Tongue Bifurcation Video – Snake Tongue Splitting Procedure as Body Mod

Tongue Bifurcation Video - Snake Tongue Splitting Procedure as Body Mod

Tongue Bifurcation, also known as tongue splitting is an extreme body modification during which the tongue is forked by surgical cutting to give an impression of a snake tongue. The video below shows the Tongue Bifurcation procedure and I swear I admire the guy for not throwing up. For one, having your tongue out of your mouth for an extended period of time must be extremely uncomfortable and secondly, there is a taste of blood your tongue taste buds are exposed to so unless you’re a vampire, Tongue Bifurcation must be a vomit inducing procedure. As such, I must give props to the guy in the video who had his tongue split and took it like a champ. No stomach matter splattered all over the body mod artist.

I have my ear pierced twice, but not my tongue. From what I hear, getting your tongue done is the least painful piercing. I’ve also heard that tongue has shorter recovery time than most other body parts making it one of the most suitable body parts for extreme body mods. But I may be wrong on that, I’ll let our readers who are extreme body modification fans to fill us in with reliable information.

Enjoy the Tongue Bifurcation video below. I actually think tongue splitting is hot. I myself may be too chicken to get it done on my own tongue (at least for now), but I do appreciate the art of body modifications and give props to all fans of quality mods.

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54 thoughts on “Tongue Bifurcation Video – Snake Tongue Splitting Procedure as Body Mod”

  1. gah i want this done so bad. i looks like it would hurt though. hmm. oh well. ill get it eventually. i think you can actually burn through the tongue with a certain tool too.

  2. Holy shit, I looked this up on wiki and it says that Healing of the tongue takes approximately 1-2 weeks and during this time, the person will be unable to eat or even talk. It also says you need a high pain tolerance, Count me out ffs.

  3. I went to have this done. The guy told me he wouldn’t do it on me. He told me that normal people have 2 veins in their tongue, one on each side. Every so often, you’ll see somebody who has a third. Apparently, I have something like 19. He said if I ever did have it done I would bleed to death in a few minutes. I think I might go back and just tell the guy to singe it shut afterward.

  4. I myself have had my lip pierced and tongue done. due to the fact they couldnt use numbing products on my lip, it hurt like a bitch, and afterwards was sore for ages, especially getting it caught on my teeth. As for the tongue, you;re right, doesnt hurt ONE BIT. and straight after I had a bag of chips and talked to my mum on the phone. plus it heals up easily, however eating can be difficult as I kept biting it.

  5. naw, lip doesnt hurt. it get sore as shit, true, but getting it done doesnt hurt. of all the piercings i have (labret, ear lobes, 2 helix, and an industrial) the only one that hurt getting done at all was the anti-helix part of the industrial

  6. Sooo off-topic, but look at this guys eye color. Freaking weird! I don’t know about any of ya’ll, but I’ve never seen any kind of eyes like that. :O

    And anyway, I’d never ever ever ever EVER get this done. I’d be too afraid that the guy doing it would fuck up.

    And to the guy with 19 veins- don’t do it, you really will bleed to death, no one wants that…unless they catch it, and we see ya on BestGore!!!! 😉

    Haha, but I have something like that too- not quite 19, but a few more than 3.

    1. What, brownish-green?
      Not super common, but not SOOOO increadable fucking rare that an entire comment has to be made on it… TWO comments have been made reguarding it.

      I’m going away from this box now.


  8. Um… a piercer is not supposed to use numbing products on ANY part of your body! that’s totally unacceptable. they need to be good enough at your job that they don’t hurt you–and in the rare case that they do, do you really wanna wait until you’re at home and for the painkiller to wear off before you realize that they jabbed you in a nerve or something? Not that a GOOD piercer would do that… but you apparently go to ones who talk about numbing people, so there’s definitely a chance, with THOSE piercers! wow. amazing how little people know about proper piercing technique.

  9. I have my.tongue pierced it didn’t hurt until the day after when it was swollen to be Hell, it healed within a week or two. But I got my industrial done and my body rejected it, but my tongue healed fine…

  10. I have mine split. The process wasn’t that bad. The healing sucked because it was swollen and I had to pull it apart every morning. It was only swollen for about a week after that it was fine. I’d get my tongue redone way before I get another foot tattoo… foot tattoos SUCK.

  11. “I actually think tongue splitting is hot. I myself may be too chicken to get it done on my own tongue (at least for now), but I do appreciate the art of body modifications and give props to all fans of quality mods” ? wow! My picture of you as a bigger and bigger fag just keeps on getting stronger.

  12. I have my ears pierced five times on each one, a monroe, my tongue, and my nose. (Which has been stretched and re-pierced like 7 times -.-) The least painful on my face was def the tongue and it does heal quick. My nose piercing would always make my eyes water, but the was weird and I do believe the most painful (but not that bad). Might go in for more so my dad can call me stupid again. Lol

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