of cutting yourself open… then why stuff the wound with baked beans? Don’t you know there are hungry people in the world?
    Also the wound could get infected… I’d advise cleaning that out with a couple of Pork Sausages and some lightly-buttered wholemeal toast.

  3. I actually did this once and saw how gross it was and didn’t want to do it again. It just looks so foreign. I’m still depressed and want to die, sure, but this method really grossed me out.Add to that the fear of other methods. Might be the best thing for me tbh.

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