Self Mutilation by Single Razor Blade Slice Along Forearm

Self Mutilation by Single Razor Blade Slice Along Forearm

Self Mutilation by Single Razor Blade Slice Along Forearm

As @seraphim-serenata put it, this is a less pussified version of self mutilation as we have seen recently. Videos like this give us faith that not all cutters are attention seekers. Some actually mean business.

In the video, a self mutilator performs a single slice along the forearm with a razor blade. The slice is pretty deep, and it takes almost two pairs of hands to keep it shut.

Thanks a lot for the video, @seraphim-serenata:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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109 thoughts on “Self Mutilation by Single Razor Blade Slice Along Forearm”

    1. I just read this article on best gore. It was about this guy’s opinion on it. He was saying that its the worst website to get on and that whoever does its fucked up. The whole time i was reading it i just thought ” this guys a pussy”. I mean who else agrees.

          1. i wouldn’t tell anyone i am close to that i watch BG everyday on the other hand i was fucked up in the head when i got home after two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. i spent weeks at home cutting my self with my knife thinking about all the friends i saw die in front of me and why i came home but they didn’t. one cut i cut to deep and long almost exactly like the one in this video i had to stitch it myself with 35 stitches. i am a lot better now i am back with my wife who is a Psychiatrists and my 3 kids.

      1. SHIT…..I’ve been looking for a site like this since internet was dial up. Vincent is da man. Tahnk you for all you do….from all us fucked up people. I was a paramedic for years and saw some amazing shit….I dont get to see that anymore. I was having withdrawls. I’ve seen every video on the site over the years….multiple times…I guess that means Im fucked up too. Please keep the sickness coming Vincent.

      1. Agreed! I was a cutter when I was 16 and heartbroken….. I never had one the size of that…. I am curious if the sight of the size of that slice scared the owner? Because, correct me if I’m wrong, suicide isn’t even a thought, let alone the intent. That is a huge cut and you are absolutely right about the zipper. My stomach flipped when I saw the result, and it isn’t even my arm! wow.

        1. To answer your question.. no suicide is far from a thought..but this is not really suicidal, this is just depressed self Infliction. But I agree, if I were to go out on my own terms I would probably end up on this here bg, but i would go out with full potential. I see these wrist cutting actions as a cry for help because they haven’t completely given up as say a suicidal individual. If you want to kill yourself you’d find an affective way. But I don’t condone in it life is hard I understand, I don’t know any of you and don’t have to care. But I recon everyone has come to an understanding as to why they’re still here, but most questions go unanswered but who gives a shit, it’s all about your perspective on the world, live how you feel is right and if you pursue negativety it’ll breath into existence, most of this site isn’t negativity but that of the aspects of reality and human nature and we must accept it and be happy we aren’t in the shoes of 99.9% of the poor FUCKS you see on this site. Please Do not kill yourself folks. Man the fuck up.

      1. Yes, I thought that “retardedly determined” was hilarious, the “I don’t get it” was referring to why people do that…you nailed it…it’s attention seeking behaviour. Like using someone else’s pic in your avatar and then defending it.

  1. Shit it definitely got my attention if that’s what he wanted so congratulations to him I say! The way he cut just thru the surface of the skin without penatrating the tendons and ligaments and muscle was just fucking awesome so bravo buddy now let’s go for round two and do the other arm.

  2. Someone :…. “Why’d Gillette her do that…?”

    Someone else:… “I don’t know.. Bic’ause she wanted to…”

    Someone:… “That’s kinda Schick!..Don’t you think..?”

    Someone else:…. “Well… She’s not too sharp…”

  3. I’m from EU and we had a man on tv that did this to himself all time. He couldn’t stop it. So he asked euthenasia and he got it too. But uhm why not bleed to death?

  4. one of my fav vids on here, fucking beautiful, ive been a self harmer for years , cut through veins fatty tissues ect, never gone this big . would love to in the future . just gotta press as hard as u can, then boom , slide that shit across gahh

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