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    1. too many reasons and if you dont struggle with self harm yourself then you wont really be able to understand the fact that you had to ask that question says alot aha who knows the reason for this person doing it they may have a shit tone of reasons for why they have and want to do this for me why i would want to cut this deep is because i hate my body i hate myself the thought of cutting and hurting myself really bad i like that i want that .. bahah ill say no more lol but yes people have there reasons despite self harm being retarded but i dont give a shit about me or anyone else who does it bahah

  1. Its an illness that we will never understand. Its not the actual doing of the cut its why they do it and whats going on in their heads when doing it. My brother-in-law was a self harmer. The poor guy had a teribble up bringing that even though marrying my sister and we accepted him in the family. We tryed to convince him that he could now be loved by all of us and lead a normal happy life. He took his own life at the age of 23 years. God bless him and damn you Animals that abused him,youll get yours.

  2. as a self harmer (for the past 6 years) I hope i have a vague idea of what the individual was feeling when they did this, this wasnt a suicide attempt, which is was some silly people might think. Most people i know do it for one of two reasons (or sometimes a combination of the two); reason one being theey need to feel something. Depression especially if its been going on a long ass time makes the individual numb, they laugh and smile infront of people but inside they know its all an act. they literally feel NOTHING. and e reason two, they feel too much. they need a release everythings to much and by seeing the open wounds and blood, it offers some form of release and makes them almost calm.
    but of course each persons situation is unique, they might just like blood and scars who knows lol.
    this is just what ive observed in my time in and out of psychiatric hospitals

    1. Yeah, people are always saying “why do you want to die” or “I don’t want to see you to kill yourself. It’s making it worse if they take away the blade. Maybe things get to be too much and I need to let out the pain. Maybe I just don’t like myself and cutting makes me feel better. Honestly, taking away a self harmer’s cutting is just taking away their way to stop them from killing themselves. People just don’t get it.

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