Self Carved Star on the Hip

Self Carved Star on the Hip

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Teal_Kitten, who shared photos of self inflicted cuts, including a star on her hip she decided to “keep“:

Some memories of (destructive) self harm. Is the clear / yellowish liquid platelets?

Thanks to bio oil and a few years of recovery my thighs are no longer striped, I did however decide to keep the star on my hip. I rather like that one.

I didn’t have any razor blades or scalpels so I would stick myself with a pin and tear the skin rather than slice it. I suppose that’s why there’s a red haze along the cut line.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @Teal_Kitten:

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77 thoughts on “Self Carved Star on the Hip”

  1. If you’re intelligent, you will remove this Pentagram as fast as you can: Demonic entities are welcomed to operate into your body.
    When tattooed or cut in configuration of a pentagram, this is INVITATION for demons.
    As your fellow human being i feel need to inform you that this is dangerous.
    Signer of this words had demonic attacks itself.
    I know what i’m talking about and this is far from bigotry.

      1. She is possessed by demons and they control her…..very dangerous….i recommend her to go to some orthodox christian monastery,to feel that peace….to sleep for 3 days inside somebody to remove that demons…..good therapy for her……crazy poor girl

    1. Thats right my country man…she is poor soul…Thats happend when people dont believe in Jesus, and when familly only give money and nothing else,no love and other,,,,,Stupid sick twisted whore is possessed by satan,,,,this is cancer of humanity brainwashed young people with empty soul without faith,who believe in darkness…I would give her good fucking and spanking,and send to asulym and monastery later…somebody need her to remove all that evil and import good hehehe..The power of Christ compels you!!! I would kill all those satanists who are poisoning young kids.

    1. Wouldn’t a real star be round, like an object subjected to the gravitational forces in the Universe? Like the Sun, etc?
      Also @Teal_Kitten, next time you draw a couple of lines in your upper thigh flesh with something sharp, I would be happy to be there with you to lick up your hemoglobin and plasma for you. Hopefully the big green star thingie won’t be a problem with that but what if my tongue accidentally slipped under that green thing and explored around a bit? Also, is that a sticker or a cool band-aid that you covered something up with? Hopefully you weren’t cutting yourself ‘there’ my dear. That could ruin a lot of future fun for you and your playmates. Lol.

  2. i m not big fan of these peoples who do this because of whatever reason .. still i dont judge anybody.. but i admit that this little star is nice and creativity. some peoples pay for get those kind of thing and here.. tadaaaa ! its home make free, and pretty well done in geometric 😀

    i mean, peoples should do that instead of just cut arms and legs with long ugly scars, its more good to see

  3. It’s interesting, a certain depth of cut will leave a permanent mark, while other cuts that bleed but are not as deep will fade in time. The star may fade a bit as the skin heals. was it done with a dart or nail?

  4. Stupid sick twisted whore is possessed by satan,,,,this is cancer of humanity brainwashed young people with empty soul without faith,who believe in darkness…I would give her good fucking and spanking,and send to asulym and monastery later…somebody need her to remove all that evil and import good hehehe..The power of Christ compels you!!! I would kill all those satanists who are poisoning young kids.

  5. a pentagram is not evil it represents air fire water earth and spirit most get a tattoo but there are worse things to do a pentagram is for worship god and goddess or for protection religion demonises all other faiths. satan worship they proclaim to worship the self no god. luceferion they proclaim to be satan lucefer in the flesh yet both invert pentagram. in wicca an earth bound religion with a god and goddess there is no belief in satan or a devel you carry your sin in death you may be reincarnated or go to a land of eternal summer if you learned enough life lessions if not youll be reborn to restart. there are many faiths a pentagram means many things who can judge be true to yourself. dont forget in 16th centry catholic priest began satanism and sacrificed babys left by poor people that couldnt feed them black mass ritual began here i know some may be botherd so look it up the truth will set you free but has pain at times. the church copied pegan holidays as well.

  6. no the oldest deity is the goddess as far back as 6 thousand years ago history dont lie just like battle of jerico that story was canaanites hundreds of years before. they discoverd the israelites found area abandoned due to common earth quakes and dna said israelites and canaanites were exactly the same only there faith made them differ. in theology one can discover things that blow the mind like people worshiped the sun. in egypt they found ramesses son was a man when he died from a blow to tempel not the plagues another egyptian book of the dead is alot like bible or there are 52 gods who did the exact same things as jesus christ did a scholar discoverd the mistranslations refered to them worshiping the sun in sky not son of god. please dont be offended im stating facts not attacks from my studys the goddess predates all deities take in the idea kings with scholars developed religion to gain wealth and power when the church offended henry the 8th he made himself above the church not needing to repent that was called protestant methodist religion. as i said to your self be true no matter your faith if your happy keep it if not discover what gives you happiness.

  7. this girl has the right to any faith she wishes and if she cuts her flesh like a star that could be to defy others or get them gossiping or for attention only she knows but any person that differs from societies norm gets branded mental or evil. we all have our vices and most dont share the keep trucking

  8. That is nicely proportioned. You get a star!
    I always wondered why cutters didnt just make nice designs so it was more acceptable when someone finally sees. Believe me, someone always sees. Those straight lines are awful. No creativity there.

  9. Edit: I originally carved a capital ‘A’ into my hip to show off to a boy I liked who’s name begins with ‘A’ (We were both into bloody bdsm) but as time passed, of course I didn’t want a random letter on me so I just added to it and made it into a star!

    I’m fascinated by the responses to this, trying to save my soul, defending my religious rights, offering me dick, so varied.

    Just to clarify – I’m 20 now but at the time these pictures were taken I was 18 and had just started by first bout of severe depression, getting over it, I’m on the mend. Also I’m an atheist, not a satanist. However my parents are an ex catholic priest and an ex catholic nun so I grew up religious. My parents don’t believe in magical demon symbols however and support me despite my beliefs or lack thereof.

  10. I had a friend who carved the infinity symbol into her wrist, and now she looks like a ridiculous hipster. I’m surprised to find another person who used a pin though, I did but then I became obsessed with making the lines straight so I switched to sharp tips of tweezers.

  11. Anybody who “cuts” will do so to get attention. An attention whore so to speak. They crave sympathy and believe they are unique and “worth your time” to see past the retarded behaviour. Unfortunately this is childish, immature, cheap and weak. Be a person who doesn’t seek others approval and has a powerful inner self.

  12. oh yea what fucking gore this bimbo will live and die not fucking realizing it im sure your just a real sad person oh boy im just so sad i think ill have to….cut an edgy symbol into well my hip obviously so when i show all my friends how cool i am ill have to pull my pants down a little bit and then ill be sexy and cool ooo and you know what my name will be teal kitten of course because im a dainty fuck who doesn’t shit and my profile picture…dick suck face every time just to let cement the fact im a skanky cum bucket with only two cells in my brain mildly communicating. who puts this weak shit on a gore site!!!! i hope you read this and cry

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