Tongue Splitting on a Young Girl

Tongue Splitting on a Young Girl

Tongue splitting is a body modification technique that involves the bifurcation of the tongue lengthwise along its center. Once it’s healed, the person will have a “forked tongue“, otherwise known as a “snake tongue“.

Girl in this video already had the tip of her tongue split, but got it forked deeper. You can tell by the look on her face and how tightly she was squeezing those eye lids that once the scalpel sunk into the tongue, the nerves could feel it. But she still gave a nice smile at the end.

Props to Best Gore member @sickjoke for the video:

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      1. I’m not crazy about the look of a forked tongue but they do make for a heck of a blowjob, especially once she learns how to flick that double tongue on the head of a cock.
        Fuck…I’m gonna go out and find me a goth chick.

          1. Having a forked tongue chick do a drumroll on the tip of your cock is an amazing feeling. I’ve only ever been with one forked tongue chick but that was an experience I will never forget. She wrote the book on giving blowjobs.

          1. Actually I don’t think that a split tongue would feel any better on a clitoris. If you can do circles and flicks with your tongue tip then you will give her an orgasm every time.

          2. @BB, *gasp* I never thought you would be a ‘greedy’ lover, lol. And a split-tongue chick doing “a drum roll on the tip of your cock” hahaha, I was just imagining the two end bits going up ‘n’ down. Can that really happen? I would think the tongue’s muscle(s) would be damaged/destroyed during this process.

        1. Probably won’t feel better than having two girls lick/suck your cock at once, but it would look rather LOOK hot to see her tongue flick around your knob. I’f you can, try to get two girls to suck you off at once, it’s more doable than finding a snake woman, that’s for sure.

    1. My sister fell with spoon upside down in her mouth, and it cut through her tongue. It was barely hanging on. The Dr didn’t do anything to it, she just couldn’t talk or eat for a day. It healed almost completely in that time. You can’t even tell it happened now.

        1. I have a friend who had his tongue split years ago. The exposed parts were sutured. That cost him a pretty penny. I think some people get it cauterized also. I’ve done some weird things to myself but couldn’t do this. Ouch.

      1. Omg @Brokeback, that girl must give good blow-jobs for sure.
        But Frenchies are much better lol
        Just kidding (no, in fact, I’m not…….)
        No, as far as I’m concerned, I’m doing good with my tongue piercing. So this “split tongue” is definitely not on my bucket list. But, hey, she looks good and if that’s what she wants, it’s ok πŸ™‚

  1. Wow with all the piercings, most self done including deep muscle) and times I’ve been stabbed I think evn I’ll step back from this one. The two holes I had in my tongue finally closed three years after removing the rings, she took it like a boss though πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah a few times over the years no big deal just comparing pain level to the tongue slice,……. Good job @tas baby girl I hope the piece of shit received more than that for strangling you…. If you ever want any advice or tips email me lol

        1. @Am0ur, thanks for that! I have a nice Schrade Old Timer and a K-Bar, some sort of US army knife? You have to be careful in Australia, we are not allowed to carry a knife for defence – if a cop finds a knife in your car, let alone on your person, it could confiscated and you, fined, if you admit it was for self defence. It’s crazy and the same goes for a bat or a big stick!

      2. Good for you then @tas. You’re a little ass kicker. I was stabbed in the shoulder in Mexico in 2008. The guy went for my chest and i turned my shoulder in towards him to block it. It was definitely a really strange feeling. Wasn’t even that painful. I imagine this chick was in a lot worse pain.

          1. Oh yeah.. it hurt like hell a couple days later. Part of my shoulder is still numb now from it. I don’t think he was trying to kill me. I think i just pissed him off and he lost it. Stabbing someone in Mexico is not a big deal.. it’s like brushing your teeth or taking out the trash, people think nothing of it.

          2. @YNEG You’ve got to love the good ole flight or fight response that keeps the pain at bay, until it wears off. A deep stab wound does indeed have a weird feel to it, but what I hate the most is after the skin and upper level of the injury is healed but the deeper muscle tissue hasn’t full stitched itself back together and end up retearing that part over and over.

        1. How insane she must be to do something like that to her self .I wonder from where comes the motivating factor .Seems to me like some lizardish behaviour here …….Was she some kinda lizard before this birth or what pains and profound pleasures she is aiming to achieve .

          All in all its awfully insane ! Cute is not the word here @Der Kopfsammler I will tell ya she is one brute who needs her mind fixed up first
          She is one Bitch of the first order

        2. Its not about judging der its about someone who has this ugly fetish which isn’t any fashion statement here at all. She is this young but she seems to have lost directions to leading a beautiful life . whom is she trying to please .. a boyfriend who dwells on the same fetish or a groupie who knows nothing beyond twisting and playing with one’s own body which is akin to a sanctum sanctorum . She’s is gonna hate herself for doing this tomorrow .One foolish impulse and madness seemingly pleased to have arrived in her case .

          1. What if shes doing that just to please herself? Hell, people makes tattoos, piercings and other body modifications as well, most of them just for self-satisfaction, otherwise we would see people walking arround bare naked just to show all their modifications and tattoos, so in that way i kinda dont see her walking arround with her mouth wide open either… πŸ˜† Im just curious to see how she will sound when speaking with that…

          2. I say good on her for wanting to be different. It’s her body and some might find it attractive, including me. “Madness” is a matter of perception pal. It’s a shame your so quick to judge, especially on something so trivial as a body mod.

          3. Exactly @Der. Saying things like “she’ll hate herself tomorrow” and “she seems to have lost directions to leading a beautiful life” is definitely being judgmental. Those are the same kind of statements people used to say when someone would get a single tattoo, or simply listen to a certain type of music. It’s beautiful to her and that’s all that should matter. I dye my hair every color imaginable and I used to have people (usually the elderly) raggin’ on me, making comments, and asking why would I “do that to myself”. I do it because I like the way it looks. On me. For me. Everyone has a different sense of what beautiful is.

          4. Yeah i got those type of unconstructive “criticism” from the eldery when i started letting my hair grow and wearing just dark clothes. Let me just say, its been 12 years now… πŸ˜†

          5. PLUS, it’s not “lizards’ which usually have a forked tongue, it’s snakes that have one, they use it to ‘smell’ the air, some goannas do though (have forked tongue)

          1. blayvier red moons of yesteryears or of yesterday Lol
            He’s been trying to communicate for long this long to the outer world in trance .
            Aliens had a brush with him and that’s the reason he moans and groans all by himself . Wish he changed his avi to please those ETs .

  2. Confucius say: woman who give blow job with forked tongue is probably not American indian. More than likely, a snake in the grass.

    Confucius say: the world is full of willing people:
    some willing to split their tongue so that they could give really good blowjobs
    and some
    Willing to let them

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