Self-Mutilation Enthusiast Pierces Forearm with Syringes

Self-Mutilation Enthusiast Pierces Forearm with Syringes

Best Gore member EV0Love sent us a video of self mutilation by piercing his forearm with syringes.

My name is Adam, I’ve been a self-mutilation enthusiast since I was 15 and I’m currently 23. I have multiple scars on my wrists and on all other areas of my body.

I became self-conscious of the visible scars on body thinking people were going to judge me for it. I came up with the idea to cover the scars up with tattoos on both arms and this would disable the probability that I would self harm on my arms. The tattoos look faded in this video because I am currently getting them removed via laser. I am proud to say I am no longer self conscious on my scars, and I do not care what others think anymore.

In this video I used a dozen 23 gauge 1 inch needles and pierced the inside of my wrists (forearm). The pain helps take me away from reality and everything that is wrong with the sheep and society of today. I have high anxiety and get muscle tension in the left side of my chest that makes me believe I’m going to have a heart attack at any minute. The pain of self-injuring helps take my mind off the pain of my anxiety and fear of death. Piercing myself leaves minimal visible damage and creates moderate pain… It has become my salvation.

Thanks a lot Adam for the video:

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          1. It’s the I don’t give a shit mixture….went thru the self pity phase during and after divorce….half gallon of whisky every other day with Xanax…..that combo sure numbs the fuck out of you……

    1. For a 23 year old your arm looks quite hideous! (((@[email protected]))) Work on toning a bit more. I won’t even ask if you’re on steroids because I know the answer. I’ve been into bodybuilding and martial arts since I was a kid. All grown up now. Steroids mess you up on so many levels. From bone density to heart and liver problems.

          1. I bite my nails still as well and I am 25. Ive been biting them since I can remember. I was told I used it to cope with anxiety as a child… and i guess I still used it the same way today which is why i cant break the habit.

  1. Well i love the self-inflicted pain. That is a great sport. But the reason. You are inflicting self-pain because you are afraid? To fear death is an egocentric perspective, like you had something very important to do and won’t be able to do it. But what the fuck have you got to do for humanity, besides entertainig a small part of it with videos of self-inflicted injuries, made not for the sake of the pain but from fear? 10+ for video, -10 for motivation.

    1. @ Tudor

      That’s a many a good take on several points of stuff but please press the space bar ( with full stops ) between points for easier reading.

      There are worse of course and acneska comes to mind ๐Ÿ˜†

    2. I don’t see why people who cut and shit can’t just go skateboarding or join a fight club or something with a great risk of injury.
      At least you have something beautiful to show for it instead of looking like you’ve injected heroine into every part of your body

    1. Fuck that…….. I’m often told by the gp’s to have a blood test for this or that and rarely comply.

      When I do it has to be a butterfly syringe because I’v had too many bad experiences with humans and humongous syringes getting it wrong and keeping it still in the right place.

      Cannula’s can be a bitch if not looked after properly.

      Fuck that.

        1. lol juicy just keep that thing away from me… drawing the blood is fine for me but you try and inject something you better have a gun or a army cause ain’t no one getting a needle in me without me knowing exactly whats in it or what they are doing….
          that said
          @spidy dude and I thought had a problem with needles sheesh you make me look like I got no fear of them shit…

        1. Was with my mates in the pub few years back , one of whom suddenly decided he was gonna run to the tattooist and get himself a Star on his Dick !! . Obviously we thought yeah right . But sure enough , he came back with that mofo right in the middle of his boner ! . Fuck , good times I’ll tell ya ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. @ lady wicked- I was a heavy drug user for 6 years, ( I’m in my early 20’s) but I went to rehab and started on methadone a while back and started to get back on track. but now I’m about to get two degrees and take my LSATS and of course I have a wonderful son who now I am a great mommy to. ๐Ÿ™‚ so things are looking up. <3

          2. Ooof..yeah that’s rough love…mine was crystal…I shake my head now but I’m not strong enough to be around it without doing it..I’m glad your son focuses daughter straightened me out as well…

  2. I smoke pot to relieve my stress of everyday life, I think people who cut are attention whores, I’m not bashing anyone its just my opinion, if its pain your after why not grab a hammer and smack your hands fingers head with it, I don’t know maby its the blood they get off on seeing, you can use a hammer to draw blood if you pound yourself hard enuff with it, now that’s something ide like to watch on BG

    1. Good points……… Is it an attention thing because I just don’t see fleshy viruses doing this shit ALONE without wishing someone could see it at some point ??

