Underlying Artery Revealed by Self Inflicted Cut

Underlying Artery Revealed by Self Inflicted Cut

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought exclusively to you by Best Gore member K9. You may remember K9 from an earlier set of exclusive second clit photos. This time around, K9 used self inflicted cutting to reveal the artery:

The initial cut was done with medical scissors and the rest, down to the brachial artery, was done with a pair of fine tweezers. Any small nerves and blood vessels I found were cut with a #11 scalpel. Only one of them really hurt and the pain went all the way into my shoulder and hand but as far as I can tell, no feeling or movement capability were lost. Now that it’s healed, most of the feeling in the immediate area of the cut is gone and that was an expected possibility.

Thank you again K9 for hooking us up with new photos. The median nerve passes right next to the Brachial Artery. You wouldn’t want to damage that one or you could develop the symptoms similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Glad to hear no movement capability was lost:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Underlying Artery Revealed by Self Inflicted Cut”

          1. The precision that must have taken is crazy. One little scrape and it could have meant falling into the big sleep. Kudos, man, kudos.

        1. Have you ever nicked an artery.? I am sad to say i have really bad scares, on both arms below elbow. My first attempt at suicide, i was homeless and had just lost my father. I’d just got my script, 84 x 10 mg diazepam, 14 x 20 mg tamazepam, 350 ml of methadone, took all that went over. But woke up 4/5 hours later, totally distraught i then attacked my wrists with a stanley knife. This was the start of my first stay’s in a psychiatric hospital system. Take care K9, i hope your well now.

  1. Oh god! That is Sick!
    oohh! I have a confession, I have a phobia, my brachial artery, Everytime I flex or lift weights, I have fear in the back of my mind that my brachial artery will be cut or snipped. Damn it why did you have to post that shit! I’m feeling vulnerable now <..>

  2. Niiiice!

    Were you going for the artery or was it just a *bonus*?

    Years ago I was debriding an escar ( nasty thick scabby thing post surgery) on my Mom. Won’t bore you with why this came about but as I whittled away I revealed the mother of all blood vessels! Glad I was not too aggressive otherwise I would have sliced that and it would have been not good. :-/

  3. While reading, I read that you had to cut through nerves. Even thinking of that makes me cringe, I can watch people dying fine but when reading about cutting through nerves, shit makes me cringe lol

  4. I remember when I was doing a fair bit of cutting back in the day and exposed the bone in the side of my wrist purely by accident…Guess I just got a bit too eager with it but was this something you were attempting to expose on purpose? Btw this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Very few things give me the shivers 😉

  5. Am truly amazed particularly with this picture i’ve been visiting this website for the past 3 years or so just recently became a member and still no picture has ever caught my attention as much as this one does my personal favourite by far…simply beautiful ?

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