Self Harmer Urges to See Bone – Exclusive Photos

Self Harmer Urges to See Bone - Exclusive Photos

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @goreydorey, who tried cutting leg to the bone:

Here’s some exclusive photos of my drug induced self harm. Was on a heavy week long Clonazepam and Lorazpam binge, ended up disassociating and decided to see if I could make it to bone. Cut the fat out from inside one of them just to feel what it was like to squish between my fingers. These photos are over the course of three nights. I was dragged in my dissociative state to the ER by my flatmate when I duly told him what I had done. Didn’t feel a thing. Slipped into a psychosis by day four, got fed anti psychotics until “the urge to see bone” subsided.

Don’t do drugs, kids. Or do, I don’t really care.

As they say, sharing is caring. So, thank you Doreen for your story and pictures:

64 thoughts on “Self Harmer Urges to See Bone – Exclusive Photos”

  1. Please, by all means, do as much drugs as you want.
    You should not have been moved to ER, or had any kind of medical treatment. All you drug users should just be left alone to face the consequences of your actions, be it overdose or slowly rotting away until your organs fail, as a form of slow suicide.

    I think you have the right to do that. Why the society is so inclined on “saving” drug addicts? They don’t need saving.

    1. also they don’t want saving, and make it harder for those who NEED THE MEDICATION AND TAKE CORRECTLY TO GET IT, FUCK THEM AND THEIR DRAMA, TAKE a lethal combination next time or suck a gun like a cock and pull the trigger, fucking think you’re a bad azz. grow up little bitch.

    1. See exhibits A-E above.
      Results may vary, but, in every case there is a retarded halfwit piece of shit moaning and bitching about how fuckin sad their life is.

  2. The entire world and its many peoples and societies eternally exist within a dissociative state. The rich versus the middle class versus the poor. The religious versus the non-religious. Religion versus religion. Political party versus political party. Ideology versus ideology so on and so forth.

    Very few people can and actually are willing to understand and associate with the “other” which is why the majority rule and the minority bitch and moan and attempt to undermine the majority etc. Cutting yourself open then will not get you the attention you seek. It will not get you noticed and it will not make you special. All it will do is cause others to dissociate themselves with you.

    Your attempt to get others to feel for you will inevitably make them feel nothing for you because you are going out of your way to force and engineer feelings and responses.

    To conclude. Only you truly gives a shit about you…………….or not. Nobody else does. Not even your nearest and dearest. Your self harm is self hate then when external responses are taken out of the equation.

  3. There’s a simple cure for the leg injury and the mental state that brought it about. This procedure may not be suitable for everyone, so I’d suggest that you discuss things over with your local friendly cartel boss.
    However, having given you the standard disclaimer, my recommendation is for total below neck amputation. You may need a few days off work to arrange a funeral, but in no time soon you’ll be back to your attention seeking self ~ as your friends and family view the open casket.

          1. Thank you so muchDoreen.
            I genuinely appreciate your offer to answer some questions about ‘cutting’ and any advice you may have, so that I might be able to better understand our niece. A friend here in BG gave a really good and very open and honest background of the way this self-harm came into her life when she was around that same age of 12.
            It would be nice to hear a few different perspectives to fill out the understanding…if you’d rather not answer in public here ~ you may send me an email if that would make you more comfortable sharing.

            Cheers Doc

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