      Home alone doing stuff like this to themselves without telling – showing someone doesn’t gel with me ?

      Hence the story.

      1. Cutting is one of those things ill never understand, I say if it brings you pleasure and relief of your problems so be it, slice away man, but don’t forget to keep the cameras rolling just incase you bleed out, make sure you hit upload as you start slipping away

        1. C’mon @nybadguy like you never cut yourself just a little bit. I think the feeling is fantastic. Actually, when i come, i like to cut myself on the back of the palm. Gawwd that’s one hell of an orgasm.

          1. I like your style Tudor…I can relate actually…….VERY odd…very odd indeed….I didn’t think there was any fellow freaks of natures finest here….I’m impressed..and startled!! You’re AWESOME!!

          2. I believe in wholeness. I like pain, but i don’t want wounds. Also if you are into pain, no need to hurt someone else (if they don’t want to). But if you are only into pain you are not whole. I can’t stand self-righteouss people nor exclusive sadists. I like people who know how to apreciate both the grotesque and the beautifull and not brag the fuck about it. Also I think we need a round of applause, we are somewhat noble humans.

          3. It’s right hun and no I’m VERY serious my friend…I’m a masochist..I LOVE pain…call this an act for attention all you guys want but I see the beauty behind this video…..I’m still sorta drunk from last night so my words aren’t coming easily right now…but yeah…round of applause for my fellow fons!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

          4. Yea I have cut myself many times but it wasn’t self induced, its different strokes for different folks I guess, sounds like your into some kinky shit thoe bro haha

  3. Looks very nice and relaxing. Ive been doing similiar things, even though not in the same wide sense.

    Though I know there is actual help to get if you have mental problems such as anxiety. Ive had panic anxiety for years, and it sure is a bitch. The psyhical pain takes the mental pain away for a brief moment, but it doesnt help it in the longrun.

    1. My friend, i too had panic atacks.

      Everybody is searching for a cure. And here it is (i mean, what worked for me): 1. SEX 2. FIGHTS 3. When you have a panic atack, go with it. Face death like a fucking whore and don’t worry, you won’t die. You won’t be that lucky.

        1. I have anxiety and panic attack disorder plus social phobia. I fight everyday but now i have medication.. It helps to relieve it. To help me control it too. And yeah, when a panic attack comes, the best is to not freak out, get your mind on something else, tell yourself it’s only sensations. You are all fine.

          One of my panic attack made me take an ambulance. I never had that kind of symptoms before, numbing and tingling in my both arms and upper back, couldn’t sit or else i would faint or so i thought. All that being on some sidewalk. At least my sister was there.

          There is hope. You got to take the help available to you.

          Of course our society is fucked. There isn’t a thing we can do to change dumb people. But you can try to live a good life at the very least.

          Thanks for sharing anyway.

  4. Life for me is already painful enough without physically adding to it by choice. Different strokes I guess… (shrug)

    All you kids mutilating yourselves should just wait until you get old (over 40). Then you hurt all the time from all the wear and tear of life. Like most all other things, that shit gets old quickly.

    Oh, and get off of my lawn! *shakes fist*

  5. Thank you for sharing your interests with us hun…I think you’re awesome..I used to cut up my legs for the release as well..then my kid saw my legs one day when she came in while I was in the restroom…I told her HER cat did it…he had gone missing the week prior but she bought it..she was 4…wooly lil pup at the time…now she knows all about this shit from her schoolmates…sigh…..I’m impressed with your pain threshold….I LOVE needles…hmmmm…you’ve peaked my interests now… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Lmao..if you only knew how wickedly evil this wolf truly is tudor!!…I do however have a soft spot for children and animals…I am ONLY human..I think??…oh yeah correction Tudor I’m a masochist my love…not a sadist..well not greedy..I want the pain all to myself… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. One word….fruitcake. I’m all for self expression, doing what you want etc. But fuck man, I agree with nybadguy. I have a shot and a beer after work, a toke if I have any lol If u really want attention, jump off a bridge or something ..

  7. Some people drink alcohol to numb the pain of life, some people it’s drugs, some people it’s sex and for others it’s self mutilation.

    The above I would consider to be perfectly fine as long as it is a self inflicted lifestyle choice, it is those who choose to inflict pain on others that I consider to be contemptible.

    It can be argued I suppose that self mutilation is not normal behaviour but then what is normal?, normal is a social construct used to measure amalgamation and possible maladjustment of the population, normal behaviour differs greatly between countries, races and people and therefore what it must come down to is, does the person’s actions cause actual, real harm to others?, if it does not then the person should be free to continue.

