Wigger Who Shot Himself in Cheek Impales Same Cheek with Sword

Wigger Who Shot Himself in Cheek Impales Same Cheek with Sword

You may remember this wigger from 3 months ago, when he shot himself in cheek to prove he’s a hard ass. I guess he still has something to prove, and used the same cheek to get there.

The dude calls himself Kasper Knight aka Kasper Tha Phantom, and is an aspiring rapper (aka nu metal singer). Kind of like that other wigger Popek Rak. This must be the only way for wiggers to get attention.

Props to Kyle Bolton for the video:

Check out Kasper’s tune Where Were You:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Wigger Who Shot Himself in Cheek Impales Same Cheek with Sword”

    1. Call this guy whatever you want, but just because you don’t like his persona doesn’t make it any less gorey. You all just follow the tone of the author. If it was a best gore member you wouldn’t say shit. Not defending him, because he’s an idiot for doing that but you all make me laugh. Whole new crowd here.

      1. Hey bitch ass homie!!! I dare you… Naw fuck that !! I double dog dare you to play Russian Roulette pussy ass nigga … it’s a million motherfukers out there cutting themselves… big fucking deal not impressed

  1. Okay, you freaking nitwit, you want to be a hard ass? Join the Marines and go fight ISIS. Make it your lifes mission to track down the guys who ripped a guys face off and cut his hands off, laughing all the while. These videos dont make you look tough, they make you look like a little soggy asshole desperate for attention.

    1. Ya, the only Marines dealing with Isis now are recon(small amount) and force recon. Even though you don’t need Congress’s approval to send the Marines, the president can at anytime….oh ya, forgot, the Kenyan won’t attack the people supplying him with so much money, how silly of me. It’s cocksuckers like him that got alot of my guys killed while we were there. Sorry to rant. Funny how well his cheek healed so fucking well from that gunshot. I thought the original video seemed fake, oh and now this video accidentally didn’t catch the act on camera, but somehow turned on as he walked over to it.

        1. You mean assisting them under the guise of fighting them?

          You have got to be the least competent shill we’ve ever encountered at Best Gore. Your attempts to whitewash Jewish crimes are too desperate and predictable. But you fail to realize that here at Best Gore we see content documenting what really goes on. No shill has ever succeeded at hoodwinking SOBs about the facts related to Jews, because we see what they’re really like.

    2. Jesus.
      I was implying that if this guy really wants to be a bad-ass, he should join the Marines because they are the ultimate bad-asses, but I apologize if my comment somehow offended any Marines who frequent this site.

      You may now kick my ass.

  2. “Muh bad, i aint thinkin’ straight…” – You dont say!? πŸ˜€ What a try-hard idiot… πŸ˜†

    “He sells cocain (“Stitches”, whoever he is), i never sold drugs.” – Yeah apparently this retard only uses them instead… πŸ˜†

      1. Seriously whats with people suddenly remembering Escobar all of the fucking sudden now? Was it because there is a series and a movie comming out about him? 😐 Geeesh… im tired of hearing people talking about that fucking drug pusher…

  3. “I’m the baddest nigga on the hood and I’m gonna beat all of yo’ asses on the hood. And I’m gonna start by shooting and stabbing my cheek”

    Look, he “””MAY””” be the baddest, but one thing that’s certain, Is that he’s not the smartest.

  4. The crazy world of half-a-brown.

    Wiggers are basically niggers in that they subscribe to the same mentality, the mentality of delusion and self-obsession.

    Niggers tend to be obsessed with shiny trinkets(β€œbling” as the American varieties call it) and they also tend to believe that every civilisation that ever existed, no matter where in the world, was in fact created by niggers and stolen by other races.

    They also for some perverse reason believe that every person of every race finds them irresistibly attractive despite black people being the most hated race on the entire planet.

    To conclude, wiggers are white people who choose to mimic the lowest standards possible rather than risk the humiliation of failure that can come from striving for better.

    As for rappers, I prefer them to be expiring rather than aspiring.

  5. I don’t think any crazy ass bipolar woman would have anything to do with Mr. Self Mutilation. Of course if he has a lot of heroin or opoid pills then the crazy bitches would love that. I also enjoy the how all those knives/swords have not been through an autoclave. Well a little sepsis is no big deal right?

      1. Bipolar? What is bipolar, kind lady? By the way, you have quite a stunning appearance if your avi really is you.

        But you still haven’t explained what bipolar is you fucking bitch! I can’t believe you’d leave me trying to figure out what the answer is like I’m sure you must be used to doing to all men!

        I’m sorry. I just really wanted to know what being bipolar entails. I never meant to try and offend you in any way and I hope we can continue to interact in a peaceful and meaningful way. You seem like a good person.

        But not that great of a person when you leave me here, still unsure of what bipolar is. You know what? I don’t even wanna know. You go ahead and keep your secrets. I don’t care anymore. Fuck it all.

        1. Ooh. I posted a stupid comment like that to draw out the fucking white knight. Lo and behold, you show your face. It was nothing personal against her, just a joke in general, displaying bipolar moodiness in an attempt at satire. But there is always that dipshit, online Rico Suave who comes sliding in to add his two sense in defense of some “poor woman”. If she didn’t like what I said, let her express it. Keep your fucking nose buried in those fairy tales that make you think your “heroic” involvement in any matter, really matters, instead of sticking it where you weren’t directly addressed. You obviously don’t know how to read between the lines, so what the fuck are you doing in a place that is supposed to show truth? Go back to the social media outlets that value that kind of shit. Read the name. Expect nothing less.

          Come back swinging, boy. I’m ready to feed conflict as far as you are willing to go.

  6. one of my friend just shot himself in the foot during training πŸ˜€

    i would like show pics but i m not authorized -_-. i asked him to take pic at home (as its not on work) but he refuse to publish pics of himself, even if we not see his face ..shit.. the shot was epic, one of his toes get ripped off the feet.

    can try to explain a bit, he shoot himself (accidently) in the feet just at the end of the mid toe (end , but i should say start, you see, the part when the toe start from the feet), with the rifle while we got some training to arm/disarm weapons as fast as possible and shoot target (shit training in a sens lol ). well.. sad cant share this , that was more bloody than you can think πŸ˜€

    1. It depends on how you see bod mods, some people look at it as a work of art. But the only art that this guy knows anything about is the kind that comes out of his ass. I agree, he has all of the facial scarring but none of the talent

  7. Little bitch stabbing himself slowly,if I would have been there I would have slammed the fucking Samurai into his cheek and then slid it across his cheek and see if he still acts like a badass afterwards or he cries like the little bitch he is.

  8. I have a sneaking Suspicion, Kasper AKA Clarence, maybe a visitor to this site, going of that godawful crap video he’s made

    Quote: Were will you be when i take my last breath???

    How about stood over you with a 12-inch butcher knife Kasper? hows that work for ya?

    He should be taken from his home, kicking and screaming if needs be, and summary executed at once.

  9. this guy is definately not full caucasian, he is a mixed race. He has a lot of non-causasian features, his skin tone (more of an off shade than just a dark tan/ or olive), his nose kind of looks wide, really thick lips, and his hair is way too curly/ frowy.

  10. He just called my state (Indiana) lame. He can bring that shit to my town where he’ll get lynched like the wannabe nigger he is lol. Everyone’s pretty much said it already, so no need to echo my thoughts on this idiot. Decent gore though.

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