Self Inflicted Cuts – Some Infected, Some Not

Self Inflicted Cuts - Some Infected, Some Not

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @bloodybody, who shared some of her cuts with us:

I’m a selfharmer, and I’ve been for 2,5 years. These are my cuts. Some are infected, and some aren’t.

I thought that some of you love to look at these kind of pics, so here you go!

Thanks for sharing your personal pics with us, @bloodybody:

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83 thoughts on “Self Inflicted Cuts – Some Infected, Some Not”

  1. wow your a cutter thats certain, do you cut your self for pleasure? or when your down or when you feel an emotional up set? i ask as a friend of mine does it when she is down she said it picks her up. i guess i can say her name kim, as a girl she got put in mental ward by parents for 2 years or so for cutting her self. in my talks with her she has to hurt her self, i kind of understand but not exactly. she isnt my girl friend i met her when i was married i was in er and kim to i was in motor cycle accident not to bad a little road rash she tried to end her life i was moved by that today she cuts to cope. though i dont know you but be careful dont go deep and scrub area with iodine or rubbing alcohol or both before you cut your self and anything you do be shire its what you want to do you got every right to live life how you choose just be careful.

    1. Woke up this morning this is what I thought:
      “I want to see something grisly today.”
      I think that your pictures are amazing.
      You are doing some serious cutting.
      You got the stitches and the infection.
      Your cuts are deep enough to make me cringe.
      I hate people who cut just for the scars.
      So that they could have a scar on their wrist.
      I always thought those people were pussies.
      And they were doing it for attention.
      Cutting with like a thumb tack or something.
      Which I thought was totally dumb and gay.
      What I’m trying to say is your awesome.
      Your the real deal I respect your cuts.
      Though my respect may not matter to you.
      I do hope that my concern for you will.
      Please put down the razor please stop cutting.

  2. Please don’t risk your life over this shit, there’s many safer ways to deal with the stuff that you’re going through. Hopefully this will pass or maybe you’ll get tired of doing this, soon. These cuts look way too dangerous, that’s all I’m saying.

  3. Thats how my cuts looked 🙁 eventually the scars will fade though, I was always worried about having vaginas all over me. But its not so bad when they fade, euse vitamin E oil. You had to use something sharp for clean cuts like that. Was It a shaving razor that you used? You are not alone 🙂 Im here for you, like the rest of the awesome BG community! I still want to from time to time. But at a certain point. You have to ask yourself, Is it really worth it? God smoke some of that good good and relax, I know its trading one addiction for the other. But THC leaves the body alot sooner than the scars will.

  4. Infected? That is disgusting! Nothing against cutting… but never let the cuts run out off control – so they control you! You do the cuts in a special mood, but when the cuts are infected – maybe you are in a happy mood at this time and they cause you pain and nerves. How does it smell?

  5. You should get some help for your self harming addiction, Girl. And i do NOT mean, a Psychiatrist either. As these fuckers have absolutely no clue as to what goes-on in every different Persons head.
    I hope that you find Peace & Happiness one day, from the shit that has happened to you in your youth. 🙂

      1. You don’t have to try and stop straight away, obviously I don’t know what kinda help you’re getting like what their methods are but I find if you just throw away whatever you cut with its gonna build up and build up until you finally snap and just grab the nearest dirty shit to cut with which is no good.

        What you can do is try and put if off for 3 minutes while you make a cup of tea, 15 minutes if you go for a walk, an hour while you watch a film. If you keep at it just trying to distract yourself a little before you self harm even just for a minute, eventually (and it will take a while) you’ll be like ‘shit its been a month’. It’s not something that you can do overnight but I’m proud of you for getting help.

  6. I know what you’r doing …….
    You are scratching the itchy healing wounds……
    With your dirty nails……bad girl….
    Maybe it’s itchy somewhere else……
    Ps: don’t go scratch it now……you may end up with stitches
    Down there……too….

  7. @bloodybody
    I wouldn’t know what’s on your mind and why you do this to yourself . I can well understand all these cuts speak of your going through some turbulent times .
    I’d suggest you to deviate self harming yourself and instead take up a leisurely activity to keep your mind engrossed .
    Remember you only get to live once and this one time living ought not be this brutal to own self.
    I know its easy talking but hey I know you’re gonna listen and adopt a sweeter approach to life and try making it rosier rather this thornier.
    Keep those razors and blades away unless you do need them to get rid of those unwanted hair. That’s all they should be for a girl like ya.
    Bye Bye take care.

  8. @bloodybody

    In the gospels, Jesus went UNDEFEATED. He healed every affliction he came across including mental issues, leprosy, blindness, and even raised people from the dead.

    Jesus can heal you too, dear one. Seek him, believe and be healed!

    God bless.

  9. I’m all for cutting if you want, but those infections look like an issue. Although personally I used to love the infections, my favorite part was playing with them, it’s really shitty when they get bad.

  10. I dont know why but i hate seeing people do that shit. I guess its just affected alot of people who are close to me. I even got one girl to completely stop. It was so bad that it was fucking up her life.