    Most people would consider those who view gore websites such as this to be abnormal, sick and twisted even and they would be wrong. To be interested in death and the causes of it, as long as the person does not go around murdering others, is perfectly fine and natural even, for we all must contend with the fact that death awaits us all and we all deal with these natural facts differently, some retreat from it and others choose to face it.

    My conclusion, those on Bestgore should know better than to judge others based upon societies version of normality, does the persons actions cause any real harm to others?, even if you perceive it to be attention seeking behaviour you still shouldn’t condemn them without first considering the short term and the long term possible implications to society.

    I consider Miley Cyrus to be an attention seeker without any discernable talent but in the grand scheme of things she is not going to cause irreparable damage to society and the world at large, even though sometimes I do wonder. Politicians and large financial players however do cause irreparable damage to society and the world at large and yet the majority of people view these peoples actions to be normal.

    Therein lies the answer, despite whether or not you like the idea of self mutilation, if it is a personal choice and does not cause any harm to others or damage to society and the world at large then what right have we got to condemn.

    1. As a sociology student, you sir, have an excelent point. I’m seriously thinking about writing a book. I got all the data, but it’s stupid that these subjects are always tabu. And be sure that one fat guy wearing a CIA badge, eating pizza, is browsing through the comments right now.

    2. Empty you’re an amazing person!!…I cannot say more because I’m still recovering from my night..but yeah you ALWAYS say the right and pd have a nack..I bet you’re an awesome person in real life….I always enjoy reading your posts and almost always agree…

    3. @ empty soul- very nicely written. Many people use booze, sex, drugs, and self mutilation, eating disorders, and so on… to numb the pain of life or just to feel something when they feel nothing and are numb or empty.
      By the way, I’m new here ( although I’ve been exploring the website for many months) and would just like to say that I always enjoy reading your comments.

    4. Bottom line – to each their own. If someone chooses to self-harm, so be it. If someone wants to get high, like myself, fine. If gays want to get “married,” whatever the fuck that means, be my guest. If it interferes not one bit with my life, why should I give a damn what people do with themselves?
      Now, as said before, if it’s done with bad intention towards me or the few people I care for, then not only no but Fuck no. These are the practices of the oppressive groups that hold power in our world and that’s why they perform them behind closed doors and under the veil of ‘national security’ or ‘foreign policy.’ Because they know that we know how fucked up it is so they try to keep awareness to a minimum. Then when the minority speak out against it, the majority can call them crazy conspiracy theorists and paranoid schizophrenics. Unless they are actual schizophrenics, in which case they need real help, or sweet release from their nightmares.
      At any rate, things would be a whole lot better the world over if everyone would just stop being so concerned with what that person or that city or that country is doing and let mother fuckers just do their thing uninterrupted by the hail storm of everyone else’s 2 cents. “People say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

      Possibly a slight distortion of what Lennon meant but hey it’s Best Gore – shit gets weird around here.

  8. When people self-mutilate they are also sending electric signals to the pituitary gland that releases endorphin, a neurotransmitter with analgesic properties reputed to cause a state of well-being. It resembles opiates like morphine.

    That’s why people who lose arms, legs or have severe injuries don’t appear to be in pain, and they really aren’t for the first few moments. Our body does this in order to numb pain signals. It’s an evolutionary adaptation we developed in order to give us time to run from imminent danger (predators) if we get wounded.

    So it’s a precipitated judgment to assume people cause self-harm just as an attempt to seek attention. Not saying some don’t do it for attention but generalizing never creates fruitful outcomes.

    “Americans are fat”. Well, in reality it’s 1/3 of them really, so it’s not even a majority, but there are people who quickly jump to that conclusion that makes it look like they all are obese. See how making unfounded presumptions only makes people look like ignorant bigots?

    1. @ Portuguese dude- That’s very true, that’s why many self mutilators are in a way “addicted” to the pain they cause themselves. The brain chemistry of an addict can be altered over time, and may not be able to normalize even after the addict has stopped using, which may cause a deficit in the release of endorphins , ect.

  9. I believe self mutilation is a vicious cycle of blocking pain out from areas in your life whether they be mental or physical instead of seeking help with them in other ways. It’s something I have had experience with but never done myself. This doesn’t mean I’m being judgemental because I deal with my problems in another and just as destructive way (drug use!!) and I know it’s wrong. I just have a hard time understanding putting yourself through pain to deal with the concept of pain itself? I don’t see how it can bring a release to your suffering.

