Three Cutting Sessions with Gorgeous XanthousAmygdala

Three Cutting Sessions with Gorgeous XanthousAmygdala

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @XanthousAmygdala, who shared with us her private collection of photos depicting self inflicting wounds. The gallery contains pictures from three separate cutting sessions. In her own words:

Been a lurker for years, though never really thought of submitting some pics.

First time I ever self harmed was probably the reason most do, to deal with some unbearable emotional/mental pain. On the second, third, and every other time since then however, I’ve cut out of curiosity. How deep can I go, where does it sting most/least, etc.

These were from 3 different cutting sessions over the past 2 years.

Best Gore is a community of gorgeous people, but @XanthousAmygdala takes gorgeous to a whole new level. I want to be the first to raise my hand if favor of MOAR (not necessarily cutting) pics ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Yes , very pretty boobies…but that aside … can someone tell me… what is the point of cutting oneself I don’t get it.. yes maybe I’m stupid yes maybe I’m dense I don’t get it what’s the point?

      1. But wouldnt he like that. Also this is best gore a site(to my understanding) to be a cunt and admire people for their stupidity like that guy who got shot in the back of the head by his friend when he climbed on top of an acp.

  1. That looks very painful but since you did the work for us I have to ask which area hurts the worst and least?

    The wound in the perpendicular picture reminds me of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Thanks for the pictures!

    1. Ha! I have a story like that. My friend cut his finger a good 2 inches wide on his middle finger and i got a little blood of his hand and wrote a dick on the wall, its still there and brown bc its a spot where its in the sun all day everyday

  2. I didn’t see any cuts. There were too many breasts in the way. Kindly don’t cut those off, okay?

    My parents always told me I could’t see the cuts for the breasts, I mean the forest for the trees.

    1. @Empty soul, my dads wife is a Nigerian woman, the oldest of her siblings. She has scars on her face (cheeks) from where her parents had her cut (or did it themselves?) when she was about 5-6, well her father got a job in the military so they all moved to the city (Lagos) and because the father was in the military it meant the children got an education! It’s amazing what a little schoolwork will do, even for the parents. None of her siblings have scars, they must have left all the jungle stuff behind. My dads wife worked in an insurance office when they met (online) now she works in an old persons home. She was adamant though that when her son (my half brother) was born he was going to be circumcised, but he was born at 27 weeks and they didn’t want to put him through anymore trauma, I couldn’t have been more pleased. I said to her “see how easy it was to clean him and teach him how” But yeah, some mutilation practices are hard to change. I’m surprised the blacks don’t whine about the number of whites that have piercings, scarification etc. because of it’s supposed appropriation.

    2. I only wish the Africans in my country would leave all the jungle stuff behind Tas because we have a massive problem with them committing female genital mutilation over here. The crime rates have gone through the roof as well, stabbings happening every single day, theft, rape(exclusively against white women), so on and so forth.

      Every month you will read a news report about one of them getting jailed for committing voodoo ritualistic practices on another(usually against children) and then attempting to explain it away as ?da ebil spirits possessed me and made me do it?.

      We also have an epidemic of single black women over here because the black men refuse to date their own women, preferring instead to chase after the whitey ones, and no other race of male wants them either(oil drillers are a much rarer breed than coal burners after all).

      Black migration in my country has been a massive failure.

      @Harumph, any more of those scars and blood spots and she will imitating the Thundercats.

      1. first off @empty soul i just want to say a quick thankyou for all the knowledge you have dropped on here and i see you as a great visionary and thinker and you make others think, you are one of those rare people like myself that can dissect situations and put them together again and determine what exactly is failing and what needs to be done to fix it regardless of the pettiness and political correctness that has blighted england and most of europe. you see americans have such a vast land and dont understand what its like to be sardined with people 24/7 who dont speak your language, look at you like they have a problem with you, rape and kill children like you said and blame it on ‘their culture’ and just shrug their shoulders and say ‘well thats how we did it at home’ and then all the liberals and female politicians will immediately start to sympathise with these miscreants and harsh punishments are thus avoided.they even had mayor in germany on the news saying ‘well dont go there late at night in mini skirts’ and the crowd was not happy. its unbelievable to see the change that has happened in england in the past 20 years and its happened so fast i dread to see what it is in the next 20 years. i blame feminism for a big part of all this softly softly approach to foreigners this is where it all started and then letting horde’s of females into powerful political positions has just eroded everything. we have manginas as leaders and then hordes of feminists just behind dictating things. women have been placed there just because they are whining females and its the same with work placements. and then we have foreigners here invaded by the millions just because we are supposed to be liberal and hate ourselves because we are white and we deserve it. there will be alot of bloodshed coming and i hope once europe has cleaned out all the filthy invaders we can then finish the job and banish feminism and weak politically correct politicians to their cold hard graves forever. p.s was mr breivik a prophet? il leave that with you all.

