Self Inflicted Cuts – Some Infected, Some Not

Self Inflicted Cuts - Some Infected, Some Not

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @bloodybody, who shared some of her cuts with us:

I’m a selfharmer, and I’ve been for 2,5 years. These are my cuts. Some are infected, and some aren’t.

I thought that some of you love to look at these kind of pics, so here you go!

Thanks for sharing your personal pics with us, @bloodybody:

Author: Acneska

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83 thoughts on “Self Inflicted Cuts – Some Infected, Some Not”

  1. fine cuts , I bet if felt realy good dident it, if you want to FEEL better with less cuts just use acidic fruits like grapefruits and lemons . and dont cut your self to deep or in a spot that is not coverd

    idk why but girls with cuts are so CUT e

  2. as someone who has been self harming for years now, im not gonna try to tell you to stop because its completely useless. what ill tell you instead is to just look out for them, man. like clean before and after and just try not to let them get infected. i usually do it just because i kinda feel like it, man. just try to keep them clean.

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