    Thanks for sharing though, I hope you can work through your issues and not have to inflict pain on yourself for the rest of your life because of them. I mean if people to it just to do it, maybe an entertainment thing then fair enough but when it comes to doing it because of issues that are obviously extremely hard to handle I hope they get resolved.

    Life is a bitch and we all deal with it in different ways… But our emotions are all the same.

  10. Silly guy, that’s what drugs and alcohol are for!

    I have to say I have anxiety too but I deal with it by means of prescription drugs and weed, not stabbing and cutting myself… though I did when I was younger. Ah well, time heals. Hope this guy doesn’t get get tetanus!

  11. I have a direct question and if you like, a phylosophical quest. (And with it i’m probably “corupting morals”). Why don’t we all commit suicide? We say that life is pain, others say that life is joy, yet agree with the pain, when the joy is no more, still others are depressed all the time and others are extremists of their beliefs, in spite of them being aware that their ideas will never become reality.

    We are not all concerned with the good of humainity (good meaning evolution), but we do posses the knowledge that our pathetic little carrers or jobs or what we do mean nothing in vast universe.

    Some guy is sticking needlles in his hand, others take bullets for their country and others are “activists” on websites.

    And the fact is that you die anyway. Some poeple call suicide cowardness, but are they themselves heroes? If you were a genius, trust me you would have been aware of that by now, or results should have emerged. So, do you have the courage, will and determination and finally do you have the humanity in you (because no other animal is capable of councious suicide) to do this? So i repeat the question:

    Why don’t you commit suicide?

    Ps: no need to post answers. Just think for a second.

    1. Because everytime I did the fucking drs brought me right back…some fucker always has to SAVE me by bringing me to the er……9 yrs and I’m free to do as I please…if I still feel like it..I’ll eat a gun in some deserted area….

    2. @Tudor,

      At one extreme you have life and the joys and misery of life and on the other extreme you have death, the end.

      When one considers suicide they must understand that it is a final decision, the last choice that they will ever make and therefore they should make absolutely sure that all channels of thought and action have been exhausted before they make that choice.

      Sure, the prospect of nothingness is an attractive one and when I think that death will destroy my sense of self and that I will simply cease to exist it does put a great, big smile on my face but then that appreciation of death itself, that view of it that I hold can only exist to me now in the world of the living.

      Suicide is not cowardly but it is not something that should be yearned for either because you are effectively giving up on life and only in life can you be you, only in life can you feel pain, joy, anger, pleasure, you are in death destroying yourself.

      Suicide therefore is self destruction of the immediate kind. However a person can slowly commit suicide by choosing a lifestyle filled with pleasure such as with large alcohol and drugs consumption, or they could just try to survive the best that they can and if they don’t get murdered along the way they will still die as a result of illness and/or old age at some point.

      You see the point, death is guaranteed, absolutely unavoidable and therefore one would have to have a really bad existence to decide to cut it short when we only live for a short few years anyway, why not just live a little, drink, take drugs, do everything that you can to help you through this experience called life and then die.

      Another issue is that too many young people kill themselves for stupid reasons. Getting dumped by a lover or not having any friends is not a logical reason to end ones life, an emotional reason certainly but then people in general tend to have changing views and emotions and therefore suicide in these situations is a knee-jerk reaction and a permanent solution to a not so permanent problem.

      Mass suicide is also a silly situation because not everyone in the group really wants to go ahead with it and they end up psychologically bulling each other to go through with it, herd mentality breeds herd actions and suicide should be an individual choice not a group influenced activity.

      My conclusion, Suicide for the truly desperate and those who have exhausted all possible channels such as those with terminal illnesses is understandable but suicide for silly, emotional, egotistical reasons is as pointless as life itself.

      Why kill yourself when you can just have another drink and cannabis joint I say, the end destination is still the same regardless of whether you decide to take a shortcut to get there.

  12. Whatever gets you through the day. Our path to happiness and sanity in this silly world can always change if whatever you’re doing stops working for you. I was becoming an alcoholic, but then the booze lost its luster for me. So I quit drinking. Self-destruction can get just as boring as anything else in this world. Go figure.

    1. Wow, you really ended up quitting @Future? Good for you buddy! I’m assuming it was probably rough for a while?
      At least you realized it had become or was becoming a problem, and had the strength to do something about it.
      I’m happy for ya dude ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. @thedre Thanks. Just trying to reflect these circumstances with my own experience.

        @MikeyGraves I drank for fun. I thought I could control it and quit any time I wanted to. When I realized that I was drinking almost every night of the week, and that going for even one night without anything to sip on took effort, I knew I had to quit. The only thing that even made going that one, or god forbid TWO, nights without booze bearable was knowing that I would indeed drink again soon enough.