  11. Nice post. Hi @bloodybody hope those ills you were feeling to make you do this shall pass. I have cut myself in the passed including some nice cuts to my wrist( Vertical ..the right way 🙂 ) . I have cut myself from inner pain and not some drive for attention ..I have more recently started burning myself with cigars .My inner pain has diminished some what but its still lingers. The next time I try to kill myself though I will NOT fail. I just hope I don’t have a reason to try again. Stay strong @bloodybody and clean those wounds.

    1. I also cut because I feel that pain on the body lessens the pain in the heart. I’m always extremely depressed and it makes me feel better. I don’t do it for attention. But cutting yourself like @bloodybody tells me she has some serious mental issues and she needs to get some help. I really hope she does.

  12. Hi. I’ve only been on this site a few months and seen alot of things. But this is one thing that really gets to me. i felt every thing inside me cringe. They are really deep and hope you keep them clean and in a safe enviroment. I think you may need a tad bit of help before you do some serious damage. I first self harmed at a very young age. I just couldn’t cope with anything. Started with just scratching and digging at the bit of skin between my index finger and thumb. Then smileys with a lighter in my young teens. Have a few scars on my eyebrows from my nails and went through an episode in my late teens of not coping because of working every hour I could to get by and other issues with family at the time . At first was my upper thighs. All i used was scissors and loved the way it felt because they wernt sharp sharp and loved cutting slowly and deeply, was like a release that i could control and stop loosing control of my anger. I got found out when i started doing it to the backs of my hands. Life was a bit shitty for me but i met my partner when i was 19 and never really looked back. He only found out when he saw the scars and he was totally againts it and didnt understand. He still doesn’t understand why I find life so hard but the brain is a complex thing. And unless you have walked that path you don’t understand. I Can still see faint scars through my stretch marks from having my kids on my thighs and three deep ones on my wrist as I used to like the feeling of going over them again and again too which is a constant reminder of how strong I have become for coping (not in the right ways sometimes) with life over the years.but sometimes I look at them and feel embarrassed of the ways I tried to cope. But sometimes it’s all you have. I still have depressive episodes and have anger anxiety which totally throws me off balance so easily. I also smoke weed wich helps my mind make sence of things but when it weares off im back to my own mental sate I’ve been smoking it for 10 years now and havnt looked back at cutting. It’s all in my head now and I end up just sitting for hours doing nothing not even thinking (and no its not the weed that does it) because I’ve lost control so many times. I havnt thought about cutting in years as I wouldn’t want my kids to ask why and have found other weird ways to cope. But always have reminders. And I always have them to remind me that life is tough. But it goes on regardless so you got to grab it by the balls or slowly suffocate. And please. There is help out there and you ever might work for you. Stay safe if nothing else x

  13. This whole self inflicted cutting is such bullshit. What could possibly be ao terrible in your small little world to prompt such behavior. Get over your selfishness and realize they are people out there far worse then you are.

    1. Though your response is understandable @mudman, to tell a person that there are many worse off is of no consolation to that person. That’s due, for the most part, to humans living in the here and now, in a self imposed cocoon. The wider world has no bearing on most folk’s lives. So, the poor guy who just lost all of his family in an explosion in the Middle East, would surely rate self cutting as chicken feed, nothing to get flustered about, while the cutter knows nothing of this poor man’s suffering, and more to the point, probably doesn’t give a shit.
      Rather like in boxing where there are opponents with varying skill levels, there are varying levels of angst and suffering in many different people, and varying skill levels in their approach to stifling those angst filled moments.
      We’re all different in a nutshell.

      1. well said @ewestomper – we are all different and yes, I cut also and certainly not for attention, it helps release inner pain and it is the only thing I actually have total control over.
        Thanks for sharing these pictures @bloodybody I understand where you’re coming from totally. Be safe love. x

  14. It’s hard to let anyone in your life know when you’re a cutter so forums like these are a good outlet. Unfortunately, a lot of people see cutting more dangerous than drowning your sorrows in drug or booze when it’s got very similar motives.

    Trying to dull the internal pain with something external

  15. Cut all you want but clean your skin first, pour a glass of rubbing alchohol, and dip your “cutter” into each time. The surface of your skin has a lot of bacteria on it and when you cut, you push the bacteria deep (well in your case) into your dermis, the layer underneath your out skin.

    You aren’t going to be happy the day you wake up with sepsis or go into septic shock. It can happen really fast…I mean overnight if you have a specifically virulent bug on your skin already.

    If you are going to cut, then be responsible about it as I doubt you want to go to the hospital or force your friends or family to take care of you sick in bed.

    1. Why? BG members rock and any pictures or stories they wish to share are more than welcome. It’s most certainly not “shit”, go elsewhere if you’re that peeved off and disrespect us BG members.

  16. Can someone please post something I can cut and paste to send to a teenage girl who is self harming. She confided in me but because I dont know anything about it I cant give her the best advice. Maybe someone here can post some shit so she might realise how bad it is. Ive just forwarded her these pics but she says shes not that bad…yet. like, aside from the scars are there any negative implications?

  17. Very artistic, thanks for sharing. Could be perhaps a wallpaper design, or for a colorful wrapping paper. The spacing between the slices also is very even and precise, plainly you have taken some effort to do it correctly, which doesn’t happen often these days. Keep up the good work, and rgds.

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