Photos of Self Inflicted Cut with Stitching

Nothing Says I Heart Best Gore Like Fansign Sealed with Blood

Bar for the sickest Best Gore fansign has just been risen above the clouds. Props to the Best Gore member Huckleberry for these exclusive photos and sheer fansign awesomeness. Be warned, kids – the self inflicted cut and stitching stunts captured in these photos were performed by a professional. Do not try this at home. As Huckleberry put it, the pictures contain the healing process of a self inflicted cut, including the stitching (by yours truly). This is her story in her own words:

I don’t know if this is really Best Gore worthy. It’s not overly disgusting, and I didn’t die. I wish I had a broken leg or got run over and was able to share that with you but this is the best I’ve got, and I’d rather share it with other people who feel the same as I do.

It began when I was 9, as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Scratching scabs. I began to see a therapist. Around age 12/13, I began taking medication for anxiety. My father was deployed overseas, or away for training. I was great until my second year of college, having episodes every few months but nothing uncontrollable. I had a breakdown just before finals and suffered from sleep deprivation and auditory/visual hallucinations. After that, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and have been on antidepressants since. That was about three years ago.

In Alaska, I was 14, I cut because I was a depressing teenager who was right about everything and nobody understood me, but I was able to quit. Then about 8 months ago, I was in a nasty bout of depression. It was bad. Waking up with no motivation, not eating, wanting to die. It was like that was the only way out. I was away at college, parents were in the Netherlands. My boyfriend at the time was helping me so much, he was my last safety net; that support. He left me because I admitted I’d been thinking about other men. Later, I would also figure out that my Paxil reached a plateau, and was no longer helping me at all.

To anyone that hasn’t ever been depressed, it’s not something I can explain. It’s just every part of your life being dark.

In a state of hysteria, I got in the shower (easier cleanup) and not having the courage to actually slice, I stabbed myself in the arm. It didn’t hurt. I was shocked and encouraged, I tried again. It bled enough that time that I got out of the shower to admire it. When I washed it I could see the fatty tissue, it was yellow and revolting. I knew if I left it open, all I would do was mutilate it. So I did the sensible thing and threaded a needle. Pushing it into the skin the first time was the worst, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Bloody and with one hand, I threaded it together gently. It actually widened the cut because I had to push the needle through each side opening it up more. I got it tied up, and eventually people took notice. My doctor freaked. So did my parents.

I was put on a new medication, Pristiq and Ambien. I’m off the Ambien now, but on Seroquil. It’s all working out great, I don’t cut anymore. Unfortunately, I’ve channeled my destructive desires into picking at my cuticles until they bleed. (once or twice a week) It’s much less risky and noticeable, but it’s got that hurt and bleeds a lot. In reflection, I haven’t changed. I’m just being healthier about it… in a way.

Thank you Huckleberry for awesome pictures and your story. I just have to stress it one more time for the weak minded – do not try this at home, bananas. Any self inflicted cut has a potential to cause serious harm or even death. Gallery of pictures is below.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Photos of Self Inflicted Cut with Stitching”

  1. i got that they have me taking anafranil and welbutrin wich suks cuz i cant achiev an erection on the ssri and the tricyclic makes me black out wen i drink alchohol. they help curb the urges but their starting to lose the effectiveness they had wen i started… hey at least we dont have ptsd(post traumatic stress disorder they usually do end up ending themselves)

  2. don’t know how to explain this well in english, but i find this “best gore fans sending their own stuff to partecipate” really interesting.. and not so “emo” as someoneone might say.. waiting for new stuff

  3. I understand being severely depressed. Although I didn’t mutilate myself, in 1994,I checked into an inpatient mental facility and was there for 18 days. I was put on antidepressants and received therapy along with group therapy. Severe depression is horrible. I recall that at that time I thought that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. To this day I still take psych meds because I’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and OCD. I also suffer from severe trypophobia. I thought I had it bad until I read Huckleberry’s story. It surprises me that she didn’t take her own life after what she’d been through. She must’ve had a will to live, and it took guts for her to tell her story here.

    BTW, since coming to this website, I’ve learned a lot of what goes on around the world. Although this is a gore website, it is very informative. For example, I had no idea that Brazil is so dangerous. Also, seeing people die in accidents and showing all the guts spread all over has taught me to drive safely. Thank you, Mark, for this website. It has made me appreciate that I live in this country and street justice, for example, is not tolerated.

    1. I have felt the same way about knowing the world better for a long time. Thanks, I was nervous that the BG fans would tear me apart for this but im just getting alot of support. Everybody goes through hardships. Thank you for your opinion and sharing your story as well.

  4. SEE! she backed up my manicure/cuticle cutting accident! they do bleed a lot. I totally should’ve sent in pix: ‘MANI GOES WRONG’ anyway-

    I just still don’t think posting these pictures of self mutilation on here is a good idea. While many people are giving their praise and admiration for our fellow best gorers for being “gnarly & ballsy” we aren’t looking at the bigger picture that these peeps are or have been under a lot of mental distress and this is their only means to release it. I feel like with these posts getting the admiration that they do, that it could potentially spiral into something ugly with the mutilation getting worse & worse all for a spot on best gore. Maybe i’m wrong, but glorifying those in distress is not a good idea. Mark my word, Mark, one day someone will commit suicide & give a shout out to best gore 🙂

  5. I suffer from depression, as well. Cut my arm several times once and it was a pain, the warm blood pouring down my arm was awesome.. That was the only time it happened. And man is it hard explaining to people about my scars. Thanks to our brave fellow-gorgians for their stories. Its kinda theraputic:)

  6. This could sound weird, but I’m loving this type of girls. I think this is cute, if girl – for example – cuts, Herself. In same category fits eating disorders, depression, schizophrenia etc. etc.

    I wanna help with love. 🙂

  7. seroquell is bad news. turns people into mindless drones… it is only new so they have no idea of how it affects people in the long run.. getting off it was the best thing i ever did, there are many, many other alternatives to quietapine. it is bad news. paxil is paroxitine if i remember correctly, that was the first antidep i was ever on that is ok but mild. now im on another one called avanza,combined with valporate that is also new and it is also quite mild. works pretty well too. but there were many others before i got to this point. trial and error is the only way. but for fucks sake dont use lovan{prozac} that shit sent me batshit insane and made me a very dangerous individual. not only to myself but everyone…

    1. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about prozac. It makes people very angry and mean and I know this from personal experience with family members being on it at one time. I wouldn’t recommend anyone taking it. I think they need to just pull it off the market

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