        Leading up to finally being able to quit for good took multiple tries, but when I was actually able to I just woke up one day with a feeling inside me that I had only felt one time before in my entire life. A chance-feeling of willpower that told me that if I didn’t take this opportunity to get out now, then I would never escape the lure of alcoholism. I took that chance. Just like I took it when I felt it when I decided to quit smoking cigarettes. I knew if I didn’t take it I’d continue drinking and it would get worse and worse and worse. Which is really shitty, because I have no real problems in my life. I never drank because I was depressed, or anything. I drank because it was fun, but then that fun started to turn into something like a job. Like I had to do it. Nothing is EVER fun when you’re forced to do it… Not in my experience, anyway.

        I feel great now that I’ve quit. I feel like I’ve reclaimed my body, and most of all, my mind. The first week was the worst. I was having mood swings worse than a woman on the rag. I was an asshole to “It was me” a few times and I am very sorry for that. She stood by me through the whole thing and has continued to stand by me, so she gets my ultimate love for that. After the first week, though, I started to adjust. I got used to it. I also got bored. Not drinking left a void in my weekly routine, but I had the realization that life is just boring at times and that it’s up to us to rectify that. I just try to stay busy. I’m used to being sober now, though, so it’s no big deal. Not as much as it was at first, I mean. I still crave beer every now and then, but I have resisted every temptation. It has been a month and half since I quit. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but for a drunk, that’s an eternity! I’m still going strong, and will continue to do so.

        Thanks for the kind words, dude. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

          1. @FD, I only have a minute right now but wanted to thank you for writing that. It’s almost a perfect description of me the last few years. Like you, if I’m able to go 1 day without a bottle of vodka it’s only because I know I’ll drink the next day. There are times (ok, everytime) when I glance at the clock thinking “only ‘C’mon amount of hours left till I can drink”. I hope someday soon I find the willpower & strength to quit. That aside, I’m hella proud of you! I noticed you weren’t commenting for a while and hoped everything was ok. Good luck to you buddy!

            P.S. You and It Was Me are adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. I know how you feel. I constantly thought about drinking all the time, too. It was pretty much my first thought as soon as I woke up every day. Well, not so much a thought as a feeling I’d have that told me “You’re sober, but you’ll drink again tonight. You know it.” Hang in there, man. One day, if you ever want to quit, you will be able to. I wish I could give advice on how to do it for the people who want to, but one of the sad lessons I learned about breaking an addiction is that we are sadly on our own with actually being able to do it. Support from friends and family helps, but it’s ultimately up to YOU. That does make it more worth while, though, when you achieve the goal.

            Me and the Purple Rose have almost been together for 2 years now. Things haven’t always been adorable between us…lol…but we’re still going strong. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. You’re lucky you didn’t really have to deal with physical withdraws- many alchys do- and alcohol detox can be painful and sometimes even dangerous. The last time I had to detox off of heroin I was in complete hell physically and mentally ( like never leaving one room) for 5 days, I didn’t feel remotely normal and hurt for about 10, and I threw up daily for 14 days ( even on suboxone ) it was a terrible experience… Anyway, Congrats on your sobriety! <3

      1. That sounds pretty rough. I never messed around with heroin. I guess what I drank was the hardest stuff I ever put in my body: Wild Turkey. If I had kept on drinking that stuff all the time I’m sure I would have gotten to the point of going through the hardcore levels of detox. Luckily, I decided to quit before it got that bad. I still went through mood swings and headaches. I’m sure that’s nothing compared to some of the other symptoms. They still sucked, though! Thank you very much for the support. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Adam, we all hate what is happening but, you shouldn’t harm yourself. You need to seek help. Scaring yourself is a temporary option for a problem that will take you years to get over with. Which btw you will never get over it. Just the means to deal with. Seek help!

  14. I have pain and anxiety. I hang out with friends and family,smoke bud,drink,work out,jam with bands,make new friends,watch best gore ect.. That kind of stuff helps with my pain. Go into martial arts or something. Go get a girlfriend and make love to her. So many things in life and you choose self mutilation??

  15. I used to cut, burn and put needles in me.. It felt good to vent out that way but after awhile I found out better ways to get those fucked up feelings out.

    My question to you is have you tried working out?
    Working out and boxing a lot gives me the same pain but helps me get in shape.

    Preaching aside, Good clean video hope to see more.
    (But without the gay music.) 9/10

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