        1. You’re not the only immodest great thinker. I support your thoughts and ideas. Why don’t you try and become an elected independent MP/Representative of your people? What is frustrating is that most of the people I have spoken to (>90%) would agree with mine and your thoughts but they wouldn’t vote for us. I cannot understand why people would feel one way and vote the other and all I could say to them was they are responsible for the shit they live in. And, yes, I’m fed up with all this “I rape/steal/attack/abuse my hosts because it’s my culture and you should let me do as I wish and pay me compo and benefits for me to send back to my country and give me free health care” – I think there’s been 4 such cases in as many months.

          There’s even cases where they have claimed state/social benefits and gone back home and still allowed to claim the money which gets transferred via bank credit. Disgusting.

      2. @empty – I think it was Sweden that I heard was not allowed to disclose that crimes were committed by immigrants or describe them by race (which is not all that unusual anymore), but obviously most of the time citizens could tell by the name. The media and government/overseers did however run into some issues when independent journalists revealed the sheer depth of the crimes being committed (that reports had been downplaying and actually covering up for quite some time).
        But what did most people do? Shook their heads, thought “we knew it”, put their coats on, then off to work THEY went. Too afraid to be outspoken and cause waves or be labeled racist.
        I guess it’s the same everywhere but some countries are in very serious trouble now that they’ve let so many in. These kinds of people will not leave easily and in many cases won’t have to either because they’ve managed to become citizens or are 2nd generation born in their “new” country. And the newest immigrants don’t mind shouting that the country they’ve infiltrated is now their country to take over and do whatever they want to in. In another words – if anyone wanted to listen- they actually plan on taking over and it will be their country and culture moving forward.

      3. Lmao, have you ever heard shit like that in person. Its funny ass hell. On of my dads old highschool friends has Africans living in the apartment above his and he just starting saying all type’s of messed up shit. Like “these arent normal people were talking about these are jungle Africans. I swear they are never quiet even at 4 am. I swear their killing people up their, some brutal shit really.” Then i showed him a meme saying that upstairs neighbors are loud as fuck, and he said”ohhh thats not evem close they are like 3 times worse!” One of the funiest 5 minutes of my life

      1. Yeah yeah… but thats not what i ment though. Im just not convinced that the cuts were all she wanted to show, but people’s opinions in here differ, they are easly entretained by curves, and they dont know how to draw certain lines… so i wont say much about it.

        1. Shit sorry, I wasn’t criticising your comment I actually meant to make that a separate comment. I’ve never seen the girl’s posts before but I imagine if I submitted my scars or cuts in my underpants it wouldnt get the same reaction xD

          1. Yeah, she could have at least covered her private parts though, we could have easly seen her self-inflicted damage even with them covered… But hell, its the 21st century, people with self-dignity are a rare bunch now-a-days… ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Why are only the angsty teens listening to Marilyn Jewson sending the pictures of their self-inflicted surface scratches? No offence, I’m sure many people love these (for some reason) but I mean where are all the coprophiliac BestGore members or the ones shooting semen up their veins? I’m sure you’re out there! I only pearce my ear with a syringe (0,7 mm). I must get my hands into a bigger needle, e.g. the like that was used when my sinuses were punctured and flushed when I was a kid. I’ll send pictures then ? that’s a promise!

    1. Hot erotic sex will give you more pleasure and a release compared to cutting. I can’t say for sure because I don’t cut but I’m no stranger to hot intimate sex and there is no better feeling in the world to me.

      1. @BB, yeah but I don’t really LIKE having big boobs, I just got what my mama gave me. i would take a pair like this anyday. big boobs can make you look FAT! The amount of times when I was younger a man would say to me “you are hiding a nice little body under those clothes” I am not big-boned at all so I think having a big rack with a very slim figure made me look like a joke.

  4. I just want to say that I like the direction BG has gone these last few months. Frequently incorporating actual members into the featured stories only serve to reinforce the feeling I get from this gore site that I don’t get from the others; That is a feeling of closeness and intimacy. The mods often refer to us as “Best Gore family”, and I truly get that general feeling from the mods and posters here. This is probably weird sounding coming from someone that none of the posters here know, but rest assured that I’ve been lurking around here for some time now. Okay, that sounds even more weird…Keep up the good work, guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. @XanthousAmygdala – Please give some thought to how your mind, beliefs, likes /dislikes and body will all changed over the years, so those scars might complete the full circle of anxiety pain and release……meaning your scars may (not for sure) cause you added mental anguish in the years ahead……

  6. @XanthousAmygdala
    How do you feel before you cut… What leads you to it? Is it sort of a compulsion, like an eating disorder, for example, where you can’t help it, or is it more like something that you feel relief after doing? What are your emotions leading up to it, during and after. I am curious and I really appreciate your sharing. Thank you.

  7. One time I tried to outsmart my obsessive compulsive behavior by using it on something more productive such as cleaning. Then I prematurely wore out my counters from scrubbing them so much. That’s hard to do with granite.

      1. @DOS, amygdala is also a part of your brain…worth having a little read about too, a very interesting brain part – an almond set of neurons located deep in the brains medial temporal lobe, linked to both fear responses and pleasure. Yes I just found this out myself, lol.

