Video of Polish Rapper Popek Rak Getting an Eye Tattoo

Video of Polish Rapper Popek Rak Getting an Eye Tattoo

I know what you’re thinking – Polish Rapper? That’s an oxymoron right there. And you know what’s even oxymoronic? Polish Music. If you told me Poles discovered music, I’d have to ask: “When?”

Popek Rak is a Polish rapper (lol, I can’t even type something as ludicrous without squirming) turned MMA fighter (lawl, please make it stop). Word Rak means Cancer in Polish. I suppose his name could be translated to English as Cancer Paul.

Like every Pole, after his brief career as a rapper, Popek Rak emigrated away from Poland (is anybody still left in Poland?). Like millions of Poles, he settled in London, UK where he’s been training mixed martial arts. His career record so far is 2-1, meaning he won 2 fights and lost one. He’s doing pretty good in MMA.

As is evident, Popek Rak is a body mod enthusiast. Much of his skin is tattooed and now also his eye. Not many people can say they have their eyeball tattooed so I suppose that makes Popek Rak somewhat special.

The most painful part of the video takes place at around the 1:41 minute mark when Popek Rak pulls off the faggiest dance moves you’ll have ever seen. You’ll feel like taking a tattoo needle and poking your eyes out with it in hopes that the memory of that faggotry gets erased.

Other than that, the video’s pretty cool. I like how he expresses that he’s concerned about what people may think of him on a subway train. It’s not every day that you come across a man with green sclera (the part of the eye most people have white).

Props to Best Gore member SRW for the video:

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84 thoughts on “Video of Polish Rapper Popek Rak Getting an Eye Tattoo”

    1. Yeah, umm… this moron’s asking for a really nasty eye infection. I mean, how long till the chemical inside the ink starts taking it’s toll on this guy’s eyeballs. Well one things for sure, it’s definitely gonna fuck him up in the long run.

  1. That’s just stupid, I’ve got about 150 hours worth of tattoos myself but no fucking way would I ever think of getting my eye done. Fucking retarded, I’ve seen it done before, it is really only a new trend. As such, there’s no possible way anybody can guarantee that putting ink into your eye won’t have any detrimental effects in the long term. If he wasn’t so big I’d slap him :-\

  2. Why did he remind me of the techno viking off youtube when he did that little fruity dance. A rapper talking about how he’s all scared,but he had the balls to go through with it at least.

  3. He sure loves himself, or does he have that body dysmorphic mental problem? Anyhow, green eyeballs, hmmm, interesting, I would never have thought to get my eyes tattooed, but to each his own, whatever floats your boat.

  4. Yeah i watched some documentry recently about the US prisons and a couple of American inmates had their eyes tattooed red, stupid if ask me..The burning feeling must be imbearable..And um what about getting a decent job, no fucker is going to hire you looking like satan!

  5. Don’t know which was stupider – the guy nailing his hand or this eye tattoo dude. BTW, was he smoking a joint? Loved the smoke rings. Bet he thought he was so cool. My dad did that when I was a kid. Decades later, this guy does it. Heaven help us.

  6. Is that even legal? Surely you need a some sort of medical license to be injecting people’s eyeballs. It used to be and as far as I know still is illegal to tattoo someone’s face or hands over here. He’s in Camden getting his tattoo, there are a lot of tattoo parlours in that part of London but I always thought they were proplerly regulated. One things for sure, if anything fucks up the tattoo parlours insurance isn’t going to making any payments.

  7. That’s sick. I’m a minority here, but I found what I saw here very impressive. You can go through life being ordinary or you can take risks and be different. Great achievements were not reached by people who stuck to a well trodden path, but by those who sidestepped into the unknown. You don’t know if it’s gonna bitchslap you or bring you rewards, but at least you tried.

  8. i’ve heard of eyeball tattoos before, and although they do turn out looking good, no in hell would i ever risk getting one myself :/ although i like how tattoos look in general, there are no benefits other than aesthetics, so the risks aren’t worth it, in my opinion.

    poland isn’t all bad….didn’t they give us the band behemoth? ;D

  9. Haha, I just watched one of his cage fights on youtube, he got mashed up at the end. Is it me or is their something really gay about two half naked guys rolling around together? Seriously some of the postitions they were in couldn’t have been more gay.

  10. Wow, I used to think about getting my eyeballs tattooed but could never actually find a video about how it happened. Now that I don’t want it anymore, this video suddenly shows up. It looks really awesome, though I don’t really like the idea about my eyeballs getting filled with ink.

  11. It looks pretty awesome, but you can just get contacts to do it. I wouldn’t do it myself until I see the long-term effects. even if its fine after a few weeks, I can imagine after 10 or 20 years it will really effect the eyeball.

  12. He also got scarification on his face after he tattooed his eyeball. The video is on some other website, but basically he just had somebody take a scalpel and carve a giant stupid lightening bolt looking thing on the right side of his face.

  13. They have these things called contacts lenses…I reckon he ain’t content looking like a jackass only sometimes…I reckon he be wanting his dumbassery to be permanent and what not (spits chewing tobacco into a brass pot making a ding! sound then proceeds to swig whiskey out a jug and do a jig dance while firing a shotgun wildly in the air)

  14. I think that any form of tattoo is a stupidity and especially when it can’t be hidden or might be dangerous as it is with eye tattoo.
    Any cool tattoo you have will look just stupid when you ‘re 70 .

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