Shiite Muslims Whip Their Backs Bloody on the Holy Day of Ashoura

Shiite Muslims Whip Their Backs Bloody on the Holy Day of Ashoura

To commemorate the death of Imam Hussein – grandson of Prophet Muhammad who died in the 7th century, Shiite Muslims from Afghanistan gathered in the nation’s capital city of Kabul and celebrated the holy day of Ashoura by whipping their backs bloody. Shiite Muslims believe that Imam Hussein sacrificed his life for all Muslims and honor his sacrifices on the holy day of Ashoura by applying whips to their backs.

The same celebration last year turned into a tragedy after a Sunni suicide bomber detonated his explosives laced vest and killed at least 80 people, so this year the area around the Abul Fazl shrine where the Ashoura is celebrated was tightly secured. You can see several Afghan soldiers armed with elbow and knee pads in the video.

I’ve attended similar religious ceremony held by the followers of Hinduism in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That one is called Thaipusam and even though it doesn’t involve this type of whipping, it involves piercings through mouth and other body parts and similar forms of “personal sacrifice through self inflicted pain” which onlookers may find whacky. I believe that if I merely saw photos or videos of Thaipusam, my opinion of it would be skewed but by attending it in person and feeling the energy while seeing how serious those people were about their fate and how close this type of celebration brings them to their divinities, I accepted it as something monumental which I as a non believer couldn’t possibly comprehend. Christians have celebrations which involved drawing of one’s blood too.

The point I’m getting to is – I won’t be going judgmental on the Muslims in this video. They celebrate their fate in a way which does not harm others. I see nothing wrong with that. I think nuts who pay money to harm their bodies in tanning salons are the real whacked losers but somehow we grew to accept them and nobody, except from yours truly mocks their stupid asses for it.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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33 thoughts on “Shiite Muslims Whip Their Backs Bloody on the Holy Day of Ashoura”

    1. that’s right altho one error on spelling it’s not shiit it’s shit muslims,

      Shit Muslims make themself bleed, i think they should cut their own throuats, and i think every muslim in the world should participate 1ce a year. problem solved!

  1. The energy from an event like this comes from the fact that so many people are of the same mind set and are doing the same thing. The same situation happens in riots where normal law abiding citizens who don’t break the law get stuck in and riot too.

    It is therefore very easy to be swayed towards a group if there is a unity of mind and body between them, it is how religion works and why people join cults and sects.

    However, If you separate the notion of shared unity and look at it from a distance you see that they are abusing their bodies because of a non existent entity, harmless, but a pointless act.

  2. when allahuakbur is involved, you can expect all kind of weird shit like this. Now the best case scenario would have been a SUNNI akbur interrumpting the whole show to blow himself up and the shiites, leaving all the akbur gore there for BG pervs to enjoy.

    1. hahahaha, just read Mark’s comment and my turns out that my ‘best case scenario’ was already made reality by SUNNI akburians last year….these mongrels are so predictable in their animalistic behaviour, only luminaries of tought like HILLARY CLINTON seem to have a lot of trouble figuring them out…

  3. nice video thanks Hawk…self mutilation is more of a private matter to me, tho besides, i’d be the asshole that loses his grip and sends the chains flying into the crowd
    HIV virus dies very fast in open air so i dont believe that dsiease is the one they need to worry about, but they are very dirty dirty people so hopefully something will get spread around their little group
    Allahu Assbar!

  4. i can assure you that Allah doesn’t give a shit if these primitive monkees whip themselves silly. why does a loving God require the infliction of pain to show devotion? why does God require worship of himself by monkee humans? does he have an ego problem? Aladeen requires worship and devotion but that is another story.

  5. At some point in the video I can see them dipping their whip-like things in a bucket one after the other,that made me realise,wouldn’t they be transferring diseases through that same bucket everyone dips their bloody whips in.

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