  8. you should look at these cutter types as some of the most beautiful soul’s you can ever meet. they have obviously been through some hellish experiences and how do they cope? they dont attack others. they dont abuse/rape children. they dont kill their parents or work colleagues. they dont blame everybody and turn friendships away. Instead during all that pain and suffering they introvert all that suffering back on too theirselves because they dont want others too suffer their pain/resentment. i think a cutter could probably be one of the most caring genuine and sweet types of people you can meet. i can guarantee they are the loyal types too that soak up others stories of woe and still sit there and listen. dont just see the cuts see the soul and try to understand how they are conveying their pain and why.

      1. Sorry Gnat but its 2016. I cannot believe there are still any anti-Semites left in the world. Its like having a problem with everyone you meet who has brown eyes or something. When I see this antisemitic stuff on here, it always surprises me because I forgot that those attitudes still exist. Personally, I don’t even know how to identify a jew much less have any reason to hate them. We don’t have many jews running around with black hats and sidelocks anymore, except in NYC.

    1. It’s not that bad, could be just a sweat rash even? You know human beings like ALL mammals are covered in hair, even if you can hardly see it, we all have hairy bodies. That very act of wearing clothes makes the hair follicles grow out deformed sometimes, you can sometimes notice this on upper arms or bums etc. this can look like acne but it’s not.

  9. @xanthousamygdala
    Now this is more my cutting style. It’s perfect. I don’t like using razors or other blades. My favorite was always broken mirrors or broken cd cases. They create cuts that are more jagged. They rip instead of slice. It’s causes slow trickling bleeding. I recently started cutting again. About 2 weeks now. I’d forgotten how addicting it was. The popping sound as you drag the sharp object across your flesh. I cut everyday now. I love the stinging sensation. The heat generated around the wound. The way the blood tickles as it slowly trickles down your skin. Especially on my ribs. I wish I could cut on my arms like when I was a teen. I used to love to workout my arms till they were swollen and then cut the shit out of them. And then flex in the mirrors and watch the blood gush out. It was so satisfying. But now I have to be discrete worth where I cut. My back and shoulder blades hurt like a bitch but I LOVE the way it looks! Kinda like her main pic. I get excited just looking at her cuts. I would cut right now if I hadn’t already showered. Right now my fresh one’s are raised, swollen and irritated. It feels so good. Sometimes in the mornings my shirt is stuck to my cuts. It’s fun to yank off my shirt and see how much I bled that night. There’s something about being at work or just in public and no one knows what’s under your shirt. The sting is soooo comforting when shit starts going through mind. Oh and the soothing sensation when you rub your hands over your shirt right over the wounds. I often put my self to sleep doing just that. I’m curious what she used to cut.

      1. Well, as hypocritical as it sounds, I would never encourage anyone to cut. I first cut myself when I was in 9th grade in 1989. Yeah, I’m old, i know. And as far as I know, it wasn’t even a thing. If it was, i wasn’t aware of it. I didn’t know anyone else who was doing it. I was ashamed of it. I hid my cuts. But it’s the only thing that took my mind off my emotional pain. It was a relief. A release. It’s as if I could see my pain leaving my body. I’ve never shown anyone my scars. Many of them are faded. Others are camouflaged with the hair on my arms and chest. But I know exactly where they’re at.

        1. I prefer NOT sharp objects but still something that breaks the skin and bleed. You can press really really hard down and slice. Oh and i do it myself and do not display tits lol ;P

  10. omg this is sad. she needs to seek help. she has a nice body and is ruining it and will likely regret this in the future. she shouldn’t be encouraged to cut herself.

    i have some scars on my back and i hate it. my scars are not self inflicted though i would never do that. scars are also pretty much impossible to get rid of, some people scar less but no matter what once you have a scar it is permanent for life, some treatments my flatten them a bit or reduce redness but it will always be there.

  11. To each their own!!! let me start from saying very nice indeed from the neck down but on behalf a 90% of men around the world I would find it very disconcerting to have sex with a life size scab!!! I realize cutting is a coping mechanism but try to relegate it to one pet of the body no???? Take care and lots of luck in the future and please don’t take my comment as an insult!!!

  12. These are the words that were coming out of her mouth as she was being fucked, nicked and cut “thank you sir can I have another”.

    I should know because I was with this little tramp as I fucked her and cut her up.
    Not only did she enjoy getting a boner up the ass, but she also loved to get whipped and paddled till she passed out. She’s into the S&M scene.

    I left those tits alone because, well as you can see, those tits were nice to lick. I already enjoyed her. Now you guys can enjoy the end results. She’s a bit of an exhibitionist, as you can tell in these pictures.

    Oh, by the way, all those cuts are fake.

  13. this is hysteria.
    hysteria manifested through decisive pattern movement.
    channeled thru the flesh via blade.

    you need to mentally face not superficial wound, but rather the superficial
    persons who wounded you.
    i wish you best luck.
    i bet you are very beautiful special person too

  14. I have time for REAL people that suffer REAL PAIN, not a attention seeker that display tits in every picture. This will make that people that really want to share their story do NOT want to as its aww and this and aww little heart – beautiful and another aww. To many of the real BG members picked up on this. Get rid of attention seekers pls.

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